[Expired] Nadex (Forex Trading Platform): $200 Bonus (~$170 Profit)

Update 1/14/22: Deal has been extended until September 22, 2022.

Update 12/1/21: Crypto.com is gonna acquire Nadex, so might be worth doing this deal ASAP.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Nadex (online trading platform) is offering up to $200 in bonuses:
    • $100 referral bonus for both parties when the person being referred signs up and makes 5 trades within 30 days of signing up
    • $100 deposit bonus when you deposit $1,000+ (must be in a single deposit) and make five trades

Our Verdict

Reader Davis goes into some detail on doing this bonus in this linked comment. It’s possible to do with little to no risk and you’ll pay ~$30 in fees/loss for a profit of $170. Obviously if you can refer some people then even better. Obviously don’t do this deal if you don’t know what you’re doing as there is the potential to lose a lot more than the $200 bonus. Feel free to share your referrals in this linked post, do not share them in the comments below.

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Too bad this one’s expired! The referral links make it seem like the program is still up and running, but when you click on the link to the page where there’s supposed to be more information, it leads simply to a 404 page instead. Made over $900 in sign up, initial funding and referral bonuses among P1-P3 through this program.

The 5 minute binary options worked really well for me. I closed and sold all the positions I could so I could lose as little as possible on my trades. Depositing was really easy via Plaid, I just had to send them a bank statement linked to my debit card in order to withdraw everything finally. I left everything but 1 penny in my account to try to qualify for the account reactivation bonus after 1 year, but I guess that one’s expired too.

I truly hope that no one has decided to use this platform for gambling—I could see how you could lose a lot of money with this one fast! Hope we get to see some more forex bonuses like this that just requires a small trade—it was daunting at first, but I think I have the hang of it now. Playing around with the demo account really helped out a lot.


The link seems dead


Well, the inactivity/reactivation bonus expired on 12/31/21 so there is no need to keep the account open to do that bonus. Lost my cent


thank you, came here to find this info


When trying to withdraw my referral bonus I get the following error:

Insufficient unallocated funds on the NON-FEE account to make withdrawal

Anyone else seeing this?


I thought doing horn bets on craps is stupid. Binary options takes the cake!


Well i guess my bonus is only going to be -$800 ;(….
Any chance i could do a charge back with debit card funding?

Matty Rex
Matty Rex

Opened account with referral.
Attempted to fund with $1,000 debit card from a CU but the CU denied transaction; successfully/immediately funded with $1,000 using Chase Checking debit card
Made trades using the guide posted by Michelle B. / Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek ; definitely check that guide out – it has really helpful screenshots.
Cost $35 to do the five trades. Suspect I could have done it cheaper if I had any clue what I was doing but I didn’t, and, just wanted to knock it out quickly.
Will update when bonuses post and any difficulty withdrawing back to debit card.

Got a call from Nadex (Chicago number). A real helpful guy was ready to answer any questions I had. Asked probing questions about my experience. It was super awkward of course. Recommend dodging calls.

Matty Rex

Received $200 bonus as:
“Initial Deposit Bonus Program – June 2022 $100.00”
“RAF Credit – June 2022 $100.00”
That’s a 17 day turnaround if you’re counting!
Funds were available immediately for withdrawal, although I’m letting them sit for a bit.


What happened to Nadex? Saw the following warning when trying to access the site:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from http://www.nadex.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


The website is back. In addition, even though the terms for the Initial Deposit Bonus Program still say it ends May 31, 2022, Nadex has officially announced that they are extending it through July 31, 2022. See here: https://www.nadex.com/notices/nadex-extends-initial-deposit-bonus-program-may13/. The referral program is still valid through September 22, 2022.

William Charles Chuck maybe an update to clarify this?


ShawntheShawn So the referral and deposit bonuses still stack? I thought at one point one of them went away.


They still stack. Peek


William Charles I tried to leave my referral link on the referral page and it says duplicated post. I don’t see my referral posted there–most recent post was in April; and I signed up just within this week. Can you please check and allow my referral to post? Thank you!


William Charles I left my referral link on the referral page but it doesn’t show up That was the first time I ever post a comment on DOC. Can you check?


Just read this online:
“Nadex welcomes traders from over 40 countries. This means Nadex is a viable option for UK residents, as well as those from the US, Europe , Asia, Australia and beyond.”

Which means if you have family and friends in different countries they can take advantage of this opportunity at Nadex..