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Bank Account Bonuses

Published on August 27th, 2015 | by William Charles


PNC Up To $400 Checking Bonus – Available Nationwide

Offer at a glance

  • Maximum bonus amount: $400 
  • Availability: Previously this deal has been restricted to: AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI and District of Columbia. But this no longer seems to be the case.
  • Direct deposit required: $2,000-$5,000 depending on bonus
  • Additional requirements: One bill pay 
  • Hard/soft pull: Soft 
  • Credit card funding: Up to $2,000 with Visa or Mastercard
  • Monthly fees: $7-$25, waive-able 
  • Early account termination fee: $25 if closed within six months
  • Expiration date: December 31st, 2015

Update 11/12/15: They have now updated this offer and it’s much more restricted than before.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

There are actually four separate bonuses on offer depending on which account you select, let’s have a look at each one:

  • Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend: Earn a $200 bonus when you do the following:
    • Open a new Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend
    • Establish a qualifying direct deposit of $2000 to your new account
    • Make at least one payment with PNC Online Bill Pay
  • Performance Checking: Earn a $200 bonus when you do the following:
    • Open a new Performance Checking account
    • Establish a qualifying direct deposit of $2000 to your new account
    • Make at least one payment with PNC Online Bill Pay
  • Virtual Wallet with Performance Select: Earn a $400 bonus when you do the following:
    • Open a new Virtual Wallet with Performance Select
    • Establish a qualifying direct deposit of $5000 to your new account
    • Make at least one payment with PNC Online Bill Pay
  • Performance Select Checking: Earn a $400 bonus when you do the following:
    • Open a new Performance Select Checking account
    • Establish a qualifying direct deposit of $5000 to your new account
    • Make at least one payment with PNC Online Bill Pay

pnc 400 bonus

The Fine Print

  • This bonus offer is valid for new accounts opened through this web page only
  • Requirements must be completed within 60 days of account opening
  • Account must be kept open to receive bonus
  • Bonus will post 60-90 days after the requirement is met
  • A qualifying Direct Deposit is defined as a recurring Direct Deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited into a Performance or Performance Select Checking account, or the Spend account of a Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend or Virtual Wallet with Performance Select
  • New checking account will not be eligible for the offer if any signer has signing authority on an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account or has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a promotional premium in the past 12 months
  • Limit of one bonus per account

Avoiding Fees

Virtual Wallet With Performance Spend $15 Monthly Fee ($200 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $2,000 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposit of $2,000 or more
  • $15,000 in linked eligible accounts

Performance Checking $15 Monthly Fee ($200 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $2,000 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposit of $2,000 or more
  • $15,000 in linked eligible accounts

Virtual Wallet With Performance Select $25 Monthly Fee ($400 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $5,000 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposits of $5,000 or more
  • $25,000 in linked eligible accounts

Performance Select Checking $25 Monthly Fee ($400 Bonus)

You can get this fee waived if you meet any of the following:

  • Average monthly balance of $5,000 or more
  • Qualifying direct deposits of $5,000 or more
  • $25,000 in linked eligible accounts

Early account termination

  • You must pay a $25 early account termination fee if you cancel your account within 6 months of opening (source)

Our Verdict

This is a great offer especially if you have an extra $5,000 laying around to get the full $400 bonus. Now that this bonus seems to be available nationwide, here is my plan:

I’ll have to tie $5,000 up for six months, but I’ll get $400 and also an easy $2,000 in credit card funding to meet some minimum spend requirements. Because this bonus is so good I’ve added it to our list of the best bank account bonuses currently available, which you can view if you click here. You can also view all the bank bonuses currently available here.

In the past PNC has offered bonuses up to $300 online or $400 in branch, but this new offer is vastly superior to those offers.

Hat tip to Yeshu on Twitter

421 Responses to PNC Up To $400 Checking Bonus – Available Nationwide

  1. Ruby says:

    Does PNC match offers? I just applied one with the $300 coupon….

  2. Mike says:

    $5K of DD in single transaction or multiple? It should be done withing single month, right?

  3. HORACE says:

    FYI – I have recently funded my US Bank Power Up Checking account with my new Citi HHonors Reserve Visa and incurred no cash advance & my partner has funded their new NW Visa Buxx with their new Citi Prestige MC and incurred no cash advance.

    This mirrors what others have reported recently on FT and it may well be that for most Citi credit cards, they may no longer post as cash advances.

    Of course, YMMV.

  4. KP says:

    funding for $2k worked with citi thank you premier card. hope to see paypal go in as DD

    • Eric says:

      Last time I did this offer I used PayPal. They fought me on the PayPal DD but eventually gave me the bonus after many phone calls. I would try something else to avoid the hassle. I just checked and I received the $300 bonus on 9/5/14. Does that mean a week from now I am good to apply for this offer?

  5. M says:

    Has anyone tried the Citi Business AAdvantage?

  6. blake johnson says:

    I got denied for the bonus. The bill payments I did were just to myself, so be careful not to do that.

  7. Cowboyguy says:

    I can make direct deposits through Payroll totally $5,000 but if I do that, I’ll miss out on my monthly Santander $20 bonus. I’m thinking of taking advantage of the PNC offer and then closing the account immediately after the bonus posts (even if that involves paying the $25 early termination fee).

    Do you guys agree with this approach?

    Also, does anyone know when does PNC “practically” post the bonus? I know some banks post quite early and some exactly on the 60 or 90 day mark after meeting the requirement.

  8. Alex says:

    Just tried to fund using Chase Freedom for $2000, declined because it apparently was a cash advance. Cash and luckily my limit is $1400. Going to try my other Chase Business Ink now

    • HORACE says:

      ALEX — Having read many posts here and elsewhere I can advise that many times funding by Chase credit cards of these sort of financial investments first appears as a Cash Advance but then becomes a bona fide Purchase which entails no fees.

      Likely this is occurring in your case, as well, but of course YMMV.

      Watch your online statement if the cash advance also becomes a purchase and let us know!

  9. Alex says:

    Does anyone know what PNC considers a new account (ie. are PNC bonuses churnable)? I closed out an account with them in Jan, don’t know if I’m eligible for the promotion.

  10. Dan says:

    Keeping the account open for 6 months just so you’re not penalized $25 seems like a waste. That $5k can make a lot more interest somewhere else (NetSpend, Mango, etc) to cover the measly $25.

  11. mike says:

    just tried to open Performance Select Checking account (virtual wallet vs normal was confusing btw) and fund $2k with Chase British Airways with cash advance set at $100. card was declined.

    • Chase will initially code as CA and then as purchase. Updated our CC page to make this clearer.

      • James says:

        I must be missing something. If the Chase cards are being declined for making the initial deposit, what does it matter that Chase is initially treating these as a cash advance and then changing to a purchase? If the card is declined when trying to make the initial deposit, for whatever reason, isn’t that game over with respect to using the card for the initial PNC funding?

        Is there some way to get beyond the initial card being initially declined to actually use the Chase card to fund the account?

        If not, then based on the number of reports in these comments, it appears that Chase cards are no longer an option for initial PNC funding.

        Please advise if this is incorrect. I really want to fund using my Chase British Airways card but it appears that this option is now dead. I would love to learn otherwise.


        • james says:

          Since I got no replies to the question I posted above, I finally decided to move ahead and open an account and attempt to use my Chase BA card. The funding attempt was declined, so I called Chase. They explained that it was being received from PNC as a cash advance, therefore it was declined and had triggered a fraud alert(I had preset cash advance limit to $ 0.) I asked that the fraud alert be lifted. I then decided to try funding with the Chase BA card once more, just to see if having lifted the fraud alert may have resolved the problem. Declined again.

          I changed funding source and use CITI Prestige (preset cash advance limit to $ 100) and it worked with no problems.

          • rich says:

            Thanks for the data points I was thinking about using Chase Now I will just use my Citi Premier.

  12. HG says:

    any data-points on what counts as a direct deposit? Venmo? Paypal? ACH?

  13. Alex says:

    Attempt to fund new account via Chase Freedom and Chase business Ink and both were attempted as cash advances. Luckily , I had cash advance access off, but a Chase rep confirmed the decline was due to cash advance

  14. Dan says:

    Data Point: The Citi Double Cash card successfully funds this account. I have turned off my cash advance option on the card so I know it doesn’t count as a cash advance.

  15. ColinC says:

    Darn… have to be an American citizen to signup online. Since there are no branches nearby I guess I’ll have to pass this one 🙁

  16. Jamie says:

    Has anyone tried funding it with the BoA Business Alaskan Airlines card? Any datapoint would be much appreciated!

  17. Jay says:

    Just applied and funded with Citi Premier successfully. Had cash advance limit set to $1,400 and funded $2,000. Seems Citi isn’t listing as cash advance anymore! Was weary of trying a Chase card with the data points above.

  18. Marco says:

    Is an ACH transfer considered a direct deposit?

  19. Bryan says:

    Hey William — you think it would be possible to downgrade the account from Performance Select to Performance Spend after you get the bonus so you don’t have to tie up $5000 for the next 6 months?

    • Not sure, give it a tie and let me know.

      • Akhere says:

        Has anyone tried downgrading to lowest basic level possible after getting bonus?
        Will they take back bonus if that is done?

        Is it mandatory to keep 5000$ for 6 months to avoid monthly fee before closing?

        someone told basic lowest account level has no criteria to keep any balance shud i downgrade now as bonus is already credited….plz suggest

    • Eric says:

      Yes, that’s what I did last year.

      • mike says:

        do you remember how difficult the process was to downgrade? And do you remember which type of account you downgraded to?

        • Eric says:

          I remember it being very simple to downgrade as I did it by online chat. I don’t recall what account I downgraded to. I think it had either a $1K or $2K minimum to avoid fees.

  20. cindy says:

    I just tried to apply and I got a message back from the site saying it can’t verify my identify – what does that mean? Of course I’m using MY SS# and MY driver’s license – this seems crazy to me. Any ideas? I tried again right after trying to see if I had a typo anywhere, that was not the case.

