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Published on October 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Personal Capital: $100 Amazon Giftcard For Linking An Investment Account Referral Bonus

Looks like all links are now $50 instead of $100. Updating post title to ‘Expired’

The Offer

  • Personal Capital is offering a referral bonus of a $100 for both parties when you use a referral link and link a qualified investment account. Offer valid only for new customers who link [within 30 days of signing up] a qualified investment account (e.g. taxable brokerage, 401k, IRA, 529, etc) [and that account must have at least $1k balance]


Share Your Referrals

Feel free to share your referral links in the comments if you have the $100 offer. Do not share your link if you have a lower offer. Not everybody will be able to refer people and there are offers for $20/$50 and $100. Please only include a link to your offer and no additional text.

Our Verdict

Personal Capital is similar to but focuses on investment accounts more than Mint. Previously they have offered a $20 Amazon gift card, then $50 and now $100.Looks like the $100 bonus is in the form of a $100 Amazon gift card If for some reason only some people are targeted for the $20/ $50 deal, DO NOT POST YOUR LINK FOR A WORSE DEAL. If readers do that, they will banned from posting links in this and future referral link posts.

Hat tip to readers FM (their link here)


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i just want to say, i signed up under Svy link for me and my 3 family members. so potentially $400 amazon gift cards coming your way! Glad to give back 🙂

Thanks for using! To ensure you receive your $100 x 4, please link unique qualifying investment accounts to each account w/i 30 days. Otherwise, the bonus will definitely not post. I ran into that issue with friends and family, and they were disappointed.

Svy can you explain please what this means, if each family member has their own 401k IRA with at least 1000 would that work?
Also I use Mint and trust it, I’m a little weary of using this, can you confirm if you’ve used this and it is reputable?

I’ve been using personal capital for over 3 years. I thought it was better than mint personally.

I think what you mentioned should work as long as those accounts have not been previously linked to another personal capital account (i.e. “virgin”). I have used their free service for more than two years and been an investment client for less than a year. If you trust mint’s security, then I would think you would not have an issue with PC’s security, which is as good or better.

I’ve also used Personal Capital for several years, along with Mint. I trust them both.

Oh no worries, already got 3 out of 4 linked (those have at least 1k investments). The 4th im working on, had an issue with Robinhood linking. Will try it today again and i will get it linked before the 30 days.

Syv – I joined under you back on the 14 or 15th i believe pip*** but never received any emails from them besides confirming my appointment. Can you see if i am on your referal list? thanks!

Matt Matt Matt I see you signed up on 10/13/18 with pip*** PC has been very slow in processing the GCs and only 20% of my signups from that day have received their GCs to date. The T&Cs give them 6 weeks to fulfill the promotion. Hopefully, it won’t take that long for you. Thanks for using my link!

@Svy – I joined under your link on the 24th using the email jfoodw*****, William G. Haven’t received any emails except my advisor call appt confirmation – can you see if I am on your referral list? Thank you!

William I only see jfo********; hopefully that is you? Thanks! Sorry for the delay in answering, but I overlooked your question until now.

I joined under your referral using hoover* and mysling*

Can you check if I am on your list?

MT I don’t see any “mys” on my list and for “hoo” I only see hoo********* Can you log into your mysling account for PC? If so, you may have used a different referral link to sign up?

yeah the hoo one is mine.thanks

Stuart Zimmerman
Stuart Zimmerman

dSvy- do you see my referral from you? both my wife signed up with you link within the last 2 weeks and have linked accounts but they have no record of using a referral link. the emails would be stuart@stuartand*****.com and butzi@sf****

Yes, I see it as tracking. I think it is pretty common not to receive any email messages for the promo. It should come through within 6 weeks of you fulfilling the terms, but you may need to give it the full six weeks though. Thanks!

Syv – I joined under your link on the 14th with email pet*** and my account is setup and linked. Can you see if i am on your referral list? Thanks.

