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Published on September 28th, 2014 | by William Charles


Product Change Your Useless BofA Cards And Earn Up To $120/yr Per Card

Update 4: Rapid Travel Chai confirms that as of May, 2015 it’s still possible to product change to the BBR. Just keep trying till you get a CSR that can actually help you.

Update 3: Oren’s Money Saver confirms this is still working. If you get a rep that says they can’t process the downgrade, hang up and call again!

Update 2: Matthew in the comments was able to convert again, so it looks like this is back on. I’d recommend hanging up and calling again if they say it isn’t possible.

Update: It looks like Bank of America has stopped you from converting existing cards to the Better Balance Rewards card, it’s now only possible to sign up for this card directly.

I’ve been putting together a list of the best downgrade options for each card issuer (post coming soon) and then I read this post by Rapid Travel Chai which alerted me to an easy way to make another $100-$120 per useless Bank of America card.

Bank of America has a credit card called BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards which doesn’t come with a sign up bonus and doesn’t earn at a high rate in any categories. It does come with an interesting benefit though, for every quarter where you pay more than the monthly minimum each month you’ll receive a $25 bonus. If you hold a Bank of America checking account, you’ll get an additional $5 per quarter which gives us a total of $120 per year.

Obviously this isn’t a lot and I wouldn’t recommend applying for this card directly, but Bank of America does let you do a downgrade/product change to this card from an existing card. There is no hard pull to do this product change and the card will keep the same opening date which will help increase your average age of accounts and thus your FICO score.

When you call Bank of America ask to speak to an American phone operator if they don’t understand your request.

Sometimes the international phone operators will have trouble understanding your request. If this fails, say something along the lines of “I’d like to do a product change on <cardname you want to switch from> to the BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards” card.

To get the most value out of this card, you’re going to want to automate this promotion as much as possible. Here is what I’d recommend doing, find a small monthly charge that you don’t receive a category bonus on. Put this charge on your new BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards and then set it up so this card is automatically paid in full each month. [See also, PSA: Put a $5 Charge on that Better Balance Rewards Card]

bank of america

You don’t qualify for the bonus if you have a positive balance on your card. Because the bonus posts directly to your credit card, you’ll have a positive balance some months. If you have a checking account with Bank of America, this is easily fixed you can opt in to receive the bonus as a direct deposit instead. This is by far the easiest option and remember you’ll earn an additional $5/quarter for having a checking account with them. If you don’t have a checking account, consider opening one or remember to make additional purchases on your card in months where you receive the cash reward.

If you’re the type of person who likes fine print, you can view all of the program details by clicking here.

Checking Promotions

Once a year BofA seems to offer a $100 bonus for opening a checking account. It might be worth waiting to open an account until one of these promotions comes around. Here is the promotion for earlier in the year (note: this is actually valid again, but not open to everybody). There is no hard pull done when you open the checking account, but they will do a ChexSystems inquiry.

You also get free access to a bunch of museums nationwide when you’re a BofA checking customer.


It’s not all roses though. Because you need to have a statement generate each month to earn your $25/$30 the chances are Bank of America will report a balance. When it comes to FICO scores, it’s best to have a reported balance on one or two credit cards and no balance on the remaining cards.

You can try calling Bank of America and asking what date they report your credit utilization to the credit bureaus, then make sure your card has a balance of zero on that date (it should always remain the same).

For example, you call Bank of America and they state they report your balances on the 11th each month. Your statement generates on the 15th of each month. You’d want to set your recurring charge on the 12th-14th, and then you’d need to make sure your statement is paid off by the 10th each month. That way Bank of America would still report a utilization of $0 and you’d still earn your $25/$30 quarterly.

It’s also worth remembering that this plays a small role when it comes to your FICO score, personally I’m not going to go to this much trouble. If I plan to make a large loan (e.g mortgage or auto) I’ll simply not bother with this card for a couple of months to ensure my FICO score is the highest it can be. It’s a lot more important to ensure that your overall credit utilization is under 30% as that’s when you see the most negative impact (anecdotal you want it in between 1-10% depending on your credit profile with one or two cards reporting a balance).

Final Thoughts

If you have any Bank of America credit cards sitting in your sock drawer doing nothing, I’d definitely recommend doing a product change to this card instead. You might as well grab a checking account as well, it’s much easier than remembering to put additional charges on the card in certain months plus you might be able to grab a $100 checking bonus and you also get free access to some museums as well.

124 Responses to Product Change Your Useless BofA Cards And Earn Up To $120/yr Per Card

  1. Trevor says:

    I want to make sure I’m correct…can I buy something and pay the charge the next day? Or does there actually have to be outstanding charge when the statement closes? Appreciate your thoughts!

  2. And from the hard copy terms it looks like in your first quarter as long as you have one statement close with a balance you will get the bonus.

    I was going to do really minimal charges but read on Free-quent Flyer that banks may waive small balances so what do you think is safe? $2?

    • Id do a charge over $5, but over $2 shold work.

    • Jivepicnic says:

      I purchase a $0.50 Amazon GC each month, and I always get the bonus. As DofC says, make sure that you deposit the bonus into your BofA checking account so that you always have a positive balance when the statement closes.

      I got this card as a product change, and I DID NOT get the bonus for my first quarter. I had two statements close in my first quarter of having the card instead of the required three. I asked several CSRs about it, and they said that the clause in the TofC didn’t apply to me because I hadn’t applied for the card and had just done a product change. After several calls, I didn’t fight it anymore. I have received the bonus in every subsequent quarter.