  21. Frank says:

    I believe early termination only applies to Wallet accounts. I’m planning to open Performance Select checking account. As long as it’s checking, they cannot charge early termination. Why do you choose to open Virtual Wallet and wait 6 months to waive early termination fee? What am I missing?

  22. Brian says:

    Thanks, William! I love this site. Quick data point for you: I just tried to fund the account for $2k with a CitiBusiness Platinum Select American Airlines AAdvantage card on which I had previously lowered the cash advance limit to $0. The charge did not go through. I called Citi, and they said that the problem was not on Citi’s side but on PNC’s, that PNC was “reversing out” the charge.

  23. Jessica says:

    I saw that Serve may work as a DD. But, how do you make it work? Do you use the “pay bill” or send money, mail a check? I can’t figure out how any of these would be considered a DD by PNC.

  24. another says:

    Thanks again for your great post.

    About the qualifying direct deposit, does it have to be a single transaction or can it be multiple totaling the specified amount?

  25. Kevin says:

    Ally ACH post for DD dated to 2014. Any newer data points confirming can still use Ally? Kind of a pain to switch paycheck DD

  26. Jeff says:

    Anyone else struggling with hassles of opening the account? …

    Few days for trial deposits
    Mailing in a signature card
    No online access until receiving debit card and pin?

    If anyone can shed some light here, I’d appreciate it

  27. Crest32 says:

    Can I use Serve as a 1 time $5,000 DD? If so, how do I go about sending the money? Thanks

  28. Pete says:

    Just opened and funded $2,000 from my Citi Prestige card. It didn’t reduce my available credit limit for cash advances so I’m assuming it won’t post as a cash advance, but will report back.

  29. Derrick says:

    Have to mail in the signature card? I called to ask for a fax name to fax in the signature card…I was told fax is not accepted. this is pain.

  30. italdesign says:

    Hey Doc, how do you DD via paypal? Do you do it from paypal side or PNC?

  31. Justin says:

    Accidentally signed up for the Virtual Wallet rather than the Checking account. What are the differences between the two? Any negative aspects to this?

  32. Pete says:

    My Chase Sapphire Preferred card was declined when I tried to fund $2,000. It didn’t work at $1,500 or $1,000 either. My cash advance limit is over $2,000.

  33. Mike Kleopfer says:

    Barclays Priceline 2K funding posted as a purchase. Had CA limit set at zero.

    • Mary says:

      When I tried to set Barclay SallieMae CA limit to zero, they told me it’s set to $4K and they can’t change it. How did you get yours set to zero? Thanks.

  34. Quan says:

    Just want to confirm. After I receive the bonus and decided to close the account before 6 months. Will they take back the bonus?

  35. james says:

    I want to know how to do a red card direct deposit. thanks

  36. Dan says:

    Anyone know if Discover Miles codes as cash advance?

  37. Brian says:

    got the identity verification error? anyone else get this and know what the issue is?

    • Cindy says:

      I got it too – I’m assuming it’s because they do. It have a local branch. I don’t think this offer is truly nationwide. Can anyone else confirm you live in one of th areas NOT lists in the original offer?

  38. John says:

    Is there anybody who has successfully opened a PNC account online, but does not live in one of the states?

  39. Jerry says:

    This bank must be kidding! Two US citizen applied, and live in states without their branch, and all failed online, requiring to verify in branch.

  40. Brian says:

    I did it from a state that is on the list, and I have even had an account with them before. And I still got the verification

  41. Douglas says:

    I got the identity verification error too. I live in a state with PNC, any code that would work in the branch? I know some banks are sticklers and I’d rather $400 then $300 if I have to go in branch.

  42. Ken says:

    Has anyone from out of state been able to open an account successfully?

    • Dan says:

      I opened an account successfully and I live in a state without a branch. Funded the account $2K with my Citi Double Cash. If I can recall, it was originally declined. But when I logged into my Citi account, it asked me to confirm the transaction. Once I did that, the transaction went through when I tried again. Just received my debit card and PIN in the mail today so I was able to create my online banking account. Will attempt to transfer $5K from my Ally account and hopefully that will trigger the direct deposit (as it has for others in the past) that I need to acquire the $400 bonus.

  43. Jeff says:

    Anyone receive the bonus as of yet? If so, please post dates for opening and fulfilling requirements.

  44. Frank says:

    I’m in a branch today in NYC but they refused to hook me up with $400 offer. It’s web-only and web application is U.S. citizens only. Simple, this offer is only for U.S. citizens.

    They offered $300 bonus but I didn’t even ask for the details.

  45. Mike says:

    Is this one bonus per person or household?

  46. Dan says:

    Just a heads up, in order to fulfill the requirement I did a bill pay on one of my credit cards. Since they had to send a check, they charged me $9.70 as a “check printing fee”. Pretty outrageous if you ask me. When I paid the bill it didn’t mention anything about charging me a fee for printing a check.

    • Dan says:

      Just got off the phone with them. Apparently the $9.70 fee is the shipping and handling on the checks I ordered when I opened the account. The checks apparently were free, but they still charge S&H. I don’t even remember saying I needed checks, since I knew I just opened this account for the bonus and didn’t intend to use it as a “real” checking account.

  47. SB says:

    Does the $5000 DD for the bonus have to be within 60 days for the promo to apply or within 30 days like the monthly fee requirement?? I can DD ~$3000 per month.

  48. John says:

    Just funded my PNC account with My Chase Hyatt Credit Card for $1990. The temporary charge only decreased my credit limit, not my cash advance limit. Does that mean it will be considered as purchase?

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Can you confirm if you received a CA or not? Be great to add your results as a data point in the “Bank Accounts That Can Be Funded With A Credit Card” wiki post.

  49. ethan says:

    Chase Sapphire preferred $2000 went through fine. Cash advance set to 0.

  50. Jeff says:

    Anyone receive the bonus? If so, please post dates for opening and fulfilling requirements.

  51. Mike says:

    Was able to fund $2k with Citi AT&T card after setting CA limit to $0. Easy way to reach the min spend. Now just waiting for my iPhone 6s to arrive.

  52. johnjon says:

    so has everyone so far been required to get checks even if you don’t want them? i don’t want to pay the shipping costs if I’m not using them.

  53. Sean says:

    Opened with 2k using Citi Premier. Went through as a purchase. Cash advance limit was set at 1500.

    I live in Mass. Anyone confirm the bonus here?

  54. Mary says:

    Any idea if TDAmeritrade ACH from trading account would count as direct deposit? Thanks.

  55. Karl says:

    Will they take back the bonus if I close the account early and pay the $25 fee?

  56. Ben says:

    Set Chase Ink cash limit to $1, tried, declined, fraud alert, called in, rep cleared alert, tried again, went through ($2000).

  57. Mike from MN says:

    Just signed up for Performance Select Checking account and funded with Citibank ThankYou Premier World Elite MC for $2,000. I had the cash advance limit set to $0 on the card and didn’t call ahead about having a large purchase approved.

    Also of note: I’m from MN, a state not on the list for offers that aren’t “nationwide”.

    Cheers, DoC!


  58. m says:

    why is everyone commenting about keeping 5K in there? just ACH in 5K, then ACH out 4990 in a few days. no need to keep the 5k in. it just has to post for DD, but you don’t have to keep it there.

  59. m says:

    no he said- and the terms say: fee waived if you meet ANY of the following: 5K DD, 5K avg monthly balance. If you meet the 5K DD, you do not have to keep 5K avg monthly. It does not say meet ALL of the following.

    • Bryan says:

      … Then you’d have to DD 5K every month to avoid the fee if you didn’t leave 5K in there for average monthly balance. DD 5K just one time doesn’t exempt you from monthly fee for the life of the account.

      • m says:

        yes of course. if you have a great checking acct that counts for ACH, it’s so easy to program DD of 5K every month, then withdraw it back except for $10. All programmed, set it and forget it. That way it’s only out of your main acct for a few days, no big deal. Again if you can auto program it, this is easy.

  60. ren says:

    Walked into PNC last week.
    Wanted change of $100 Bill
    “are you a PNC customer?”
    “sorry, we cannot give you change of $100 bill if you are not a customer”

    How can they deny accepting Legal Tender currency?? If PNC gives me a hard time just to change a $100 bill, imagine if you are a customer and you have an issue? Whose side do you think they will be on? Yours? or theirs?? PNC Sucks

  61. mike says:

    So does the direct deposits have to be 1 direct deposit of $5000 or can it be an aggregate of $5000 from a few direct deposits?

  62. Mike says:

    Used Chase Saphire Preffered to fund 2K with cash advance limit set to 100$…transactions approved 🙂

  63. Ken says:

    Signed up for Performance Select. I’m thinking of downgrading the account to their lower level checking accounts, that require just $500 balance to waive the monthly fee. Any idea if this is o.k. for the purpose of keeping it open for 6 months? I’m just concerned a product change may trigger early closure fee or bonus clawback.

  64. John says:

    Can we withdraw all the money first and then send a secure mail to close the account?

  65. C says:

    Which account is better for the $400? Virtual Wallet with Performance Select or Performance Select Checking

  66. Jeff says:

    Anyone receive the bonus?? If so, please post dates for opening and fulfilling requirements.

  67. Justin says:

    Currently being denied bonus due to a Paypal direct deposit:

    ” As a personal Virtual Wallet account the promotion applies to a qualifying direct deposit from Payroll, Pension or Social Security. Paypal does not meet the qualifying requirement. We are unable to grant the promotion under the recent deposits made. ”

    Any help on getting around this? The online representative sent the above to me.

    • Alex says:

      That’s really unfortunate. According to this site, paypal always triggered the bonus for PNC. Can anyone confirm that PAYPAL triggered a bonus? I have also used Paypal, although it has not yet been 60 days from time of meeting requirements.

    • John says:

      What prompted you to ask? Did they deny the bonus first and then you asked?

      • Justin says:

        I just kind of asked nonchalantly whether I had fulfilled the requirement or not, in terms of everything (I didn’t mention the direct deposit) and she replied I had not. I then followed up with asking further specifics and she replied in such a way.