Peek Sorry for the delayed response. Unless you tag me, I may miss your question since there are so many posts here and I can’t access the site during the workday. I see pet********** and pet******** Hopefully, your is one of those?

Svy I assume one of those must be me. Thanks for checking.

Svy I received my gift card this morning and redeemed it. Thanks!

Svy, I havent received any of the 4 referral links… for me to make sure i get this paid out, can you send me your referral link to ritabandasak(at)hotmail(dot)com please so I have it for when they ask?

Sara Logan link sent to your address. None of the 10/14 signups have processed for me; PC is still working on 10/13.

Hi Svy,
I think I actually signed up under your referral link on Oct 14, but still haven’t received the GC confirmation email. Can you please check I am on your list of referrals? Email starts with ‘and’. Thank you.

Duke_390 I have two “and” with gmail and one with yahoo. I no longer see the dates, so you need to tell me how many * after “and” and before @, or if, you are likely good to go.

Svy, This is regarding my previous comment (Duke_390). I apologize, I signed up with a different email. It starts ‘nop’ instead of ‘and’. Just wondering if it tracked through your referral. Thank you.

only one of those: nop***** Thanks for using my link!


Hi Svy,

I signed up about a week ago using your link. Five different email addresses for five different 401k accounts.

Can you check to see if it registered?


Luck I won’t be able to check on the last two unless you provide the first three letters or digits of those email addresses. Once you reply, I will check on all five. Thanks!

Hi Svy, first 3 of last 2 are gam and loc. Thanks.

Luck I see the following: gam*********, loc***********, bel*******, bel*********************, and ngu***** So if you link a “virgin” qualifying investment account of $1k or more to each within 30 days of signing up, you should receive the $100 GC w/i 6 weeks of fulfilling the terms of the promo. However, the slow rate of fulfillment indicates it may take the full six weeks. Thanks for using my link!

Thanks for checking Svy!

What do you think happens if one links an account that is 1k at time of linking, but shortly after it falls below that (say $990 or $500 or whatever)? Do you think as long as it’s 1k at time of linking you get GC no matter what happens after that?

Thanks for checking Svy! I still haven’t received the GC notification but hoping they are just slow processing it.

Does this still work? Where is a link to use?

Does anyone know if this will work if you deleted your account with PC months ago? I don’t think I ever linked any accounts with them b/c I didn’t want them calling me trying to sell me on products.

Not this one, but for the regular $20 offer it didn’t work. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. Or simply use an alternative email with accounts never linked before.

Thanks Svy!

Does the referral bonus apply for manually linked investment acccount? Currently PC doesn’t seem to support linking TradeKing / Ally Invest, except manually.

A ‘manual’ account in PC just means you type in an account name and current value, which could be anything you make up, so I don’t think they would count those.

I’m not familiar with, but is this place like saverlife, where you just let them look at your account, and they will pay you for that?

It’s basically an aggregator where you can input all your banks, investments, and credit cards in one place where you can log-in and see transactions without having to go to each one separately.

I’ve used it for a few years and it’s very good and works well– especially when you consider all the various websites it has to pull from. It also has a decent retirement planner. All for free.

The only piece of advice I have is DO NOT give them your primary phone number (you still have to give them one for two-party authentication), as maybe every 3 months I get a cold call from an adviser. Other than that, it saves me a lot of time monitoring for rouge transactions across multiple banking and credit card accounts I have

They kept calling me every few months and eventually I told them outright that I’m not interested in advisory services and the calls have stopped. Been using Personal Capital 5 years now for the free financial/wealth tracking stuff.

Full disclosure: I have a financial independence/early retirement blog and make a bunch of $ through their affiliate program, but this has been my experience – just tell them you are not interested and please don’t call me again. Assertiveness FTW.

There’s no need for assertiveness if one just uses a proper caller ID/blocking app on their cell phone. I blocked these guys after their very first call.

Why waste energy when you don’t have to?

