Posted by William Charles on July 21, 2015

Published on July 21st, 2015 | by William Charles


Houston Centurion Lounge, Double SYW Points, ANA Adds Australia Service, Intro To Shyp & Pay It Forward


  • Paying it forward. by Points And Pixie Dust. It’s amazing what such a small gesture can mean to somebody else. Doing good in the world also makes you feel good, so try and do something nice for somebody else today.
  • ANA to Add Australia Service by Wandr Me. Haneda > Sydney sounds like a pretty nice route to me, let’s hope there is some award space.
  • My Thoughts on my Younger Brother’s First App-O-Rama (2 out of 3 Credit Cards Approved) by Travel With Grant. Somehow I don’t think this is the last time we will hear about Grant & his brother. Fingers crossed he follows his brother’s footsteps and handles his credit responsibly and gets to enjoy the fruits of this hobby, rather than funding it for others.

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I don’t get the economics of these Centurion lounges. Are there a ton of people who pay per access? I would have thought a huge percentage of the people in them would be holders of the various Amex cards that grant free access. In which case, is the profitability supposed to come from more people signing up for the cards with giant annual fees?

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