        • Alex says:

          Hmmm…It’s possible a CSR might be advised to tell you that, but the ACH code might still trigger the bonus. In the terms of the bonus, it seems they have mentioned that if deemed not a direct deposit, they will not credit the account. Does anyone know if previous PNC bonuses included similar terminology in bonus requirements?

    • Jeff says:

      Justin — can you please post dates for opening and fulfilling requirements???

      • Justin says:


        YES! You got it my man! I love your tenacity, never lose it!!

        I opened….8/30 and fulfilled requirements on 9/14. Thanks for asking!!!

  68. mike says:

    Anyone have any new datapoints using Serve/Redbird as direct deposit? Last datapoint was from almost 6 months ago.

  69. Justin says:

    I just kind of asked nonchalantly whether I had fulfilled the requirement or not, in terms of everything (I didn’t mention the direct deposit) and she replied I had not. I then followed up with asking further specifics and she replied in such a way.

  70. Cody says:

    So if I open a PNC account 12/30/15 do i have 60 days to meet all requirements? Or do the requirements have to be met by 12/31/15?

  71. Donald says:

    Talked to a rep today Paypal will not be accepted for the DD requirement.

  72. R says:

    Got my bonus about 2 weeks after meeting requirements. Met DD with a Fidelity transfer.

  73. anthonyjh21 says:

    Did a keyword search that turned up empty. Can anyone in California confirm they had no issues opening this account?

    • chasinthetiger says:

      had no issues

    • Alex says:

      Opened in California online. No issues opening account. Opened August 28. Got PIN and Card in mail. Used Paypal to deposit 5k. $1 Bill Pay done. Requirements met Sept 21. Waiting on bonus to post.

      • Alex says:

        Got the bonus! Opened in California. But I received it after making another bill payment to another credit card. The first payment was for $1. Second for $25. Looks like $25 triggered it. 5k DD from PayPal worked after all

  74. Dan says:

    I opened the account on 8/28, did ACH from Ally for $5k on 9/11, no bonus yet. If a couple more weeks go by I’m going to do another ACH from PayPal to ensure I get the bonus. In the past, Ally worked though, so I’m surprised it hasn’t posted yet.

    • Matt says:

      Stupid question, but did you fulfill the Billpay requirement?

      • Dan says:

        Yes, Bill Pay requirement was fulfilled 9/10.

        • Dan says:

          Did PayPal transfer since Ally appears to not work anymore, but it doesn’t mention anything about direct deposit in the transaction:

          10/15/2015 ACH CREDIT PAYPAL TRANSFER

          Fingers crossed that it actually triggers the bonus. If not then this was a complete waste of time and money.

    • Mary says:

      Google search shows you can send money from PP account by using a credit card. Is that what you did? Which type of PP account did you send from?

      I am considering ACH’ing from my brokerage/trading account, and if that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll open a PP account. Does anybody know if trading account will work?

      Finally, did we ever confirm that states not listed are also eligible for the offer(s)? I’m in Texas, we’re not on the list.

      Thanks everybody for any info you can provide.

  75. Chris says:

    New datapoint.
    9/1 – Account opened with CSP purchase
    9/16 – ACH deposit of $5k from Fidelity Cash Management Account
    9/18 – Paid CSP bill
    10/2 – Bonus awarded

  76. chasinthetiger says:

    Some have reported on slickdeals that they have received the bonus after PayPal ACH. It sounds like the bonus posts after the statement closes. I met the requirements one day before the statement closed and didn’t receive the bonus. I used Serve to fulfill DD requirement.

  77. jasmin says:

    Opened PNC Performance Select Checking: 8/28/15
    Direct deposits from Serve: 10/1 and 10/5
    Bill payed my credit cards

    When should I expect my $400 bonus to post? I live in a non-PNC state (CA). Thanks.

  78. Ethan says:

    Ally may not work. I opened the account on 9/1, ACHed 5k using Ally, so far no bonus. When I looked at the details it showed up as ACH WEB PAYMENT “my name” ALLY BANK P2P. I also ACHed $10 from Discover and Fidelity, and they showed up as ACH CREDIT XXXXX DISCOVER BANK PREARRANGE and
    ACH CREDIT xxxxxxx FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE, respectively. I think Prearrange is the code for DD.
    Just ACHed 5k yesterday from discover, fingers crossed.

  79. David says:

    I tried opening an account in California, but I got rejected — I called them asking them why I got rejected and they told me because I was “footprinted”. They explained that I was in California and I was too far away and that I could open an account through the phone.

    Does anyone know if this promotion works when opening an account over the phone?

    • Alex says:

      That’s strange because I was able to open the account and I am in California. I have met all the requirements but still have not received the bonus after nearly 2 weeks.

  80. Akhere says:

    Has anyone tried downgrading to lowest basic level possible after getting bonus?
    Will they take back bonus if that is done?

    Is it mandatory to keep 5000$ for 6 months to avoid monthly fee before closing?

    someone told basic lowest account level has no criteria to keep any balance shud i downgrade now as bonus is already credited….plz suggest

  81. Luke says:

    For those that received the message stating their identity could not be verified, successfully open an account?

    • Douglas says:

      I did, but I live in a PNC state. I’m guessing I answered one of the verification questions incorrectly. I went into the branch and the teller was very nice. Said to try and apply again, did and went through fine. Immediately got an email saying congratulations on opening your account where last time it said we have received your application. I would recommend trying again online.

      • Eric says:

        Do you mean you tried again online and it worked? I just tried 3 times online and got the Identity message each time. I am sure that all of my information was correct. Any recommendation on what I should do to get it to work? Is there any harm in trying several times?

  82. Ken says:

    Has anyone used an Arrival+ card (or anything from Barclays) lately?

    • Victor says:

      Can’t exactly answer your question, but I can offer somewhat related datapoints.

      Last funding I did with my Arrival+ was back in July for the US Bank Power Up promotion. It successfully went through as a purchase and not a cash advance.

      For this PNC, I used a Citi Premier to fund $2k in September. It was also successfully coded as a purchase and not a cash advance.

      Mashing these two together, I think you’re pretty safe to fund PNC with your Arrival+, but YMMV

      • Ken says:

        Thanks. I’ll try after I’m done with the CitiGold accounts.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Please update if you would. Between this thread and the “Bank Accounts That Can Be Funded With A Credit Card” there’s not really a clear-cut answer one way or the other as to whether or not the Arrival+ will incur a CA.”

          • K says:

            I seem to have successfully funded with A+. Cash Advance limit set to $100 and the transaction has been temporarily authorized as a Purchase for $2,000.

  83. Victor says:

    Signed up for the $400 bonus and completed the requirements. Now being told I wasn’t eligible to begin with. Quoted from the CSR responding to my secure message:

    “After reviewing the promotional offer I show that this is only for current customers without a personal checking account. I do not show that you were a customer prior to opening this checking account, therefore your account is not eligible for the bonus. I am sorry for any difficulty”

    Is this CSR correct? This seems like it would have been in the fine print if so…

    • Ken says:

      Reply back to them with the fine print from the offer. There’s no mention of havign to be a current customer. In fact, it mentions that current checking account owners are not qualified.

  84. Jeff says:

    As stated by someone else, Ally probably doesn’t work. Looked at my new .pdf statement that closed today. The PayPal transfer I did posted with the name “direct deposit” and the Ally one I did posted with the name “P2P.” Hoping for the bonus soon

  85. Eric says:

    Has anyone that used Serve for the DD received the bonus yet? If so, did you transfer the $5K all at one time or spread it out?

  86. Kris says:

    My online application was declined and I tried to open the account over the phone, then I was told that they would not open an account for me since I live in WA. Not sure if anyone has successfully applied for the checking account from west coast.

  87. Nic says:

    Boo – got this letter “We regret that we are unable to open your account due to the inability to meet the new customer account verification requirement under the USA patriot act “. I’m in TX – not sure how anyone is getting if in out of footprint state.

  88. Ted says:

    PNC decided to order me a set of checks and charged me $9.70 for them. They stated over the phone that I called into one of their branches and ordered their checks on 10/6, but I didn’t. I checked my phone records to be sure, but they stated that my phone records don’t matter since i could have called from a different phone (which didn’t happen since i only ever use my cell phone). They say that there is no recourse or any way to waive the check fee unless i refuse the shipment of checks when i receive them.

    So unless you want a set of fancy checks, do not accept any checks from PNC and write “return to sender” on the packaging, and call them up so they notate on your account that you do not want their checks.

    • Ken says:

      Yeah, I’d ask for the recording of the phone call. Since they won’t be able to produce that they shouldn’t be charging you the fee. That is absolutely absurd and a despicable business practice.

      • Ted says:

        I asked for proof, and they just kept saying that it was notated that i called into the branch and requested checks. I asked for a recording and he said that recordings are only used for training purposes. BS.

        I’m going to keep calling back and waste their time till someone believes me. I’ve got all afternoon on friday free. As i said, i have my cell phone records to prove i didn’t call in, and on that day the only two phones i had access to was my work landline and my cell phone, and i don’t use my work landline for personal calls of any nature.

        They also stated that the checks should have been here within 10 business days, which would be tomorrow, and they have yet to show up.

        • Ken says:

          Ughh, what a pain. Some thing I noticed… When filling out the application there’s a spot that asks if you want a box of checks. It’s automatically checked, so maybe you missed that spot and that’s why they sent them? Still despicable that they’re lying and telling you they have proof but refuse to share that proof. I would not do any kind of ongoing business with any business with these crappy practices.

  89. Alex says:

    Got the bonus! Opened in California. But I received it after making another bill payment to another credit card. The first payment was for $1. Second for $25. Looks like $25 triggered it. 5k DD from PayPal worked after all

  90. Alex says:

    No, I got the bonus almost immediately after. Maybe 2 days later. Statement has not closed yet.

  91. Matt says:

    The check printing fee thing is total bs. I’ve gotten it reversed on one account, but on my wife’s account the reps are being persistent in refusing to refund the check fee. As far as I can recall, they never disclosed there would be a cost to the checks. In fact, I looked it up before agreeing and saw the account includes “free checks.” Lo and behold, the reps are now saying that it’s another type of check for the “free checks,” and the one’s that I ordered are “premium” checks which include a fee.

