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Wayne (@guest_820463)
October 8, 2019 15:17

My Discover Direct Deposit showed up as P2P so I’m guessing it will not work anymore?

Ozzi (@guest_832872)
October 30, 2019 15:21

P2P is not working? Did you receive the bonus yet?

Wayne (@guest_834004)
November 1, 2019 16:07

I haven’t as of this morning.

Baked (@guest_1106504)
December 10, 2020 05:58

Wayne did the bank pay out the bonus ?

Wayne (@guest_1106505)
December 10, 2020 06:04

Baked Yes

Jimmy (@guest_722530)
February 14, 2019 19:34

Open up a capital bank Express Checking and was able to deposit $300 with my Chase southwest plus. Posted as a regular purchase.

RS (@guest_675790)
November 20, 2018 14:28

Hi, just FYI, got a mailer from Seacoast for a $300 checking bonus + $200 savings bonus, expires 1/31/19, must open in branch, can’t seem to upload photo though.

anthonyjh21 (@guest_301496)
September 29, 2016 23:46

Like others, I received a $200 check today. I filed a CFPB if that matters. At the very least I’m thinking those of us who filed a complaint put some heat on them. Considering how they initially handled this situation I wasn’t expecting a check.

captainsave (@guest_301366)
September 29, 2016 18:36

Wow, what a nice surprise. Not lets hope tech cu honor their bonus after closing my account for the same reason.

john (@guest_301359)
September 29, 2016 18:18

I got my $200 check too !!

Daniel (@guest_301347)
September 29, 2016 17:55

Just got a $200 check, also saying the terms weren’t clear. Guess it’s Christmas in September! 🙂

MightyMan908 (@guest_301332)
September 29, 2016 17:16

Got a check in the mail for the 200$ today as well! Shocked!

dan (@guest_301261)
September 29, 2016 15:10

wow, they did honor the bonus for those open acts, huh? Mine was open, but they closed it & refunded the deposit few days later

Michael (@guest_301252)
September 29, 2016 15:03

Maybe it’s Christmas early or threat of pending CFPB action, but Seacoast actually honored the promotion on this. Got a check for $200 and a letter explaining that they would honor the bonus because of vague terms.

Oh happy day! Easy to get promo considering I only had to signup for the offer, not actually complete it. I imagine that this will be reported as 1099-INT taxable income,but still it feels good to receive something for the hassle of this!