Posted by William Charles on February 6, 2018

Published on February 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


Equifax Is Now Allowing Free Credit Freezes Until June 30th

Update 02/06/18: This free freeze offering has been extended until June 30th, 2018. Hat tip to DDG

Equifax is involved in a data breach that may have compromised the data of up to 143 million consumers. One of the things that some people have been suggesting as a response to this data breach is to freeze your credit reports, the problem with this is that there is a fee for doing so. The fees vary by state and in response to consumer feedback Equifax are waiving their fees for the next 30 days (until November 21st). This means you need to initiate the freeze before then for it to be free, it will continue to be frozen until you unfreeze it.

The problem with this is that a consumer would actually need to also place a freeze on their Experian & TransUnion reports and that won’t be free. It’s up to each individual to decide whether freezing reports makes sense or not, we’ve provided our suggestions on what you should/shouldn’t do here.

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30 days. LOL

This is insulting

I don’t get it. You can only freeze the report free for 30 days? There’s a charge after that or they will unfreeze it after 30 days.

Their intent is to have you initiate one by Nov 21st. The freeze can indefinite or a date range.

You can put a ‘permament’ freeze on and then unfreeze it, but after the free window there is a charge to unfreeze.

Waiving fees for 30 days means until Oct 12-ish. How are you getting Nov 21?

Say I freeze my Equifax Credit. If in 60 days I make an application that uses Equifax, how does that work? Once Frozen, Is there typically a fee to unfreeze and/or refreeze? Or can I call and they’ll let a pull through at no charge?

you have to pay to unfreeze after the deadline for free freezes

I appreciate your answer, but that wasn’t really what I was asking. I was trying to ask about a “Date Range Lift” or “Specific Party Lift” or “Thaw” but didn’t really know that terminology to ask that. After reviewing their fees I see why you couldn’t possibly answer that as their fees vary widely by state.
Fee: (Up to)
Fee to Freeze: $10
Date Range Lift: $10
Specific Party Lift: $10
Unfreeze: $10
Lost Pin: $10

It looks that a number of states including mine are not allowed this option anyways. Out of the states that you have to pay to freeze almost no 2 are alike. Some States have full $10 to Freeze credit report, but no fees for any of the other items. Some states are charged no fees at all for Senior Citizens. Really it’s a crap shoot as to which fees are applicable to you. The best thing to do is view their FEE PDF found here:

Just completed the freeze. It was indeed free.

That is less than peanuts considering the magnitude of the personal information that was leaked by their carelessness.

Normally I’d say we should be happy with getting something for free but in this case I agree this is almost insulting. Considering the magnitude of this and how they handled it (in addition to why it happened in the first place) I’d hope they’d do this for at minimum 1 year. It just feels like a half-ass attempt to throw us a bone to calm the masses or to save face with the lawsuits piling up.

Experian might have survived this had they handled it well. Look at BP and the Gulf oil spill. But, with this kind of response, no way. First, they try to trick everyone into signing up for their own credit protection product. Now this.

Equifax you mean?

Ugh. I paid for a freeze last week ($10 where I live). Do I get that back? Or do I have to somehow contact them even though they’ve been overwhelmed with traffic since it all happened.

What a mess. I guess I have to call in.

Anyone analyzed their T&C on the freezing for more shady stuff?

Hey! Free credit freeze! But you give up the right to sue or be in a class action…

Anyone getting this message after tyring to freeze?

“Additional Information Required
We’re sorry…we cannot process your online request concerning an Equifax security freeze. To assist us in processing your request please submit in writing the required items outlined below.”

I’ve contacted my State representatives to sponsor a bill waiving fees for ALL (not just identity victims) on locking/unlocking credit report. Like North and South Carolina and Maine allows now

Otherwise it’s an incentive for bad behavior, if just 10% of those affected pay Equifax $10 to lock/unlock every year we’re talking about hundreds of millions of pure profit going to Equifax from their screwup.(since marginal cost to lock/unlock online is essentially zero) So they may compromise our data more often if they’re profiting from it so heavily.

I suggest everyone contact their State legislators too and request they sponsor such a bill as well. Enough is enough!

Good idea Alex.

While we wait for Equifax to regain a bit of sanity I suggest you at least head to the alerts section of your bank’s website and initiate immediate notification of any changes to your accounts. And make all of your passwords twice as lengthy and more complex while you’re at it.

Wow, this company sucks.

Why are freezes charged in the first place? Fee for updating a value in a database? Nonsense.

Just follow the money, if you freeze your account that means they can’t sell your information anymore. So rather than take the hit for that, they charge you upfront.

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