MJS, so what is the cost of this service? I can’t seem to find it on their site. Thanks!

Did you miss the part where I said clearly “All for free”?

I think they have a pretty good business model. I don’t think the aggregation costs them a lot once they have it running, and incrementally someone joining probably costs near zero. At the same time, they can see who is “wealthy” enough to target (and to be fair maybe some people who are not optimized on their investing), and cold call them every so often as well as have a “speak to an advisor” option inside the website.

I’m sure they get enough business from people who can see through some of their tools it may be worth talking to an advisor from the various simulations you can run on your own, and they are a path of least resistance for some who don’t already have a personal advisor.

Thank you for the tip about the phone number! I created a Google Voice # just for this. And yes, they have been calling and texting it.

“Using an ad blocker may adversely affect our ability to determine your account eligibility in the program. Final determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of Personal Capital.”

Of course, this applies to all referrals everywhere, including cash back portals. I’m hoping people aren’t using referral links in a browser with adblockers.

Any idea on when the amazon gift card arrives? I signed up for the service but never got a confirmation email

Per the terms: “All awards will be electronically delivered within six weeks from registration to the user’s email provided in the registration process.”

I didn’t get any confirmation email, but I signed up yesterday and got an app notification today that I’ll be getting an Amazon gc (no details however).

The terms and conditions say 6 weeks. I contacted PC and was able to confirm that as well.

Quick DP: I applied through the $50 link that was up yesterday (I think?). I linked a qualifying account immediately and got an e-mail with the gift card a few hours ago.

“Please note Bank, Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal, Stash, Acorns, Kapitall, Groundfloor, WageWorks HSA, Coinbase, and Manual Investment Accounts do not count towards the giveaway.”
I signed up via FM’s link btw. Thanks Doc!

Can someone point me where to go to create my own referral? Used one of the above to make my account, but would love to be able to refer the mrs to make an extra $100. Thanks in advance.

You may access this newest referral offer upon signing out of your Personal Capital account, at which time an offer to refer new members will appear, either with the $100 Amazon Gift Card bonus or with no bonus if you are not targeted for the offer.

Signing out makes no change in the offer available to me, still the dang $20 version. 🙁 I was so glad to finally get access to that one a few weeks ago, and then wham, they make it worthless.

Can’t seem to generate a link either, that’s unfortunate as I’ve been using it for a while now. Maybe its only for users who use their guidance feature.

It looks like any new user is eligible for the bonus, just by linking an investment account. But it sounds like only those that use personal capital for investments are given referral links.

Also 1099 if $600+ in gift cards.

“Personal Capital investment clients are allowed to participate in this program by referring new users only and may also receive 3 months free if the referred user becomes a trading client. “

I don’t have time to try this out*, but I wonder if someone that signed up for their investment services would get referral links? 0.89% is a pretty steep fee in today’s environment, but much more reasonable on a small** amount and if getting big referral bonuses as well. – Also may not be a bad rate if you truly want advising services.

* This account has a real advisor, they are going to want to talk to you.
** Not certain what the minimum investment amount is.

I actually signed up for the investment services, despite the fee, back in 2016. I gave them a year to see what happened. They’ve done a really great job so far. Sometimes they’ll throw a few months of free investment services my way if someone signs up with my code, but that doesn’t happen to me often.

Thanks. Their link to ETrade sucks. It keeps saying user/pw is not working. I’ve confirmed it in a separate tab.

ME TOO. It won’t link. No matter how many times I try. The password is correct god damn it.

I’m running in to the same fucking problem!

Used your link, thank you!

used your link, thanks

I just signed up using your link.

signed up with your link

I also signed up with your link

I used this link too. Sue is gettin’ PAID next month

Used your link, thanks!

I used your link. Thanks a bunch.

Oh wow! Thanks a lot! As far as what works, personally I have my Fidelity and Schwab linked to them. They picked those up without isssues.

Can you check whether my email is on your list?
My email is 303*** Thanks

Used your referral, thanks!