    That they are fighting me on this is making me question whether to stick with them long-term, as I wonder what other stuff they’ll pull in the future now.

    • Thaddeus says:

      I applied online. Used to credit card to fund $2000 initial deposit. ( it went though fine and i can see the pending on my credit card account.) Then the next page i got the message below. Is it normal? They didn’t give me the account number right away. All they gave me was confirmation number to follow up and thats it.I mailed the signature card right away.

      Check the message below.. Is it normal?

      “Thank you for applying for a new PNC Bank account.
      Your application is currently being reviewed, and you should receive a decision via e-mail within 1-2 business days.


      Prepare for possible follow-up

      Our financial services consultants may be contacting you for additional information to assist them in completing your application review. If so, you may receive a phone call at the phone number you provided in the application.

      Check your e-mail

      You’ll receive an e-mail from when a decision has been made.”

  92. Thaddeus says:

    I applied online. Used to credit card to fund $2000 initial deposit. ( it went though fine and i can see the pending on my credit card account.) Then the next page i got the message below. Is it normal? They didn’t give me the account number right away. All they gave me was confirmation number to follow up and thats it.I mailed the signature card right away.

    Check the message below.. Is it normal?

    “Thank you for applying for a new PNC Bank account.
    Your application is currently being reviewed, and you should receive a decision via e-mail within 1-2 business days.


    Prepare for possible follow-up

    Our financial services consultants may be contacting you for additional information to assist them in completing your application review. If so, you may receive a phone call at the phone number you provided in the application.

    Check your e-mail

    You’ll receive an e-mail from when a decision has been made.”

  93. Matt says:

    Notwithstanding my issue with the check printing fee, I do have a datapoint to add regarding what counts as DD. I got the bonus on two accounts (mine and my wife’s), via the following methods:

    Account 1 – met DD requirement through combination of Paypal and Serve ACH

    Account 2 – met DD requirement through combination of Serve ACH and Popmoney transfers

    I had heard a datapoint that Popmoney would trigger DD so I wanted to test it on Account 2. Sure enough, it worked.

    I should also point out that if you’re interested to know if PNC reads something as a DD, you can turn on an alert setting to get a notification when a DD is made above a certain amount. So, if you get the email then they read the deposit as a DD and it should trigger the bonus.

    • Jeff says:

      Matt, can you please post dates for opening accounts and fulfilling requirements? and if bonus showed up when a statement closed or not? I think a lot of us here like myself have fulfilled the requirements with multiple methods (I did Paypal and Ally, 5K each, and 3 bill pays and haven’t gotten bonus yet) and are waiting.

      • Alex says:

        How much was your bill payment? I made sure mine was $25. I initially did $1 but it didnt trigger

      • Matt says:

        Account one: open date 9/23; finished DD on 10/15 (billpay done earlier); bonus posted 10/21

        Account two: open date 9/23; finished DD on 10/14 (billpay done earlier); bonus posted 10/22

        Statement closed 10/20 on both accounts.

    • Eric says:

      I just briefly looked at the site for Popmoney. Is there any advantage to that over PayPal?

      • Matt says:

        Not that I know of. What worked for me is that I also opened a PNC account for my wife, and Popmoney is integrated into PNC, so we were able to use it that way.

  94. Thaddeus says:

    I applied online. Used to credit card to fund $2000 initial deposit. ( it went though fine and i can see the pending on my credit card account.) Then the next page i got the message below. Is it normal? They didn’t give me the account number right away. All they gave me was confirmation number to follow up and thats it.I mailed the signature card right away.

    Check the message below.. Is it normal?

    “Thank you for applying for a new PNC Bank account.
    Your application is currently being reviewed, and you should receive a decision via e-mail within 1-2 business days.


    Prepare for possible follow-up

    Our financial services consultants may be contacting you for additional information to assist them in completing your application review. If so, you may receive a phone call at the phone number you provided in the application.”

  95. Tom says:

    I’m out of their footprint, and I answered the security questions 100% correctly, yet got the message that they couldn’t verify my identity.

    I then signed at a different bank, and they generated the exact same security questions. I gave the same responses (which I know are correct), and they approved me.

    It appears if you are too far away from their branches, they won’t open an account.

    • Ken says:

      I don’t know if that’s true. There’s at least one commenter from CA that has opened the account and received the bonus. And their headquarters is in PA, so you can’t get much farther than CA 😉

    • Karl says:

      Same here, I’m from CA and answered the questions correctly, yet got a letter saying my identity could not be verified.

  96. Raj says:

    Looks like only US citizens can open the Account online?

    Is this offer valid over phone or in-branch?

  97. James says:

    It’s been 18 days since my last serve DD. when will I get my bonus, if i do..?

  98. Trevor says:

    I spoke to a sales associate via their chat, and he specifically said that Paypal does not qualify. Has anyone used Paypal recently and received their bonus?

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Dude, seriously? One of the golden rules of MS/Churn is do NOT call and ask questions. Especially when you’re asking about how to trigger deposit requirements that we all know were never intended to work! Does PayPal really sound like a direct deposit option a bank would be OK with? Even if you’re new to the game you should still know better as a large part of it is common sense.

  99. Ken says:

    For the love of God will people stop asking banks if X or X will work? Because if it did work and wasn’t supposed to, you can bet that they will eliminate that loophole once you bring it to their attention. Jeez people, come on…

  100. Ethan says:

    CA data point here. DDed 5k using discover on 10/8, $400 in my account 10/26.
    I should have gotten the bonus last month if not used Ally. Ally is P2P.
    And fkss do not call/email bank about which ACH works.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Awesome data point ty sir!

      I’m also in CA and I just opened a Discover account myself. I have other sources (Serve, Google Wallet etc) but if it’s working why fix what isn’t broken?

      Out of curiousity, do you know if you have any alert system where you can trigger an alert when you receive a direct deposit? I did this with Chase and I know other banks have this ability too, but unfortunately not all do. Obviously helps determine early on whether or not the deposit qualifies.

      • Ethan says:

        I don’t have one, sorry.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          No worries, thanks again. BTW, you going to pay the $25 fee to close the account early? I’m planning on doing this bonus next month and I definitely don’t think letting them keep my $5k for I’m guessing 4-5 months is worth $25.

          • Ethan says:

            I will bite the $25 and close it next month. The $5000 can be used as deposit for new account and it can definitely generate more than $25 profit in 4-5 months.

          • Eric says:

            Are you sure you aren’t allowed to downgrade the account after the bonus posts? I’m not positive but I think I did that last time.

      • Eric says:

        When I had a PNC account last year I’m almost positive there was an alert option. I remember this because it was the only reason PNC agreed to give me my bonus when ti didn’t post automatically.

        • Akhere says:

          R u sure abt downgrade….if i downgrade to lowest level which has no monthly fee if i dont visit branch then it wud be good..
          So do i need to make balance zero first to downgrade or can i downgrade directly even with money in acct…plz suggest

          • Eric says:

            I downgraded with the $5K+ still in the account. I then only kept the minimum balance in the downgraded account to avoid fees.

        • anthonyjh21 says:

          Appreciate the data point on the alert option. Not only will I set it up, I’m going to keep that email! Hopefully I’ll never need it but you never know. Glad you got your bonus eventually.

  101. mike says:

    omg. i got my $400 today!!!

  102. mike says:

    Does anyone know how the $25 early termination fee will be charged if I have a $0 balance in my checking after withdrawing?

  103. Peter says:

    How are the transfers from non-payroll sources showing up on everyone’s PNC account statements (serve, popmoney, Paypal, Discover bank, etc.?)

    Used ACH push from my local credit union along with Dd
    Under account activity, my work’s direct deposit shows up as “ACH credit etc. The ACH push from my credit union shows up as “ACH web payment”. My online pdf statement similarity lists the ACH pushe as “web payments” and has the actual direct deposit listed as a direct deposit.

    I got the direct deposit email from PNC both the ach pushes and the direct deposits, if that matters.

  104. Ben says:

    Made 2 deposits from my Target Prepaid Red Card (redbird) account of $2,500. Chatted with a representative today who informed me the Direct Deposit requirement was not met.

    Did any of the folks who received the $400 use this method to count?

    • mike says:

      You need $5000 total direct deposit…

      • chasinthetiger says:

        I think he is saying he made 2 x $2,500 deposits which would be $5,000 total.

        • Ben says:

          Correct, I made 2 deposits each of $2,500 for a total of $5,000.

          Going to try to PayPal for $5,000 but doubt that will work placed on previous reports and the fact that Redbird didn’t work.

    • Matt says:

      Rep will of course say the requirements haven’t been met. Redbird ACH doesn’t officially count. The question is whether the system credits it nevertheless.

      Next time, don’t call. You don’t want human eyes on your account.

  105. chasinthetiger says:

    I’ve done a $5k deposit from Redbird and a $5k deposit from Discover. I’ve also done 2 bill pays to 2 different payees and still no bonus. Going to try PayPal next, if that doesn’t work then idk.

  106. shawn says:

    Received bonus.

    8/31 Opened account
    10/5 5th direct deposit from employer totalling over 5k, plus one bill pay completed
    10/26 Promo received.
    10/27 Wrote myself a check for all but $25 for ETF

  107. Ghorse says:

    For those who’ve obtained the bonus, what did your PNC statement list the non-DD transactions as? I ACHed in some money from my credit union along with some money from my work’s payroll, and my statement lists the payroll as a direct deposit and the ACH’ed money are an “ACH web payment”, although both transactions triggered a direct deposit email alert (for whatever that’s worth)

  108. Eric says:

    I did north of $5k using Serve, plus a $10 bill pay. Last DD was completed about three weeks ago and I have received nothing.

