Giant Eagle Fuel Perks Devaluation (Starting January 2024)

Reader Scott shares that Giant Eagle (grocery store) announced the elimination of their fuel perks program and moving everyone to their MyPerks program on January 25, 2024. Huge negative change and point devaluation.

Currently with fuel perks:
  • Earn $0.10 off a gallon of gas for every 50 points
  • Earn 2% off grocery purchases (up to 20%) for every 50 points
New details under the MyPerks program: 
  • Earn $0.10 off a gallon of gas for every 100 points (50% devaluation)
  • Earn 2% off grocery purchases (up to 20%) for every 150 points (67% devaluation)
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Sg (@guest_1794739)
February 7, 2024 21:47

I only used perks for groceries and this is a huge reduction! I was only sticking to HE to stack 20% and then do a $500 run and now it takes far longer! I will be shopping there much less! Great work GE! Only attractive thing you had left for loyal consumers!

Adam Mack
Adam Mack (@guest_1754283)
December 8, 2023 15:05

As someone pointed out , the new system mentions visa , mc purchases are excluded from earning perks.

TRJ (@guest_1755036)
December 9, 2023 21:21

Read the terms again, very closely:

“Perks are not earned on Giant Eagle®, Market District®, or GetGo® gift card, or on Visa prepaid reloadable cards. Amazon gift cards earn perks at a rate of one-half of a perk for each $1 spent on such gift cards and will be excluded from any bonus perks offers or events. Visa and Mastercard branded cards are excluded from any bonus perk offers or events.”

Only the reloadable cards are specifically excluded. The Visa and MC cards are excluded from bonus offers. I take that to say that we still earn points on the Visa and MC cards that are not reloadable. Am I right or wrong?

Robert (@guest_1737132)
November 15, 2023 00:10

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to buying fuel at giant eagle under the “my perks” system: If you are like me and always buy 30 gallons at a time, you will lose $2.00 with each 50 perks used at the pump. They are only going to give you a flat $1 savings per purchase per 50 perks, no matter how many gallons you buy. So, say you use 150 perks, and buy 30 gallons of gas. Before you would have saved 30 cents/gal. for a total savings of $9.00. Under the myperks plan, you save only $3.00! That’s a 67% reduction! I think after the 1st of the year, I, like many, will be saying goodbye to giant eagle, since they are more concerned about their profit margin than they are about saving their customers money!

TRJ (@guest_1737735)
November 15, 2023 21:10

That doesn’t seem to match what is posted above:

Currently with fuel perks:

  • Earn $0.10 off a gallon of gas for every 50 points
  • Earn 2% off grocery purchases (up to 20%) for every 50 points

New details under the MyPerks program: 

  • Earn $0.10 off a gallon of gas for every 100 points (50% devaluation)
  • Earn 2% off grocery purchases (up to 20%) for every 150 points (67%
EastsideBK (@guest_1739326)
November 18, 2023 09:18

@TRJ nice catch. I believe the original poster used a conversion of 10 cents for every 150 points, instead of 100. So it’s only a 50% devaluation not 67% as he stated. But his point is still valid…this is a terrible rewards change for a grocery store that is already10% higher than Meijer on many things (by my unscientific comparison)

Alex (@guest_1737030)
November 14, 2023 21:23

It’s been a good run. I don’t think I’ve ‘purchased’ gas since 2016 or so (save for the occasional road trip). At various points in time I’d just give away gas to friends and family as I’d be sitting on expiring-soon perks and the garage was at capacity with eight 5-gal containers + a full tank. Just started buying it again ever since GE stopped selling Happy Cards, and well, it’s annoying buying gas. Probably gonna hit the ev incentive in 2024 when it becomes point-of-sale rebate.

Cate the MSer
Cate the MSer (@guest_1736903)
November 14, 2023 18:07

Fk UUUUUU Tiny Eagle!!!!

Dave (@guest_1736752)
November 14, 2023 13:49

What galls me the most is that Giant Eagle is advertising it as an upgrade. I hate it when companies and politicians think we are too dumb to understand what they are doing. There are a lot of options out there like Aldi’s and local markets like Kuhns that many times have better prices. Until now, fuel perks have allowed me to justify the difference. I am sure they monitor their advantage card charges and I hope they see those numbers go down.

Steve (@guest_1736653)
November 14, 2023 11:49

This is a bummer. Ive been using some dudes card I found on the ground 3 years ago every month.

Dave (@guest_1736599)
November 14, 2023 10:48

I’ve resisted switching to the new program for a while now, despite constant efforts from GE to try and get me to press agree during checkout. The only reason to shop there was to accumulate perks, mostly through gc purchases when it made sense, and use up 20% @ a time to only buy sales items… Its too bad, I like the store but my God is it expensive and ultimately a lot of hassle (but with food inflation hassle has been necessary). FWIW, local news posted on FB and all the comments were essentially arguing that the new perks program is better than the old one lol. To be fair, GE has gone way out of their way to overcomplicate the math hiding the actual impact of the deval.

Scott (@guest_1736630)
November 14, 2023 11:21

They succeeded with the devaluation by simplifying it to a single $1 redemption for every 50 points. Those of us that could do the math and max out the rewards are the ones that lose out with this change. Although we aren’t the ones Giant Eagle is targeting. I remember when you could get $0.20 off a gallon of gas for every $50 spent. I’ve probably gotten over $10,000 of gas from fuel points over the years.

TRJ (@guest_1736778)
November 14, 2023 14:26

So, if my math is right, using a 5% back CC at GE nets us 11% in gas based on filling up 30 gallons. With the changeover we drop to 8%. Is that pretty much the situation or am I missing something?

Alex (@guest_1737041)
November 14, 2023 21:42

If you’re looking at just base rates, yes (you’re getting 5% back via your cc and 3% back in gas now, vs 6% back in gas before). One would always want to wait for double perks (or sometimes 2.5x perks) promos though. There you’d be getting your 5% back from cc but 12% (or even sometimes 15%) back in gas. For hard numbers: $500 gc would net $25 from cc, and $60 in gas (when it was 2x perks).

FamilyOnABudget (@guest_1736761)
November 14, 2023 14:03

I have also resisted switching. I was just looking at the myperks benefits and I noticed the following:

1 perk per $1 spent on Gift Cards. (Restrictions apply, excludes, Visa and Mastercard branded Gift Cards.).

I have been buying Visa and Mastercard regularly and have been getting points from Fuel Perks. Does this mean when I am switched to myperks I will not get perks on Visa/Mastercard. If that is the case, I might as well move to Shop N Save and save myself a ton of money.

Zorn (@guest_1736550)
November 14, 2023 09:39

Their fuel program was the only decent thing as they always have the highest prices in town outside of something like a Whole Foods. Figured this was only a matter of time.

JD (@guest_1736555)
November 14, 2023 09:43

Whole Foods is cheaper than Giant Eagle in my experience. The only thing GE has going for it is convenience. I already avoid it as much as possible and this will make it worse.

Alan (@guest_1736543)
November 14, 2023 09:33

High prices already. I would stop shopping there but I already have long ago.
Keep chasing customers away, great job GE.