Posted by William Charles on January 15, 2018
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Published on January 15th, 2018 | by William Charles


Hyatt – Discounted Cash+Points Rates On Some Properties [More Properties Available]

Update 01/16/18: The old properties are no longer available at a discount, but the following properties are:

Credit goes again to Extreme Hotel Deals for finding these.

The Offer

None, there is no landing page for this sale

  • Hyatt is offering a discounted cash rate on some cash+points bookings. The normal award chart is as follows:

The Fine Print

  • None, there is no landing page for this sale

Our Verdict

Just because it’s a sale doesn’t necessarily mean that these are good deals. The maximum savings seems to be $50. Fingers crossed this is helpful to some people. If interested I’d recommend booking sooner rather than late since it doesn’t seem to be any official word that this is a sale.

Hat tip to Extreme Hotel Deals

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Echo Test

I was looking and saw a points & cash rate of 0 points and $75 for a $150 / night hotel. Not 100% on the trip, so didn’t book it but still interesting.

Would be even more interesting if you told us the name of the hotel

Easy champ…Niagara Falls. What’s interesting is that it may be a glitch resulting from this.



oh i see. you have to put your E-Mail address or you will get modded. interesting. but i wonder if it would prevent anyone from using the same handle? probably not since it looks like you can put whatever you want and use a fake E-Mail address.

also, i LOVE the edit feature. totally pimp. i wish there was a delete feature as well.

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