Posted by William Charles on May 13, 2018

Published on May 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


Free National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Membership For Visa Infinite Cardholders

Link is no longer showing emerald club executive status, despite this the deal actually still works and the Emerald Club executive status will display after signing up.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • National car rental is offering free emerald club executive status for Visa infinite cardholders

The Fine Print

  • None

Our Verdict

This is their mid tier status. It provides the following benefits and usually requires 12 paid rentals or 40 paid rental days within a calendar year:

They don’t actually require any proof that you’re a Visa Infinite cardholder. Keep in mind you can use this status to leverage status with other car rental agencies as well, according to reports at Status Matcher the following should be possible:

Not as good as the free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards President Circle Status we’ve previously posted about, but free is free.

Hat tip to Loyalty Lobby

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This is already a standard benefit that is in CSR’s page. What’s interesting is that the Avis status you could match from it is higher that what CSR gives. I don’t use rental car for more than once a year, so I didn’t bother doing any of those, but could be good for people in need.

I applied thru the offer but I am not seeing the status in my account . I am just an emerald club member

The link isn’t showing Emerald Club Executive, just regular Emerald Club.

Same here, I’m already an Emerald Club member.

My President’s Circle experience with Hertz in April:

Made reservation in ABQ to pick up the car at 8 am and was told no full size cars available as they expected me at 11:30 am???
It took them 25 minutes to get me out (all paperwork filled online).
Downgraded to a compact car with no price adjustment.
Upon returning the car got charged again (used prepaid rate offer) and needed to call to get reimbursed.
I’ll see how it will go with National in September.

The link is showing just Emerald Club for me too. Just finished enrollment, and it says “Welcome to the Emerald Club”. Nothing about Elite yet. Anyone found a new link maybe? Would LOVE to have this available for our trip next month… Thanks!

This link does still work. Nothing would in the fine print when you go through the signup process indicates that you’ll be given “EC Executive,” but it does give you this status (you can check by going to your profile page after signing up).

I just signed up today May 8th at 11.30am and received EC Executive status. So not dead yet.

This deal is still alive as of 9:07 AM ET on 5/9/2018. The link does not state anything about Executive Club, but once you sign up, you will receive the “EC Executive” status in your account.

Worked for me! I now have emerald club status. I just sent an email to Hertz(my preferred rental car company for a million reasons). This is awesome for me as I rent numerous cars per year but not 15 times as is needed for 5 star Hertz status.
Thanks DOC!!!!!!

UPDATE: I received a “Emerald Club Executive” welcome email, even though the original link only stated Emerald Club. Thank you!!

Do i have to book directly with National to use the executive benefits? Can I reserve a midsize from Priceline and select a bigger car in the executive area for free?

do you have to book directly with national to get these benfefits?

I could see only emerald club but not executive after signing up. Will it take time to upgrade?

Just signed up. When logged into my account it’s showing “EC Executive” status in my profile.

Thanks DoC!

Still works for me! Thanks Doc!

I did this earlier in the year by actually having CSR. TBH, there isn’t that much of a benefit for this status — it seems like the cars are officially the same for both lots; they don’t really offer any upgrades, either.

They do seem to have slightly better cars in the executive lot, but not by much and highly dependant on the actual location.

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