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Published on October 11th, 2018 | by Chuck


Harris Teeter Launches Fuel Rewards Program (includes 2x gift cards)

The Harris Teeter supermarket chain has launched a fuel points program. Points are earned on purchases and redeemed for discounts on gas at BP, Amoco, and Harris Teeter gas stations.

Here are the earning rates:

  • $1 in Groceries = 1 fuel point.
  • Double fuel points for Gift Card purchases (normal exclusions apply). For example, $25 in Gift Cards = 50 fuel points.
  • Non-federally funded Prescriptions: 1 Prescription = 50 fuel points. (Federally funded Prescriptions earn 1 point for every $1 of your out-of-pocket costs for new, transferred and refilled Prescriptions. Note that customers will receive 150 fuel points for 90-day prescriptions.)

You can redeem a maximum of 1,000 points per fill-up to get $1 off per gallon. There’s also a max 35 gallon limit. Fuel points expire at the end of the following month, e.g. points earned in January will be usable throughout January – February, and expire on February 28th.

Nice that they partnered up with BP and Amoco to be able to use points there as well. There are some more customized options which are only available when filling up at a Harris Teeter gas location – full FAQ can be found here.

Hopefully, Harris Teeter will run 4x fuel points promotions as well, like their parent company Kroger does so often.

Thanks to a few readers who shared this with us

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Since when does Harris Teeter have gas stations?

Yeah, who knew? They have only a few, although they are supposedly re-opening some of the shut down Krogers in NC. But there are many Amoco and BP stations, which makes this more valuable if they do 4x gift cards

Maybe it’s good to put “selected areas only” in the title?

Select State:
Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

Isn’t that just where HT operates?

BP/Amoco is a strange partnership given their parent company Kroger’s program with Shell stations. Too bad they didn’t extend the Kroger program to include Harris Teeter purchases and integrate it all into one big system. Seems like more synergies there on the back end too.

It’s probably because Harris Teeter overlaps with Giant in the MidAtlantic , and Giant has a partnership with Shell already.

On a more practical note, I happened to gas up at a BP the other day and while they had the ad for the Harris Teeter program advertised on the top of the pumps, they had no obvious way of entering your number to activate it. I tried what I recalled the email saying, but no dice. So there are some bumps to be ironed out.

I guess so, but doesn’t Kroger overlap in the same Midatlantic markets? We had Krogers all over Raleigh area until summer 2018 when they closed (and a few converted to HTs), and Kroger has had Shell relationship for a decade.

The Harris Teeters where I shop in Raleigh, NC haven’t accepted credit cards toward the purchase of gift cards for at least a year now. Maybe they will change their policy in order to encourage participation in the fuel rewards program? Here’s hoping.

Lots of things lately in the faltering Kroger l’universe make little sense — ever since they swallowed high-end Harris-Teeter. (Kroger’s trying to boost their bottom line with a huge push on the orwellian “simple truth” product line — e.g. to convince the sheep in the aisles that it’s a good deal to pay 50% more for the same products repacked as “organic” and/or “whole.” (as if Kroger was trying to beat “whole wallet” / Amazon at their game) Back to H-T/ here in Hoo’ville, we have a Kr. & a H-T literally in the same shopping center…. maybe a football field apart. The H-T is slightly closer to the University and does more foot-traffic. Even now H-T carries most of the generic Kroger stuff — at 30% more. (the ads are a standing joke — 90% of it is “buy one get one free” — w/o of course telling you what the one will cost — again, counting on the masses be so thoroughly dumbed down to fall for it — and they do.)

Now H-T will get its own “fuel program. Whooopdy doo dah day. In our area, most of the Krogers have their own fuel centers; H-T no…. Would be startling if the fuel points to be earned at H-T don’t work at Kroger…. (as they do at every other Kroger owned brand)

Any way to cash these out besides gas (not in FAQ)? I know Giant Eagle would let you convert points to store credit.

Harris teeter where I usually shop – Nova do not take credit card for gift card purchase. It has been like this for over a year now. May be that will change sometime soon.

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