Posted by William Charles on May 16, 2018

Published on May 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


Kohl’s To Replace Yes2You Rewards With New ‘Kohl’s Rewards’ Program

Kohl’s has sent out an e-mail to existing Yes2You Rewards customers that they are launching a new rewards program called ‘Kohl’s Rewards‘ on May 25th for 8 select pilot markets (Phoenix, Arizona; Indianapolis, Indiana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Austin and San Antonio, Texas; Buffalo and Rochester, New York; and Raleigh, North Carolina). It’s expected to roll out nationally in 2019. Users with existing Yes2You rewards points will have them automatically converted to Kohl’s cash. Rather than earning points you will earn at the following rates:

  • 10% Kohl’s cash if you have a Kohl’s charge card
  • 5% Kohl’s cash without a Kohl’s charge card

Previously you earned 1 point for every $1 spent and a $5 reward cost 100 points. This basically means the new & old programs are the same, unless you’re a Kohl’s charge cardholder in which case the new rewards program is 2x as good. Under the new program they will still be offering $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent during cash bonus events and they will still have regular 30%/20%/10% sales.

Hat tip to reader Matt M

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Neat. My mom has a Kohl’s charge card (and probably every other store CC…no comment) and when I was doing the recent rebate deal for the appliances I searched for about 20 minutes without finding a single perk for the charge card over Kohl’s GC/other CC. Apparently they would send you a few coupons each year and that was it besides any initial purchase discounts.

Sometimes the free shipping or a certain discount is tied to using the card. Lately they have made it a point of emphasis at my local store that you have to use your Kohl’s charge card for at least half the purchase to use many of the percent off coupons.

I’ve always thought you need to pay it all on your Kohl’s Charge to use those 30% offs! Now you’re saying I could’ve done 50/50 the whole time???

Cashier: “you have to use your Kohls charge because you used the coupon.”
Me: “Can I use a $50 (The highest multiple of $25 that is lower than the total price) gift card?”
Cashier: “Yes”
Me: buys a gift card on MPX that I had ready to go. “thank you”

I’ve had a Kohl’s charge for 15 years and the store really goes the extra mile to keep customers loyal. Kudos to them.

er… it was called “Kohl’s Rewards” before they started calling it Yes2You. My plastic card says Kohl’s Rewards.

Yay double the rewards.

Wait. So they’re removing one rewards program and replacing it with something………better?

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