Posted by Chuck on July 21, 2019

Published on July 21st, 2019 | by Chuck


[Expired] Kroger: 4x Fuel Points On All Gift Cards, Includes Fixed Visa/MC (exp. 7/21)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

Check your Kroger coupons for the following offers:

  • Save a digital coupon to get 4x fuel points on Visa and Mastercard $100, $50, or $25 fixed-value gift cards.
  • Save a digital coupon to get 4x fuel points on third party gift cards. (Should work on all third-party gift cards.)

You should see these coupons for all Kroger-family brands.


The Fine Print

  • Coupons are valid from through 7/21/19 (that’s today).
  • Usually, every 1000 fuel points will get you a discount of $1 per gallon with a 35-gallon limit, a max value of $35 per 1000-points, though these details do vary by store and region.
  • Points earned in June will be valid through the month of July.
  • Excludes variable-load Visa and Mastercard gift cards.

Our Verdict

Sorry for the last posting, hopefully anyone interested still has a chance to get in on this. Should work for unlimited uses. Use a credit card that earns at a high rate on grocery store purchases. Stack with 5% back at Kroger with Dosh.

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could i buy a $100 visa GC then go back in store and buy another $100 GC using GC, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, to rack up fuel points?


Yes, you’ll have to pay the 5.95 fee each time however. Also, run it as debit with the pin if you’re paying for the $100 with a $100, it will autodrain but by utilizing the pin, you won’t have to get a manager override. You can pay the remainder $5.95 with whatever you want.


The fee for a $100 gc is $5.95. $100 saves you $0.40/gallon at 4x. You need 15 gallons to break even. You can use it for up to 35 gallons in the same fill-up for an $8.00 profit. But unless you have a way to really load up on gas (some people take gas cans), it might not be worth your time. But it should work. Good luck!


Don’t do that. It’s not scalable, and not worth your time and effort.

I have two cars, fill each tank every other week, so 8000 points is what I can use most, but these deals are so often I don’t even pass 3200 points in my kroger account.

Other things to consider:
-Some people don’t buy kroger gas bc it is not top tier (In my area it is, so double check especially if you plan to keep your card long.
-Kroger is 10-20 cents more expensive than competiters in area. (This is mostly bc Kroger is located near high traffic areas, highways, richer neighborhoods.) so 1000 points are more like 80 cents to me, but still good deal.

-Opportunity cost. I have amex 10% off at Exxon offer right now. Lets break this down:
Exxon is 2.38/g within 2 miles to my house.
Kroger is 2.47/g. ($.1 more)

I get 17 gallons on my sonata each fill. Lets to the math for two fills.

I buy 4×100 VGC and get 2000 points. ($24 fee)

(I save $.9/gallon (1000 points) at kroger= $15.3 saving / tank. ) * 2 tanks = $30.6 saving. -$24 VGC fee= $6 in two fills.

Now I got to liquidate the $100 I purchased last. (Assuming I used the other repeatedly to buy newer ones.)

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