Posted by William Charles on March 18, 2018

Published on March 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Get Cheap Uber Credit By Purchasing Dr Pepper

Deal has expired, view more Uber deals here.

Update: Apparently this offer stopped working for a week or two, it’s now working again.

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Buy two 20 ounce bottles of Dr. Pepper sodas and get a free $5 Uber credit. Limit of one per day and five total during the promotional period

The following sodas are eligible:

  • Dr. Pepper
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Dr. Pepper Cherry
  • Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry

This promotion only works on 20 oz. bottles, no other bottles will work. You need to submit an image of the barcode. Text the keyword “DRPEPPER” to 64827 to receive a text message with instructions on how to send the barcodes.

The Fine Print

  • Participants may participate in the Program by purchasing two (2) 20-oz./24-oz. Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry. or Diet Dr Pepper Cherry products (regular. diet, or cherry) (2 liter, l liter, or cans will not be accepted) in store during the Reward Period (“Qualified Purchase”). Participants who make a Qualified Purchase during the Reward Period will receive one (1) $5 Uber credit (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $5) or one (I) coupon ( expires on 5/31/2018) for $1 off a purchase of two ( 2 J Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry, or Diet Dr Pepper Cherry 20-oz./24-oz. bottles (ARV: $1) ( collectively a “Reward”)
  • All submissions of Barcode Images must be received by Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at 11:59:59 PM ET to be eligible
  • Limit of one (1) Reward per day, per person, per phone number; however, a Participant is able to receive up to a total of five (5) Rewards throughout the Reward Period. While Supplies Last.

Our Verdict

They offered the same promotion last year, but it was capped at $50 instead of $25. I’d personally just wait until Dr Pepper goes on heavy discount, or Swagbucks has one of their Dr Pepper offers like they did last time. In any case this is a good way to get some cheap or almost free credit.

Hat tip to gwyrth

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I have 4 $5 credits expiring soon. I don’t take uber. How can I give it to soneone?

I’ll take it. Email to please.

If it’s already on your account you can’t give it to someone. You would need to order a ride for someone else to make it work, and if they use more than the credit the rest would go on your card, so you’d probably want to do it with someone you know personally.

Alternatively, you can use it to get to/from the bar for a nice night out, or take it to/from work to save on gas if it’s less than $10 each way.

use it in ubereats, buy yourself lunch or dinner

Can I purchase all 10 20oz DP’s on the same day and submit pics later (1 per day)? If so, this is a no brainer.

Maybe i’m missing something completely obvious here, but what’s to stop somebody from using the same two bottles over and over (up to the per phone number limit, that is)? Or just saving a picture with the two barcodes and submitting it daily?

Nothing, I did this every day last year. I always tried to at least make the picture even slightly different though.

I remember this deal from last year and took advantage of it then as well. I also wondered if people just used the same barcodes, I don’t see how Uber could catch that. I get free drinks at work so I just drank a lot of Dr Pepper

I have several empty Dr P bottles at home in a recycling bin. They don’t have the Uber promo label on them. Will their UPCs work?

If the submission doesn’t require any receipts, couldn’t you just saunter through a supermarket and snap a photo of the UPC without buying the actual bottle?


Do the credits only work in the USA?

this promo aint gonna go well.


This post. So misunderstood.

It says “$5 Uber credit or $1 off Dr Pepper.” Do you choose your reward or do they assign it to you? Is it random? Not worth it if it’s $1 off Dr Pepper.

checked while i was at krogers. they had 20oz DP but none of them had the wrapping which mentioned the code.

So from the comments on the last promo post, folks said you could load all the credits to uber (even at once) but could max only use $5 off one at a time :/

That sucks, it sounds like it’s just a discount code rather than a cumulative GC adding to your uber balance.

Anyways my Q is, would it be the same for UberEATS too? Just $5 off each order, basically just waiving the delivery fee OR can you combine to actually make use of it on a full meal?

Promo last year was $5 discount code, 1 use for each transaction (either a ride or an Eats). They didn’t combine. Basically just waived delivery fee.

Section 5 of the T&C state that “Promo Codes expire
in thirty (30) days”. Was this enforced last year or is this something new?

Yes. I’m pretty sure they expired before I had a chance to use them. (I don’t take uber much.)

I was able to earn two $5 credits, and in the Uber app it lists July 1st as the expiration date.

Seems like this would be a regional bottler promo. I mean in a saturated uber market why would you throw money away?

Got my first code this morning. I can confirm that last year’s pictures work.

What zip code did you use?

try 35244

Worked for me too. Thanks, Charles (and Google photos)!! 🙂

Where is this Google Photos link you speak of? 🙂

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