  109. Pete says:

    Just received my bonus. I’m in CA. Timeline:

    – 9/1 – Opened account, funded $2K from Prestige
    – 10/5 – Transferred $5,050 from PayPal (delayed because PNC had to remail welcome materials)
    – 10/6 – $25 bill pay to Citi card
    – 10/21 – Statement closed without bonus
    – 10/26 – Attempted another $25 bill pay to Barclays to try and trigger bonus
    – 10/26 – $400 bonus posted same day as bill pay

    • Dan says:

      Interesting. I wonder if Bill Pay to a Citi card doesn’t count for some reason. I’m still waiting for my bonus and I did a bill pay to a Citi card. Unfortunately, it’s too late for me to try to do another bill pay. Have a feeling I’m gonna get screwed here.

  110. Ken says:

    Has anyone not sent in their signature card and still gotten their online account setup? Or received the bonus? I’m a bit leery of mailing my SS# through USPS.

  111. Dez says:

    9/22 Acct Opened
    9/29 Paypal DD 5K
    10/14 Bill Pay $25
    10/29 Bonus Received

  112. Quan says:

    Got my bonus today.

    9/3: Open account with 2K cc fund
    9/21: 2K billpay to same cc used for opening account
    9/24: Deposited 5k with Serve
    10/26: Make another $25 billpay
    10/28: Bonus received

    Question: Has anyone able to close their account by calling or do we have to go into the bank?

    • Dan says:

      Particular reason for billpaying twice?

      Also was Serve deposit done by a transfer via the PNC website? Or is there something I’m not seeing on the Serve website?

  113. mike says:

    Left $25 in the account and bounced! Thanks PNC!

  114. AC says:

    Anyone with Capital One 360 Direct Deposit got their bonus?

  115. jay says:

    So I have PNC account and just added my wife two months ago. If she opens an account by herself will she be eligible for the bonus or is she considered current customer?

  116. Eric says:

    Several of you mentioned getting the “Identity” screen and being unable to signup online. PNC wasn’t able to tell me why this happened to me and said I should go to a branch to open the account. Were any of you told the reason this happened to you? Were any of you able to open online eventually? If so, what did you do differently?

    • Douglas says:

      Never told, but it sounded like I answered one of the identification questions incorrectly. I tried again and was approved. However, I am in the PNC footprint, that could have something to do with it.

      • Eric says:

        Are you referring to questions such as “What street is closest to you?”? I was never asked any of those questions. I received the “Identity” message after I put a check next to allowing a 3rd party to check my information. I had only put it in my personal info and license info. I am in the PNC footprint too so that’s not the reason.

  117. Jeff says:

    FINALLY got the bonus after having the account open for 2+ months:

    8/28 – account opened
    9/10 – 5K Ally ACH
    9/10 – Bill Pay to Citi Card $120
    10/13 – 5K PayPal ACH
    10/13 – Bill Pay to TWC $10
    10/22 – Bill Pay to Disc Card $33
    11/3 – $400 Bonus Received

    This should provide some hope for those who have been waiting a very long time. From my experience, it looks like the PayPal 5K counted but not Ally (as others reported), but not sure which Bill Pay triggered the bonus. To be safe, try multiple bill pays over $25 if you’re still within the first 60 days.

  118. Ken says:

    Is there any way to setup the online account without receiving the welcome kit in the mail? I opened the account 7 days ago and have not received anything from them. I’d like access to my $2k initial funding.

  119. Eric says:

    For all of you that were able to open the account online were you asked security questions (ie “What year was your house built?”)? When were these asked? I received the “Identity” message BEFORE being asked any questions.

  120. Chris says:

    Haven’t seen any mention of it yet but was wondering if anyone has tried Charles Schwab for a DD or may have an educated opinion on why why or why not that would work. (Just would rather not go through the hassle of starting from scratch with a Paypal or Serve if I have the choice.)

  121. Douglas says:

    Bonus just posted, though it took awhile.

    9/22 – account opened
    10/7 – bill pay to barclaycard $100
    10/13 – 5k Alliant ACH
    11/3 – $400 bonus received.

    I swear I looked on the 3rd and didn’t see it. Was trying to link another bank account because I had given up on Alliant and just saw it.

  122. Ken says:

    So it has been 8 days since opening the account and I still do not have online access to my account or my wife’as account. Neither of us have received the mailer with the PIN for online access. I’ve called twice now and nobody is willing to do anything for us. Horrible customer service so far, and I have never had a bank prevent me from gaining access to my own money so adamantly.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  123. JohnD. says:

    To Ken November 6, 2015 at 1:05 am:

    I had a similar issue. It took them about 12 days to send my debit card and PIN number.

  124. Ken says:

    @JohnD – No no, I declined the debit card. And I called them for a 3rd time and spoke to a supervisor. Apparently, if you don’t request the debit card you will never get any mailers with the online PIN. So you will never get online access. So it’ll be over 2 weeks before I will even get my hands on my $2k initial funding. And that’s if they mail out the PIN an dI actually receive it when I do. Terrible customer service, and terrible policies. PNC is not getting off to a good start, and my wife is having the same problems since she didn’t get the debit card either.

    • Jeff says:

      Ken- I had a similar issue as I did not select the debit card option when opening the account. Ended up having to go into a PNC branch to hand in the signature card and they gave me a debit card. I still had to wait for the online access PIN I had requested to come in the mail. The debit card PIN I got in branch did not work for the online access as I had already requested the other pin. Finally got the pin in the mail after about 7-10 days of requesting it.

  125. Ken says:

    Ok, I see what you’re saying now. Unfortunately, there are no branches in my state and the closest one is a 10+ hour drive.

  126. Brian says:

    Data point: On 10/5 Funded PNC Performance Select Checking account by ACH from AMEX Serve for a single deposit over $5k. On 10/14 made one payment with PNC Online Bill Pay (for half of my Xcel Energy bill). Received $400 bonus on 11/3.

  127. Ken says:

    It has been exactly 3 weeks since opening my account and today I received a mailer that I’d be receiving my debit card or online-only PIN in a few days. And this is after being assured several times that I’d receive an expedited online-only PIN today that did not show up. I’ve so far talked to 5 people at PNC: two front line reps, two Facebook reps, and an escalations supervisor. I have heard different stories from all of them, and so far nobody has gotten me access to my account online. Hard to believe that they are a safe haven for peoples’ money based on their atrocious customer service agents.

    I just want my bonus so I can be done with this nightmare, and my $4k between 2 accounts is currently in some black hole until I can get online access.

    • Drew R says:

      I had issues with mine too. Nobody online helped after about 3 weeks like you, but when I went to a branch they immediately set up my account in front of me, issued me a pin, and made a debit card. Lo and behold the next day I got my debit card in the mail too.

      One warning though is that the person I spoke to at the bank said not all PNCs can issue a card on the spot, so it might be worth calling ahead. If you aren’t near one, you’ll either need to request a manager on the phone or wait a little longer. I couldn’t tell you what took that first one in the mail to take so long, but it was getting painful

  128. Drew R says:

    Data point:
    9/11 – Opened a Performance Select Checking $25 Monthly Fee online
    9/14 – Funded the account with $2k from Chase Ink Plus (posted as purchase)
    10/14 – after finally getting my PIN after some problems, pushed $5k from Serve into the account
    10/23 – Bill pay for student loan posted (submitted about a week earlier but didn’t post until this date)
    11/10 – $400 bonus posted

    • Eric says:


      How did you fund your account 3 days after account opening?

      • Drew R says:

        I was asked how I wanted to initially fund the account when I opened it, and Visa was an option. The money I funded from Chase Ink didn’t count at all toward the $400 bonus, but was just a data point for anybody looking for credit cards not posting as cash advances to simply get points (in my case, Chase UR points), and easily be able to pay it off at no cost. The real funding that mattered came from my Serve ACH transfer on 10/13.

        • Eric says:

          I think you misunderstood my point. I had hoped that you opened your account in a branch and were able to fund it online with a credit card a few days later. Now I’m thinking when you wrote “posted as purchase” you meant that 9/14 was the posting date and 9/11 was the transaction date. I thought you were simply informing us that it counted as a purchase rather than a cash advance. Do I now have it correct? Now it’s kind of a moot point since the terms have changed and the account can’t be opened online for the bonus.

  129. Ted says:

    New data point

    09/24/2015 – Account opening deposit received

    10/20/2015 – paid $115 bill

    10/23/2015 – ACH deposit $5k via Fidelity cash management account – posted as ACH CREDIT XXXXXXXXX XXXX FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE (x’s added for privacy)

    11/10/2015 – $400 Bonus

  130. Eric says:


    Do you have any idea why I was not allowed to open an account online? I tried a few times and each time I was given the “Identity” message without being asked any identity questions. Do you know if trying several times affects my Chex report?

  131. Dan says:

    After much pulling my hair out, I finally got my bonus. I live in a state (AZ) that doesn’t have any PNC branches. Here is my timeline:

    8/28: Funded account with Citi Double Cash ($2000)
    9/10: Did a bill pay to my Citi Double Cash card ($100)
    9/11: Transferred funds from my Ally savings account ($5000)
    10/15: After waiting a month and no bonus, decided to do a transfer from PayPal ($5000)
    10/29: Getting worried, tried another bill pay to Cox ($49.99)
    11/3: Bonus posts ($400)

    Whew! I thought I wasn’t going to get it.

    • Chris says:

      Congrats. Were you able to open an account online without having to call in? I’m also in a state without offices and am unable to open an account online. When i call in, they don’t seem to know why other than it’s “probably because you outside our footprint.” Strange that some outside that footprint area are still able to open accounts and some can’t. Appears no one has figured out the rhyme or reason yet…

      • Dan says:

        My online application went through without a hitch, didn’t have to call in or anything. I didn’t have any prior relationship with PNC either. In fact I had never heard of them before Doctor of Credit posted about the offer. I signed up back in August so maybe they did in fact change the terms since then. I don’t remember there being any restrictions on location when I signed up.

  132. Rafael says:

    At least one signer on the new checking account must have a pre-existing consumer banking relationship other than a checking account with PNC. Such a relationship exists when the customer is a signer on any open and active PNC Savings or Money Market account, certificate of deposit, investment account OR any consumer loan, line of credit, credit card or mortgage.

  133. Chris says:

    According to the T&C’s at the bottom of the offer linked this is NOT available nationwide: “Offer only available to residents of AL, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WI, and WV.”
    Is this newly added wording or are they just selectively enforcing this? Looks like some have gotten hooked up while living outside these particular states but a categorical “No dice” for this Oregonian when i called to find out why my application online wasn’t working.

