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ThriftSwift (@guest_833884)
November 1, 2019 13:12

They look at chex system. Will not allow you to open if you have opened a lot of bank accounts that year. For me this number was 8

IS250 (@guest_827226)
October 18, 2019 17:23

FYI – There’s a $50 referral through Referlive. But, it does NOT stack with the $100 checking bonus. I was denied the extra referral bonus. Just a heads up.

IS250 (@guest_816636)
September 30, 2019 22:00

If you want to compare, my real DD coded as “ACH CREDIT ‘My company name’ PAYROLL 190930.” Transaction type: DEPOSIT

The last part of digits refers to today’s date that it posted (9/30/19).

Joe F.
Joe F. (@guest_814278)
September 24, 2019 19:16

Terms & Conditions:

IS250 (@guest_810026)
September 14, 2019 10:36

 William Charles Alive until 11/1/19. Mention code FALL19. Bonus will be paid by 3/13/20. $1500 or more in direct deposits (cumulative) within 90 days of account opening.

1. Chex – Yes, not sensitive. 40+/12. Opened with out of state address/DL.
2. No hard pull. You can decline overdraft.
3. ETF – 6 months with bonus claw back
4. Plus Checking eligible for this bonus. Free account with atm reimbursements too
5. You get an extra $1 for doing a mobile check deposit during account sign up
6. Temporary issue debit card. Regular debit card mailed after
7. New customers who have not had an account in the past 180 days. One per household

Pudding (@guest_809404)
September 12, 2019 17:02

Was at a Stop & Shop in CT and saw flyers that this bonus was extended until 11/1/19 at branches inside Stop & Shops in NY and CT. Must open in branch, mention promo code FALL19, have DD totaling $1500 or more within 90d.

Gerald (@guest_781410)
July 10, 2019 21:39

A few corrections: They’ve changed the weird “90 continuous days” language to “within 90 days of account opening.” If you open Plus Checking, there’s no monthly fee. You can’t have had a People’s personal checking account within the last 180 days (up from 90 days). That fits in nicely with the 6 month period for the early termination fee, but given some of the comments, it’s probably not churnable. There’s a limit of one per household.

IS250 (@guest_781419)
July 10, 2019 22:00

Still cumulative deposits of $1000 or one DD of at least $1000?

Gerald (@guest_781570)
July 11, 2019 08:25


Gerald (@guest_781571)
July 11, 2019 08:29

They have a referral bonus of $50 for the referrer and $50 for the referree, so you can effectively get around the household limit this way. It’s also a better deal since there’s no direct deposit requirement and they don’t send a 1099 to the referrer.

IS250 (@guest_794510)
August 6, 2019 14:59

Can the referral be stacked?

tinker25 (@guest_865406)
January 5, 2020 15:19

Appreciated anyone sharing the screenshot of the “within 90 days” instead of “90 continuous days”

Pat (@guest_748791)
April 15, 2019 19:18

They now have a $300 Bonus. I may not do it due to the fact there aren’t a lot of datapoints about direct deposits and i’m not sure the $1500 needs to be done at one time:

Rewards Question
Rewards Question (@guest_650902)
October 3, 2018 14:26
Bruno (@guest_472448)
September 6, 2017 15:37

The Banker at the Long Island City office said this ended on August 25th.