Posted by William Charles on December 6, 2018

Published on December 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Expedia: $30 off $40+ On Any Activity Booking With Promo Code THANKYOU – Won’t Last

Deal has expired, view more Expedia deals by clicking here.

Update 12/6/18: Portals are currently pending, so they might work. Deal is also still live for anybody that missed it.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (our affiliate link)

  • Expedia is offering an instant discount of $30 when you make any activity booking of $40 or more and enter the promo code THANKYOU

The Fine Print

  • Activity must be before December 31st, 2018

Our Verdict

Can’t see this lasting long, especially considering the ‘activities’ also include things like tickets or transit passes. Not sure if there are any restrictions on how many times each person can use the code. I assume using the coupon code will invalidate a portal, but always worth a try. Best portal rates here. (Update: Topcashback is showing as pending)

Hat tip to Extreme Hot Deals. Consider using their affiliate link to support finding deals such as this

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“Valid until December 31st, 2018”
I think the activity has to be before that date, not so much the validity of the coupon.

I dont see where we enter the code

Nor do I. Don’t see anything on the checkout page.

Is this targeted? When I click on the direct link it shows up as a generic activities page with no mention of this discount.

right under payment section click on promo code link. still working

Seems it will only show up under Payment if there is a single activity over $40 in the cart. Was trying to use two activities totaling $40.

Just booked one ticket each on 2 accounts for indoor skydiving at $40 per person. Thanks for posting the deal, doc.

“Sorry, the coupon is not valid at this hotel.”
Trying to book at $70 budget hotel.

Activities section only

Thanks, Doc! Perfect timing.

I’m getting “Sorry, this coupon isn’t valid for the dates of this trip”? I tried a bunch of dates before December 31st, but I get the same error.

Oh I think it’s because the duration is set as 30 days since it’s a flex pass that’s valid for that long, and there isn’t 30 days left until 12/31. Dang it.

After clicking submit order:
“We weren’t able to proceed with your booking. Please try your search again.”

Thanks!!! Just booked something for an up coming trip to New Orleans. All 4 of us got the $30 off using our separate Expedia accounts, so $120 savings on something we were already planning to do.

Thanks Doc!

This is great… I have a trip to Nola coming up in a couple days and this saved $30 on museum tickets!

Thanks Will! TCB is already pending with 5% cash back on the pre-coupon price, potentially bringing $10 down to $8!

Thank you for this. I was able to save $60 for an excursion in Grand Cayman.

DP: can only be used once

Got message that coupon couldn’t be applied.

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