    • Eric says:


      Did you have the “Identity” problem like I had or some other issue when trying to open online? I DO live in one of the states you listed.

      • Chris says:

        I had an identity problem initially too. Forced to call in and that’s when they said I can’t get the offer living in Oregon. Maybe the way people outside the valid states are successful online is they don’t get stopped by that final identification step and don’t have to call in to confess their sin of not living in the right state.
        If you live in one of the valid states you should just call and they should be able to clear you over the phone. Worst case scenario, go to an actual branch.

        • Eric says:

          Yeah, I did call. Unfortunately they had no clue why I was receiving that message. I will go into a branch in the worst case as the promo is good until the end this year. I wanted to open online so I could fund with my Citi Premier though.

  134. Chris says:

    Wow. They are moving the goal posts all over on this one.
    Not only does the linked now specifically state it is only valid in certain states, it now says you have to already have some relationship with them before you can qualify for the offer: “At least one signer on the new checking account must have a pre-existing consumer banking relationship other than a checking account with PNC.”

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  136. Super says:

    Timelines for Bonus
    Open 2 (mine and spouse) Acc on 9/23
    5000 transfer from TD to mine on 10/9
    bill pay on 10/10
    5000 transfer from Fidelity to spouse on 10/19
    bill pay on 10/20
    bonus on mine posted on 11/4
    bonus on spouse posted on 11/10

    So ACH works from both TDAM and Fidelity Brokerage accounts.

    Tried a third account for son, got issues with the identity challenge. Does not proceed.

  137. Tinker says:

    For those who used Serve, how did you push from Serve to PNC? Do you have to setup PNC as a linked bank? Or do you BillPay? Per Amex, “As of October 28, you will not be able to link a new bank account to your Serve…”.. So I believe I can no longer add PNC as a bank.

    I’m going to try Discover, which Discover, Saving or Checking account? to ACH out to PNC.

    BTW, four of our family members attempted opening PNC online, 3 out of 4 could not pass ID verification, which is really strange, as we all answered the questions correctly, and none has problem passing ID Chex before. only one got lucky and opened.

  138. Drew R says:

    Is anybody planning on closing the account after the bonus posts and eating the $25 ETF fee?

    I was planning on it since I don’t think I can keep $5k tied up that long, but don’t know if they’ll take back the bonus. I also can’t find methods to do it – except where the t&c says they need it ‘in writing’ – however, no mailing address is listed in that section. I’d prefer not to travel to a branch, so if anybody has any experience in closing PNC accounts early, it’d be helpful.

    • Rafael says:

      Many people on “Slickdeals” say that they downgraded their accounts to Virtual Wallet (only $500 average monthly balance required) .

  139. MordyNY says:

    I just closed my account without waiting 6 months and they didn’t charge me a fee.

    • Jay says:

      Hi Mordy,

      Can you elaborate? So did you transfer out all money from your account to leave a $0 balance, then called in to close the account? And there was no mention about a $25 ETF by the customer service rep? Thanks!


  140. Kame says:

    Would appreciate any data points of folks receiving their bonus after PNC changed the terms. I opened mine Nov 1 and met requirements a few days ago.

  141. Ken says:

    Hallelujah, I FINALLY received the online access PIN today!!! Just 3 weeks after opening the account. After being promised it last Tuesday I got an overnight envelope for both my wife and I today. Man, this bank is TERRIBLE.

  142. jin says:

    heard on slickdeals that PayPal isn’t working anymore for fulfilling the dd requirement but that was just one user. any recent success stories?

  143. mark says:

    PNC recently changed the terms. I hope those we signed up prior to change will still receive bonuses as per the old rules.

    The new terms says you have to open an account in the bank, must have existing relationship.

    Can you open an account online and still get the bonus? even if it says that? is there a code you can use?

    what do you do for existing relationship? Do you open money market or CD account?

  144. Sean says:

    Worst bank! Opened account back in Oct but didn’t receive debit card or pin after a month. Called them and was told it’s holiday season and they have a large amount of mails to process, blabla.. Finally recently received pin code. Setup online banking. To my surprise, I was already charged a $9.70 checkbook fee. Called again and they insist they can’t do anything. Just setup DD and billpay. Cross-fingering on the bonus. Plan to get out asap.

  145. Peter says:

    Received the bonus this morning, having signed up in late September before the language regarding having an existing relationship was inserted. Looks like it was a combination of paycheck direct deposits and Serve. I had just enough in “real” DD’s to qualify anyway; the timing (about a week since I hit 5k in real deposits) suggest that the Serve withdrawal at the beginning of the month put me over the top.

    ACH from other financial institutions (credit unions in my case) notably did not work. Haven’t had any many problems with them, but in order to avoid fees and given their non-existent interest rates and subpar mobile app I’ll try to downgrade today and see what happens.

  146. OnTheGroundFloor says:

    Success Datapoint!
    -Signed up 10/04/15
    -Transferred $5,00X.xx from Redbird on 11/08/15
    -Had various credit card payments along the way
    -Received $400 on 12/2/15

  147. keeb says:

    9/29 – Account opened with credit card
    10/23 – Bill payment
    I didn’t start doing DD until November.
    11/2-11/16, I made transfers from PayPal and Serve totalling $5,846. $1,450 was serve, the rest was paypal (i tried doing more with serve at once but my transaction was blocked and i got scared.. 🙂 )
    11/17- Bill payment
    12/2 Promo $400! 😀

    • Vijay says:

      Looks like the promotion page has been updated again with ‘Online Only’ offer…’Branch Only’ offer is gone? I am a permanent resident and couldn’t able to apply online since being an non-US Citizen?

      Does anyone have the ‘Branch Only’ offer link OR page saved OR screenshot ???


    • K says:

      This is the data point I’ve been waiting for, thanks.

      11/1 – Opened (and funded for 2k)
      11/3 – Funding Transaction posted with Arrival+ (confirmed as purchase)
      11/12 – Serve ACH posted for 2.1k
      11/13 – Paypal ACH posted for 3k
      11/17 – Billpay Barclays for 1k
      11/17 – Another billpay to Barclays for 1k 🙂
      11/27 – Paypal ACH for random $100
      11/27 – Billpay Barclays $15
      ??? – No bonus yet

  148. barschools says:

    Data point: Funded account on 10/20 for 2k with Citi Doublecash
    11/06 5k ach from Fidelity Cash Mgmt. Acct.
    11/13 2k bill pay to Barclay Arrival + (Almost forgot to do the bill pay. Thank god for the change in the terms post which helped me discover my omission.}
    12/04 $400 bonus posted

  149. Ken says:

    Wife and I each received a letter from PNC today stating that they will be closing both accounts in January. No reason given, nothing. They called us a week ago and asked us why we opened the accounts and what our jobs were. The usual “know your customer” federal crap.

    This has been hands down the worst banking experience ever. If you search my name you can see what a nightmare this has been.

  150. Ken says:

    We’re expecting both bonuses to post shortly. I’m super busy this time of year and don’t have time to sleep less call PNC. I’ve now talked to them 7+ times over the phone and every time was a total waste. Their customer service is terrible, and nobody seems to care when it was 4 weeks with no access to my online account or my money. I don’t understand how a bank can operate like this, there is absolutely no excuse for how poorly run they are.

    Only thing I’m worried about is a ding on our Chex report, though we haven’t done anything illegal or even out of the ordinary. I’ll call them when I can find the time, but likely not till closer to Xmas.

  151. vangos says:

    Successful datapoint:

    10/23 – Opened account
    10/23 – Funded with $2,000 with Chase Ink (tracked as purchase)
    11/10 – Paypal ACH posted for $5,050
    11/16 – Billpay utility for $30
    12/08 – No activity, so tried another billpay to Chase for $30
    12/08 – Promo reward received!

    Like with others, it seems a second billpay after the first statement closed activated the bonus. Good luck to everyone who’s waiting.

  152. Mojo says:

    10/31 opened Virtual Wallet account, funded $2000 with Chase BA card (posted as purchase)
    11/12 Chase ACH push $5000
    11/13 Billpay #1 CC $2000
    11/25 getting impatient. Tried Paypal ACH push $25
    11/27 Billpay #2 CC $25
    12/2 bonus posted

  153. Ken says:

    So we were worried we wouldn’t get the bonus since PNC has sent letters that they will be closing both of our accounts in early January, but we both just got the $400 bonus.

    Any problems withdrawing the entire balance and then closing the account? Or do they charge an EATF?

  154. Ken says:

    I’d rather close the accounts first, that way hopefully it will say closed by account owner and not closed by bank. So if I close it myself, do I just leave $25 in there?

  155. AKA says:

    Is still serve ach transfers working with PNC ? I dont see the bonus after several bill pays and more than $5K serve ach transfers.

    10/27 opened Performance select checking, funded $2000 with BOA alaska card (posted as purchase)
    11/12 Serve ACH credit $2950
    11/13 Billpay #1 CC (several bill pays including car loan payment)
    12/04 Serve ACH credit $2199.97

    -Got impatient-

    12/15 Real direct deposit through employer- $2500.79
    12/15 another bill pay for $10 to car loan payment.

    WTH-No bonus posted yet. Am I doing anything wrong ? Please help

  156. Eric says:

    I just received an alert that I received a hard inquiry when opening my PNC checking account. Has this happened to anyone else?

  157. Ken says:

    What bureau, and when did you open your account? Did you sign up for any kind of overdraft protection?

    • Eric says:

      Experian. A woman in a branch in another state opened it for me without asking me any questions a couple of days ago. Wasn’t she supposed to ask my permission to do a hard inquiry?

      • Chuck says:

        Did you open the account online?

        • Eric says:

          No, I was unable to because of the “Identity Verification” message (I’ve mentioned it several times on DoC). She only asked for my SSN and did everything herself.

          • Chuck says:

            So you did it by calling into a regular branch or you called into the central office?
            Did you already have a savings account opened? How did you pass verification there?