Thanks! I signed up and linked my investment account.

Thanks. Just signed up.

I used your link this week and got my 100 bonus yesterday. Sue is cashing in. Good on you, Sue. You go.

Woo seeing the comments there’s atleast 15 referral signups . Thats a good amount of Amazon stuff to splurge upon.

can you please check whether n***** is in your account list. I fulfilled the conditions on Monday

Hi Mark – need the first 3 letters of the email, as that’s all Personal Capital shows, thanks!

Thanks for looking into that

Mark – do see one for nov*, shows “invited” with a valid date so far. Thanks!

perfect thanks. I connected my vanguard already a week ago, so hopefully they will get it right.

Hi Sue
Can you check on the following referral?

Hi SC – No Ste* on my list, sorry about that. I do see one for vic*, it shows “invited.” I’m assuming that means Personal Capital has not detected a linked investment account yet with at least $1K. Thanks for using my link by the way!

Thanks Sue . The vic* had a transfer happen after linking so that might be the problem. If you don’t see ste*, what about ste*******

Hi SC, yes, if it’s gmail, I do see one for ste*, shows invited as well with a valid date. Thanks!

Hey Sue, I received the gift card for ste* today! Thanks for the referral! Can you check on my husbands vic***.***.********* Since you last checked, he linked another account with > 1K balance to it.

Forgot to tag you, Sue . Can you check my previous message? Thanks!

Hey Sue, Signed up with your link a few days ago. Do you see one with alle****

Hi Allen – thanks for using my link! I do see one for all*, it shows “invited” right now with a good date. Thanks again.

Thanks Sue! That’s weird I already added a bunch of investment accounts. I added some more, could you check the status again for alle**** Not sure if I’ve hit the criteria or if I need to contact support

Hi Allen – still shows Invited. There may be a huge backlog right now. I’m guessing there’s been tremendous response, perhaps they’re lagging on fulfilling? I’ve emailed support as well to see if there’s a status update.

Player 2 signed up using your link.

Hi Sue, I used your link to sign up. Can you help check if my email and**** is on your account list? Thx 🙂

Hi Andy – I do see and* with valid date and “invited”. But I haven’t seen GCs come through lately on my end either, I think they’re really backlogged now. Terms say 6 weeks, hopefully it’s not that long.

Use your link. Thanks! Could you verify if j2**** is in your list?

Hi – I do see j2*@yahoo on the list with a date and invited, thanks!

Sue, Used your referral can you check at your end if its verified An***

Hi – I see one for ank* with valid date and invited. But they may be backlogged right now.

Thank you.

Hi Sue, Can you confirm if there is a way to see if ank** is within your 30 referral limit?. Thanks.

Used your link. Thank you!

Signed up with yours, lov****

I do see lov* with invited and a date, thanks!

Used your link! Thank you!

I used your link too, let’s see.

Thanks Sue. Signed up and linked piz****** Keep ’em rolling!

I do see a piz* with valid date and invited, thanks!

Used your link! I hope it works

I see a phy* with valid date and shows invited, thanks.

I used your link thanks so much

Hi Sue, can you check referral status for email starting with “nru”? Signed up and linked 1K account today. Thanks!

Hi – I do see nru** showed invited with a valid date, thanks!

Used your link, Sue! I was able to link my NYC deferred compensation account as well, though I had to be super precise when choosing what account showed up during my search. Do you see my email (nap*** in your list of referrals?

I do see a nap* with valid date and invited, thanks!

Sue Player 2 used your link on Friday. Can you please check if the email shows up fine. The email id is: vij*******

Hi I do see vij* with valid date and invited as well, thanks!

Player 2 got her gift card this afternoon. Signed up on Oct 19.

A little late but I used your link, hope it worked
First 3 letters of email is kst

Hi – I do see one for kst** with valid date and invited, thanks!

