Posted by William Charles on October 5, 2017

Published on October 5th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Free Pint Of High Road Ice Cream [Publix Only]

Promotion is no longer available

The Offer

Direct link to offer | Publix store finder

  • High Road Luxury Ice Cream is offering a free pint when you redeem the coupon in store at any Publix grocery store.

The Fine Print

  • Coupon you receive is only valid at Publix, other stores might match but YMMV
  • Valid until 10/31/17

Our Verdict

So the coupon is only valid at Publix but Whole Foods also stock high road ice cream. As far as I know Whole Foods won’t match this coupon but YMMV. In terms of the deal itself it’s a free pint of ice cream, if you like ice cream it’s a good deal if you don’t like ice cream then I’m not too sure why you’re still reading this post it’s not going to magically turn into something you do like.

21 Responses to [Expired] Free Pint Of High Road Ice Cream [Publix Only]

  1. DDG says:

    getting nasty in that verdict 🙂

  2. John says:

    I’ve never seen this brand at Publix – perhaps it is new.

  3. W says:

    Yes, more snark!

  4. marshbelle says:

    Thanks! I was going to Publix tonight anyway – this just made that trip a little bit awesome!

  5. Rocktor of Credit says:

    Link is down

  6. JP says:

    Hey, Doc, the link to the “Direct link to offer” does not open.

  7. Min says:

    Redeemed it at nearby a Publix, the staff looked suspicious because the coupon didn’t automatically get read by the machine. She manually input and deducted the number anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  8. H XU says:

    coupon not working

  9. Fiby says:

    Same experience as Min.

    Thanks for sharing DoC! The mint chocolate chip tastes great

  10. Brian says:

    Can you use multiple times? No limit stated and coupons sent to two different people look the same, barcode and all. I sent to my son in FL. No Publix in my area so cannot test.

  11. SCANNED says:

    Whats the deal? So, they don’t SCAN for anyone in Publix. I want to go down to my local Publix, don’t wanna waste my time if this was a scam.

  12. Paul says:

    I used it at Publix today. It did not scan but the clerk simply subtracted the amount from the bill….success. I think I’ll go back tomorrow with a printout of the coupon again and get a 2nd pint.

  13. Cheryl S says:

    Coupon does not work unless the cashier enters it in manually. Got my pint yesterday.

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