            I was planning on going in-branch and opening a savings, then waiting a day or two and opening the checking online. Will that work?

  158. Eric says:


    I called into a regular branch. I opened the savings in a different branch. Once you open the savings you will have to wait for the online pin to arrive in the mail to login to your account. It probably won’t arrive before the end of year so it may be too late for you to do the bonus unless you are able to apply for the checking without your login details. Didn’t the woman have to get my permission to do a hard inquiry?

    • Chuck says:

      Not sure. Online, it usually says stuff like, ‘we may pull’ or whatnot.

      So you opened the savings by going into branch and then opened the checking by calling in? The system didn’t let you open the checking, even after you had already opened the savings in-branch? I had been assuming that if I’d go into branch for the savings, the checking would then be seamless online.

      • Eric says:

        I was logged into my account so most of my info was automatically filled in and yet I still received the same “Identity” message at the end of the application. I probably wasted more than an hour between all of the times I tried to apply online. Are you receiving that message too?

  159. Eric says:

    I just logged into my account and I think I figured out why I received a hard inquiry. I have a new entry for “PNC points Visa Signature”. I have NEVER applied for a PNC credit card. Do I have any kind of recourse? I looked into the card and the rewards appear really crappy.

  160. Chuong says:

    I applied for a savings account about a week ago and today I had to call about the status of my PIN. They had not sent me one and only now are they sending me the PIN. I’m afraid it might be after the 31st that I receive it. Do I need my PIN to get online banking before I apply to this checking account for the $400 bonus or can I just apply to online banking now w/o the PIN but an active savings account?

    • Ken says:

      The debit PIN is different from the online access PIN. This is about a checking account, why are you mentioning a savings account?

    • Icy says:

      yes you need pin/online access code to get online banking.
      they should be able to issue the online pin in branch.
      i just opened the saving in branch yesterday, and later find need the pin. called custom service, was told wait for mail or go in branch to get one. so went back today,
      the associate in branch had no idea of this option at first, but eventually figured out.
      Finally opened the checking online. then have to wait a few more days for pin/card etc…..
      this is so much more work than i wanted.

  161. Pingback: PNC Bank $400 Personal Checking Account Bonus

  162. alex says:

    Just spoke with CS – paypal ACH is a no go 🙁

    It codes as a transfer. I had to close the account w/o receiving a bonus. Bummer.

    • Ken says:

      I used Paypal for 2 accounts and both earned the bonus. Of course they’re going to tell you that PP (or any non-payroll/government deposit) doesn’t work.

  163. Matthew says:

    I wish people would not ask CSR what counts as Direct Deposit they will eventually ruin ACH for everyone.

    To aid people PNC makes it very simple where you can setup an alert to your account when a Direct Deposit hits your account.

    Go to Account a=Alerts and select Direct Deposit amount over $1.00

    You will be alerted via phone or email when the money hits.

    • Matthew says:

      PNC Alerts

      “Direct Deposit Greater than $1.00 credited to your checking account”

      This has been the case for ACH money in from Discover and PayPal.

  164. Sam Wise says:

    Those of you guys that funded your account with a credit card, did you guys call a branch or is there a number that you can call?

    I called a branch and they told me that the only way to use a credit card was to run it as a cash advance. I am hoping this is incorrect, given all the data points here.

    • Ken says:

      The only account I have ever funded over the phone was a CitiGold checking account. If you can fund via CC you’ll do it during the application process. That’s how PNC was too, so if you didn’t do it then there’s nothing you can do at this point.

  165. New Churner says:

    FINALLY got the bonus

    11/4: Opened account
    In between these two dates I had to mail the signature and go to the branch to get my pin since it wasnt in the mail
    11/23: DD’ed $5k from my Discover account
    Month of December: made various bill payments ranging from $20-$500 each to my Amex PRG credit card bills
    1/14/2016: $400 reward received.

  166. Paul says:

    Just got my bonus as well. Now I am wondering about the pros and cons of closing the account early. Certainly don’t mind paying a $25 fee to free that $5k back up. The only downside I could imagine is if this would blacklist a person from being able to receive the bonus again in the future or some such.

    • New Churner says:

      Paul- what about trying to downgrade the account to a virtual wallet or standard checking? minimum balance would be just $500 instead of 5k

      • Paul says:

        Good idea. I’ll look into that.

      • Ron says:

        Can you please tell me how to downgrade account online? Or do I have to call PNC? Thanks.

        • Andrey says:

          Try sending a secure message. That’s how I did it a while ago. Took me 1 minute.

          • Paul says:

            Tried the secure msg and they said to chat or call. Waited online for 15 min for a chat rep to come on and finally gave up and called. took 5 min or so.

          • Vijay says:


            I got confirmation from my PNC banker that it’s okay to downgrade the ‘Virtual Wallet with Performance Select’ to ‘Virtual Wallet’ and then the account will be basically free account (with no monthly service fee where you can do online banking and ATM deposits and withdrawls WITHOUT using Teller). After 6 mos of time, you can simply close the account then. It’s up to someone to close it with ETF of $25 fee or downgrading to free account and keep it for 6 mos and close it. Thought of sharing….

            Good Luck!

          • Paul says:

            Forgot to say that I downgraded to their standard checking easily. Think that now it is $500 minimum to avoid the monthly fees.

  167. Ron says:

    I would like to know whether to downgrade or close the account after bonus posted. Thank you all.

  168. George says:

    Hi all, just got the Discover deposit into PNC. Curious: Was the exact transaction name “ACH CREDIT XXXXX1111 DISCOVER BANK PREARRANGE”? I want to make sure because I’ve had trouble in the past with different accounts.

  169. Linda Erdely Pierce says:

    My 90 day period for bonus was 12/25/15. I called today about non receipt of bonus and was told I will not receive it because I ACH’d $5000 from Ally. Any thoughts? I don’t have Social Security or payroll to meet deposit requirements.

    • Andrew says:

      The datapoints posted by DoC say that Ally doesn’t work. You have to try another ACH account. Don’t know if you made the requirements in time.

      • Linda Erdely Pierce says:

        Thanks for the info. It appears that Ally worked at one time (2014) but now does not. I don’t think I’ll be getting this bonus; c’est la vie.

        • Vijay says:

          If you’re within 60 days req., try Discover ACH and it will work for sure. It worked for me to get the bonus.

          Good Luck!

          • P says:

            Discover didn’t work for me, showed up as web payment. The initial trial deposits to link the account showed up as credit so it was promising.

  170. Mark says:

    I received bonus for myself, yet to receive for SO. we opened accounts a month apart. Anyone receiving two bonus in an household? or this is like First tennessee?

    • PedroNY says:

      We received 2 bonuses, same houshold. I noticed that bonuses did not post until 3 days after monthly account closed. So you may receive it a few days after the statement closes (or already received it!)



  171. Jeff says:

    I received this $400 bonus a few months ago in 2015. I’ve called PNC multiple times about receiving my 1099 for tax purposes, and they said I won’t get one since they don’t report bonuses/interest under $600. Does anyone have any experience or more information with this? I thought we have to report all bonuses on our tax returns?

  172. PedroNY says:

    Just another data point, Fidelity still works. Funded 2 accounts, both received bonuses.



  173. Rob says:

    Opened an account 12/30 when online applications were allowed again, met requirements early January and still no bonus. I contacted PNC and they are trying to get out of paying the bonus since I used Discover for the ACH. I’m simply going to open a CFPB complaint and let the chips fall where they may. After the month long delays in getting PIN numbers and now them not wanting to pay, definitely not intending on giving PNC any further business.

  174. Rob says:

    Just talked with PNC and it seems they are no longer accepting Discover ACH as a direct deposit. I met the requirements back in early January and still haven’t received the bonus, so I went ahead and chatted today. The rep said Discover ACH didn’t count so the requirements weren’t met. I put in a case with the CFPB to put a little heat on the bank, but this might be a loss for me.

    Congrats to everyone who got Discover to work.

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Congrats on your level of petulance and entitlement. You ever stop to think that maybe you aren’t entitled to any bonus when you didn’t satisfy the terms? Amazes me sometimes how much people believe they’re entitled to. Oh, and I’m sure they don’t want your business. Some get it but some don’t so let me spell it out for you. Myself, like many others, are losing customers for banks. We churn bank and cc bonuses and capitalize on promos and bonus cb categories. It should be common sense that if we’re making money then someone is losing it.

      Just because Discover ACH worked for others doesn’t mean you deserve squat. We all do these deals knowing that they’re YMMV. If you used a real DD method and it didn’t pay then you have a legitimate gripe. You didn’t stop at complaining to a rep though, you had to go to CFPB. Every stupid over-reaching usage of CFPB only hurts future opportunities as the banks will spend more time putting the terms under a microscope and/or look for ways to ensure all P2P don’t work for DD.

      There should be a DoC “read me” page that must be read, scrolled down, and accepted before participating in these deals. SMFH

      • jay says:

        Totally agree. Help should be seeked when you have legitimate issue and you followed terms in good faith. you know you are hoping for a bank to count ACH transfer from anther bank to count as DD. If that doesn’t work move on. Bank did nothing wrong

        • Rob says:

          *sigh* I read the terms of the bonus, and it required an electronic deposit from an outside source. Sure it named work and social security deposits, but it didn’t say that source was required.

          Now as for contacting the CFPB, this is one of the situations that the bureau has requested complaints funneled through them. Just because you think I should let this go doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use every avenue available to me. Sorry posting my data point wasn’t acceptable for you. But if it saves someone else some trouble i’m sure they’ll be appreciative in the future.

          • anthonyjh21 says:

            If you genuinely had no idea that Discover shouldn’t qualify as DD then you may want to do more homework before rolling up your sleeves to play in Churn-MS land.

            Even so, you have absolutely no excuse or reasoning for contacting the CFPB over this. I laid it out for you — if you can’t accept what you did as just a learning experience then you’re operating on pure entitlement. Do you really think you’re the only one who’s stumbled along the way to learning? Everyone has a story. It’s part of the process. If everyone complained like you when they didn’t get their way we’d be even worse off than we already are in this young 2016.

