Posted by Chuck on October 11, 2018

Published on October 11th, 2018 | by Chuck


Miles App Review: Get Points Automatically for Every Mile You Go

There’s a new app called ‘Miles‘ which tracks your movements and gives you points for every mile you go. It runs entirely in the background without the need to open it or do anything. It’s currently only available for iOS and is coming soon to Android.

  • .1 miles for each air mile
  • 1 mile for each car mile
  • 2 miles for each carpool or ride-share mile
  • 3 miles for each mass transit mile
  • 5 miles for each biking mile
  • 10 miles for each walking mile

Points can be redeemed for prizes to get discounts at select vendors. Some sample prizes:

  • $5 Vudu credit + free movies – costs 1,200 miles
  • New Wag! customers can get 2 free walks and a free lockbox – costs 1,200 miles
  • 7-day free trial with Coursera – costs 500 miles
  • 20% off your Rhone purchase – costs 600 miles
  • New Silvercar customers: book an Audi for 1 day or more and get a extra day free – costs 1,200 miles

Our Verdict

At launch, they allowed points to be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon. That made the app useful for someone willing to give up their privacy. Now that they just have these various discount offers, I doubt it’s worth anyone’s time/privacy.

Most of the offers look like the regular recycled first-time-customer offers you see on various platforms, not something special to the Miles app. There is a $5 Vudu credit for 1,200 miles, so that might be useful to some. Other than that, if anyone notices something good, let us know.

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Also apparently it is invite only so I can’t even sign up. Also sounds like during the time when they had gift cards, several people reported receiving a gift card that was already used… hard pass from me.

Wait… what? There’s an app that tracks your every movement?

Pass the soma. About time “we” as a points-earning community do some serious push-back about such privacy raiding hordes. They couldn’t ever pay me enough to go for this….

*tic, then again,, might help investigators find your body parts if you ever visit a Saudi embassy. (e.g., apparently key evidence now being mentioned in the Khashoggi case)

Google and facebook already tracks your every move. I might as well get airline miles for it.

good answer — though there you have the option to turn it off. (or so they say) Ah, so the calm accepting logic next is, let’s just drink the soma and see nothing amiss, and just ask for some more soma to make us feel better. (or better yet, call it a “security” for our brave-new-world…. (reference intended) and be thankful they can track our remains)

What kind of idiot would use those things?

Google at least never shares that information. No guarantee this random company won’t share it or sell it.

I wonder how it knows if you are flying, biking or walking? Because i remember when people were using GPS spoofing (A way to make it appear you are in a location where you are really not) to game the system in pokenon go when it was popular. I could see people GPS spoofing this

They probably track your location every x seconds to determine your speed and/or if you’re on certain route that corresponds to mass transit. Not sure how they’d track carpool/ride sharing though.

Root access. Or you’d have to link your ridesharing apps with this one to get credit.

They do. I was stuck in really bad traffic the other day and it thought I walked a mile instead of drove. I think it takes into account a lot of different things like start and end point (both airports) and if the route you went was a train track or across water. Also, the app knows when you are driving because of the phone being connected to Bluetooth (my cars logo shows up on all of my driving trips).

How does it know if you’re driving alone, carpooling, taking the bus, biking, etc.?

Is there a full list of rewards available somewhere? I’m pretty active and don’t value my privacy much. I estimate I could earn 300-400 miles a day. I think I’m interested if I could see the redemption options.

Perfect for Airline Pilots, Mass Trans Bus/train drivers, Delivery drivers, bike couriers,

If only they had something worth redeeming the miles.

it was fine when they did amazon gc. now its like every offer you see on ticketmaster and drop.

getting vudu credits and deleting it asap

“7-day free trial with Coursera – costs 500 miles”.
WTH is this? Coursera gives 7 day trail for free on their official website.

Most of the deals they’re offering are deals you can find for free. If anything they’re probably making money when you take their deals even though you’re ‘paying’ for them with miles. Makes it seem premium for users who have never heard of the services elsewhere or are ignorant to the alternate apps that offer them.

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