Thanks Sushen Kung. I just got it after about a week. They tried to tell me my robinhood account wasn’t a real broker so they could only give me $20 but I told them the terms and conditions didn’t say that after about a week of back and forth emails they agreed. I just got the full $100

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Sue used your link and linked fidelity w $1000+ can you check status of my referral please?

Hello Dan – need 3 letters of your email. Only thing I can see. Thanks much.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Sue my email starts with dph

I do see it, thanks. I think there’s a currently a backlog though in sending out the GCs.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Sue Do you have any status on dph

Sue, used your link 10/24

Sue, my email starts w. rev — in case you want to check

Used your link. Thanks for sharing. Can you please check if you can see my email in your referral yet? It’s die****

Hi – I do see die*, showed invited, thanks!

I got an email for $20 i linked my 529 account which has 3k+
Is the link for $100 at all?

Hi Sue, I used your link and also my wife. Did you see my email? We signed up earlier this week. Sue ton******** and jac*******

Sorry Tony…Do not see either of these…only have jac*

Hi, I just used your link with the email address luc……

Hi Sue. I used your link. Can you check if dix******** is in your list of accounts?

Hi Sue. I signed up using your referral link on 10/14. Can you please check I am on the list of your referrals? Email starts with and. Thanks!

I signed up using your link. Can you check if you have in your list?Thanks

I now see there may be a limit of 30 people! The promotional email I got specifically says there’s no limit to the number of people you can invite, so that’s what I assumed. That’s pretty ridiculous to then hide the limit in the fine print. For now, please do not use my referral anymore to sign up, I’m really sorry about this, did not know there is a hidden limit.
William Charles Chuck Can you remove my link or at least edit my first comment so people know? Thank you.

I remember seeing someone on Reddit mention 100 (?) limit. Wonder if they lowered it now to 30.

Chuck – After reading the terms, it says 30 a month and 100 lifetime. Since everyone signed up recently it’s basically 30 people. But then they also advertise there is no limit of the number of referrals you can invite. I just emailed them to complain, but not sure if it’ll do anything. I’m guessing they’re going to argue semantics probably – saying something like that there is no limit you can “invite” but there is a limit to the gift cards. Pretty shady. Makes me think hard about moving my investments elsewhere.

I received $100 amazon 2 days ago.

Can you check if you ever received a link from pc1…@mike….net? I signed up on Oct 16th, but still haven’t received anything.

I’ve tried these sign ups twice now for the $20 amazon gc and never received anything. I’ve used two different emails and different banks in the past, anyone know if possible to actually make this thing work now and make a third account?

On the previous attempts, did you link an investment account — not a bank — that had at least $1000 in it?

No investment account just banks

It must be an investment account. Bank accounts do not qualify.

Anyone know how to see if one can refer a friend if I already have an account?

It will be splashed all over the site if you can. Top bar and front page when signed in, and on the page you end up on after signing out.

I see a referral link when I sign out, but it makes no mention of any bonus for me or for the referred person. Is that right?

How long does one have to maintain the account after they receive the Amazon card?

i’d like to know this too

Gift card shows up the next morning after signing up and linking the appropriate investment account with a balance of at least $1000. I’ve received several gift cards this week always the next morning after somebody completed the criteria

Rolando Gonzalez
Rolando Gonzalez

I signed up with your link r…

Whoops. I just found the fee. Its .89% (as CLH mentioned). Sorry about that. On 200k its $18 per month. I won’t be trying this out even for a free Amazon card. Its exhorbitant expense in my book.

You don’t have to use the premium features, they have a freemium model where a portion of their site is free but you can pay for the premium features.

FYI, 0.89% fee on 200K is $148.33 fee per month.

I don’t think you understand how this works. They have a free service which functions similarly to and that’s all you need to sign up for to receive the credit. They also have a financial advisory arm which is the fee-based portion but no obligation to sign up for that. Again, the base service for investment visualization and view-aggregation is entirely free

You don’t have to use their investment services, you can just use it like Mint for free.

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