            Examples as this only illustrate why it’s a wise move to start slow so you’re fully aware of the pros and cons of this “game.” Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but you’re doing more harm than good here and we’re better off without you and your data points if you aren’t going to at least admit you screwed up and just move on.

  175. Rob says:

    I’m sorry I guess I either made up all of those posts regarding what works for direct deposits for various banks, or those posts are of no use to anyone so they shouldn’t be updated. And again simply because you don’t feel I have a valid argument doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use every avenue available as a consumer. I had my argument with PNC and we disagree on the fulfillment of terms. This is EXACTLY what the CFPB wants to be made aware of, and complaints logged with them. Your counter argument to this was simply i’m entitled, petulant, and using the government service in the way it was intended is somehow overreaching. Now if only I had a government agency to log this disagreement with I’d be set lol.

    But seriously if you’re this offended that I dare update this thread how about just skip over it? I did actually say I’m letting this go and counting this as a loss. And if I did screw up by using Discover as a DD shouldn’t people get the chance to learn from it?

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      It’s no wonder you did what you did despite having all information and common sense under your nose. You ask why I didn’t skip over it? I initially commented in hopes you’d see the light and that you’d realize what you did was stupid. Second post was holding a shred of hope you’d get clued in. Now? My ultimate goal is people read what you did and this little side tangent and realize what NOT to do. Yes, you’re the dunce in Exhibit A.

      Don’t worry though, I won’t respond further. Can lead a horse to water but can’t force him to drink.

  176. Your friend Andrew says:

    Hey Doc, just wanted to give you an updated data point. I did the $300 bonus that was still going in late Jan. Deposited via Discover 2/9 and received my bonus today 3/2. Don’t know what the deal with people complaining of Discover not working. Love what you do and hope this helps.

    • PNC Offer says:

      Can you please confirm what description you see on your statement for transfer from discover? Mine is saying ACH WEB PAYMENT DISCOVER BANK P2P, transaction completed on Feb 22. Still no bonus. I did bet direct deposit mail alert from pnc, Just want to confirm this will count as DD. As mine 60 days going to complete in 15 days.

      • Dave_B says:

        For me, on account activity, it’s listed as:
        On the monthly statement, it’s listed as:
        “Direct Deposit – Prearrange

        This deposit went through on 1/29. I still have not received a bonus. Could anyone who has gotten the bonus with a transfer post what the transfer listed as?

    • Heather says:

      My Discover checking ACH push coded as “ACH WEB PAYMENT HEATHER ******* DISCOVER BANK P2P”. Did you use a different type of account for the push, or if you used the same, did your push code as P2P?

      • Manuel says:

        I also used Discover to complete the bonus. I have a checking account and pushed it from the Discover’s transfer page. It coded exactly the same as yours “ACH WEB PAYMENT MANUEL **** DISCOVER BANK P2P.” This was in April and it counted for deposit requirement so I got my bonus in May. However, I did have 3500 in real employer deposit and 1500 from discover so I don’t know if that helped since some data points report Discover did not work.

  177. James says:

    can i open this account without a bonus if I don’t live within the mentioned states? I need to fund my chase ink

  178. jcb says:

    Just opened online and funded $2k with Citi AA. Posted as purchase.

  179. jetfly says:

    Tried to open a savings account through virtual wallet at PNC in order to charge the opening fund of $2k to my CSP. Tried to do it online, they told me I had to go to a branch. Spent an hour in branch today opening account, successful, but when it came time to run the card it kept getting denied. I had my Cash Advance limit set to minimum ($20), and I let Chase know I would be making a $2k purchase ahead of time. When the teller at the bank ran the card, she said it would be a CA, I got a text from chase asking to authorize it, I did, but still she could not get it approved. Now I can log into my account but see no way to fund the account with a CC. The online rep told me to contact Chase. Another online rep told me since the branch bypassed my initial funding requirement, I wouldn’t be able to use a CC.

    Should I raise my CA limit to $2k? That seems risky. Should I overfund my CSP by $2k? Any other advice?

  180. Manuel says:

    I completed a Discover ACH push into my PNC checking account on 3/15 and it appears as “DISCOVER BANK P2P (My name).” I have not received my bonus and my guess is it will not count towards the DD requirements.

    • Manuel says:

      Update: I received my PNC bonus second week of April with 1500 discover push in March and 3500 employer deposit so Discover should still work

  181. Rob says:

    In an effort to avoid any further unpleasantness, I’ll simply post my data points and say that I eventually received the bonus but it took some work. Also DOC you really should remove Discover as working for PNC bonuses, it only worked in my case since I brought in outside help.

    12/30: Opened account
    1/9: Various bill payments
    1/13: DD’ed $5k from Discover account
    2/1: Additional bill payments
    2/4: Additional DD from Discover
    2/25: Impatiently message PNC asking about bonus, told to kick rocks for using Discover
    2/26: Open CFPB case
    Month of March various calls from PNC’s Executive Client Relations department regarding the CFPB complaint
    4/12: Ninety days from completing bonus requirements
    4/21: $400 bonus hits account
    4/26: Receive email from CFPB that PNC formally responded. Formal response says Discover DD didn’t qualify, but a courtesy was made to credit me the bonus.

    • David B says:

      Thanks Rob for the info.

      It looks like I’m in the same boat. I used Discover for DD, and haven’t gotten my bonus.

      How did you get around the Discover being an ACH and not a payroll Direct Deposit? Did you have to address that, or just ignore that?

      Thank you

      • Rob says:

        *Again I understand people do not agree with my methods – but I was asked a question so I’m simply responding*

        David B I took the Discover ACH issue head on, and in my CFPB complaint I explained why I thought I met all requirements.

        Here’s the requirement: A qualifying direct deposit is a recurring direct deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited into a (whichever account) each statement period. The total aggregate amount of the qualifying direct deposits must be at least $5,000. The direct deposits must be made by an employer or an outside agency.

        Now payroll is an example of a DD that will work – not a requirement. I argued that brokerage and/or savings accounts meet the definition above as it’s regular monthly income, and from an outside agency.

        PNC didn’t agree with me that Discover met the requirements in the formal response, which is why I filed the complaint in the first place. I know nothing of what, if anything, happened behind the scenes but it turned out in my favor.

  182. JL says:

    Datapoint – I strictly opened a PNC Virtual Wallet account to do a $2,000 credit card spend on a new account. I opened the account in early April and closed it by 4/27/16. I used the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Personal Mastercard and it posted as a purchase.

    I don’t live in a qualifying state in order to qualify for the bonus, so I didn’t even bother with it. Also, I was NOT CHARGED a $25 fee to close out my account. Probably because I had it for such a short amount of time…

  183. Andrew says:

    I opened a PNC Performance Select account on 6/4/16 with a $50 ACH transfer from Alliant.
    On 6/10/16 I transferred another $5000.
    On 6/25/16 I was credited with the $300 bonus.

    • Andrew says:

      Forgot to mention that I also made the required 10+ debit card transactions (mostly with repeated small purchases at self checkouts).

  184. savemesf says:

    I’m getting ready to close my PNC accounts now that the 180 day period has ended. Does anybody have any suggestions on the best way to close the Performance Select account without getting tagged with the $25 fee for the last month? I.e., can you close it with the $5,000 balance still in it? Or do they make you have a $0 balance first? If so, hopefully you don’t get hit with the $25 monthly fee in the last month.

  185. Justin says:

    Tried to fund PNC with Citi AA Biz card and kept declining. Can you not use Business Cards?

  186. PD says:

    Any recent DO on whether PayPal is still working?

  187. howard says:

    coask. any DP on whether PayPal is still working?

  188. Tflbo says:

    I am wondering how people are using PayPal to fund the PNC DD. I got rejected (Capital One) for transferring the money into my PayPal into my PayPal account to even start with…

    (going for the $300 bonus and needing to meet a $5k DD)

    I am trying from Schwab, and also from Serve. Has anyone figured out what I should be looking for either on online banking or on statement to tell me if it’s working? I only have a 60 day window.


    • Jeff says:

      Fund your paypal w/ $5k, then link your paypal w/ your PNC account through trial deposits or instant verification. Then transfer your $5k paypal balance from your paypal to your PNC account. viola

  189. Jeff says:

    Data Point for anyone who cares

    12/31/16 – Applied
    1/19/17 – $5K Paypal DD
    1/20/17 – 10 x $1 Amazon GC purchases
    2/7/17 – $300 Bonus Received
    2/8/17 – Downgraded to VW

  190. Steven says:

    Data point: it appears that Wells Fargo counts as direct deposit. Triggered the “DD above $1” email and the credit shows in my transaction history as “ACH DEP WELLS FARGO INTFITROCS”.

  191. Miriam Burton says:

    What does this mean? -$25,000 in linked eligible accounts
    Do you have to have $25,000 in another account with PNC and then have the accounts linked?

  192. Jason says:

    Open a Pnc account in May.26 in Ca with 2000 chase ink prefered code as purchase by this link did not say restricted any state. 6/1 use capital one 5000 transfer to pnc showed DD but paypal transfer 5000 just showed transfer in statements. finish 10 amazon 0.5 at 6/13. still not get any bonus yet until now.keep trying schwab now.

    • jason says:

      finally got bonus
      DP:account opened 5-21-17
      did 5000 with chase in 5-27-17
      bank statement showed detail transfer.
      so made capital one 5000 in 6-13-17 and 10 trasction amazon 0.5
      got bonus 7-14-17
      I am not sure which transfer trigger bonus. But the point is i live at california.

  193. van says:

    I am sad right now because PNC confirmed that Discover ACH does not qualify as a DD requirement. I’m gonna look into another ach method that hopefully still works.

    • Dave_B says:

      Try Charles Schwab brokerage. It just worked for me.

    • Dave_B says:

      Also, don’t ever call the bank to check if your non-bonus-qualifying activity was sufficient to meet the bonus requirements.
      You’re potentially alerting them and flagging your account, which could lead to more scrutiny of your deposits before a bonus is paid out.

      Only call the bank if you meet all the requirements to the letter (and their intent) and still don’t get the bonus.

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