  3. Andrew says:

    Sounds like a great idea!

    One question though: my”useless” BOA card is currently serving its use as my oldest line of credit. Does anyone know if changing products would change the date when the line of credit was opened?

  4. Bargainator says:

    Just a tip to everyone, I have had this credit card since it first came out early 2013. To date, I have collected $150 in bonuses off this card due to having a bank account with BOA. The trick into maximizing this credit card is by making ONE $0.01 transaction every month and wait for the Statement Balance to come out. After seeing the Monthly Statement being $0.01, all you have to do is pay $0.02 to meet the requirements of paying “MORE THAN” the statement balance and every 3 months, you receive $25 or $30, depending on your status with BOA. This comes out to you pocketing $24.94/$29.94 every three months, for a grand total of $99.76/$129.76 a year!

    • Wouldn’t this cause a positive balance for the following month?

      • Bargainator says:

        I forgot that I left out the part where after paying 2 cents to the 1 cent Statement Balance that you would want to make a 2 cents purchase afterwards. Doing so would continue to make the Statement Balance every month at $0.01 and you pretty much rinse and repeat this formula every month. Sorry for the confusion!

    • XP1 says:

      I thought the terms say that you don’t need to pay more than the minimum. A full payment is a qualifying payment.

      Qualifying Payment — A monthly payment
      received on or before the Due Date, which
      is more than the Minimum Payment due;
      a payment in full received on or before the
      Due Date is a Qualifying Payment

      What do you buy for $0.01 or $0.02?

      • Bargainator says:

        Well for me, there are many ways. I usually do a combo transaction when checking out, meaning that I would use another credit card as well during a transaction. The easiest way that I discovered is making a transaction when reloading a gift card at Wal-Mart. I simply say I want to put 2 cents onto this gift card and use the Better Balance Rewards card in doing so. I would never use this card to make any other purchases since you don’t even get any cash back when doing so, unless somehow you shoped at an BankAmerideals location.

  5. dcbk says:

    Aren’t you confusing positive and negative? I’m confused.

    I would assume that you DO need to have a POSITIVE balance every month. Please clarify

  6. Rich says:

    I believe this downgrade is no longer possible. I called twice and spoke to two different reps, and they both gave the same story: the ability to product change to BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards was removed on Nov 7 2014.

    So I just downgraded to the BankAmericard Cash Rewards, which has no annual fee.

  7. Just tried 2x to convert Alaska Airlines card to Better Balance Rewards and no go.

    First guy knew his products and squashed it quickly. In fact, he was adamant you couldn’t change the Alaska to anything. So I left it alone.

    Called again, and a second guy much friendlier and better, he tried to do the BBR but it was hardcoded in his system to not allow it. So I got the Travel Rewards instead.

    Thanks Doc, saved me the second year annual fee

    • Need to rephase first line, tried 2 times and second time was a success

      • Kent C says:

        So the 2nd time wasn’t a success either, in the sense you weren’t able to the BBR right?

        I would also confirm you are eligible for the $100 promo bonus for the Travel rewards card.

        On my own data point, I just tried to convert an Alaska card to the BBR and was told no. Rep knew right away what I was trying to do and said no, would have to reapply with a hard pull. Next time hopefully I’ll get someone more inept but if the system is now coded, that won’t matter.

    • Sam S says:

      Was it a soft or hard pull when you converted to a travel rewards visa card?
      Is it the signature visa and does it report the credit limit to all the 3 agencies?

  8. Jody S says:

    I just converted a legacy FIA/BoA Gold card to BoA BBR card today. Called and got off-shore support, asked to speak to US based support person. Was promptly transferred to a very nice lady who was very helpful, explained to me my options available and gladly did a Product Change on my card. Couldn’t have gone better in my opinion. Assured and verified my maturity date would not be effected. New card will be on its way shortly. Hopefully this is another useful data point.

  9. ColinC says:

    I’m thinking of doing this since it’s a SP.

    Does anyone know if you’ll keep your cash rewards if you PC?

    • Anonymous says:

      I know for a fact that you must forfeit any cash rewards you currently have if you do a product change in this card. I converted my regular cash rewards card in December, and I contacted them last month about this. The representative explicitly told me all of my previous rewards were forfeit.

  10. Compeek says:

    I just called in twice asking for a product change from my Cash Rewards to a Better Balance Rewards, and both times I was told it’s not allowed for this card. They said the terms do not allow it. The second call got me to a specialist before I was told no.

    However, I read somebody on FlyerTalk (or somewhere–I don’t remember) mention that they were successful going through the online chat after being told it’s not possible on the phone, so I tried that and it worked! I just asked for the change and the agent said he would put in a request for me, no questions asked and no mention of it no longer being allowed.

    • Compeek says:

      Update: I spoke too soon. After telling me he was putting in the request, he came back and said it’s not possible. You can only product change to the Travel Rewards card at this time. However, I asked if I would be able to convert to a BBR in the future, and he said they are upgrading their systems, and I can request it in 15 days. I don’t know what that means exactly or if the agent knew what he was talking about, but I will try again later this month, then.

  11. mike says:

    Is there a way I can have both my BBR cards report a balance and then request a mid-cycle update once I paid it off, so I can have only 1 card I want to report?

  12. ColinC says:

    Boo. Called in twice this month and they’re still saying product change to Better Balance Rewards is not an option anymore. First time to the number on the back of my cash rewards and second time directly to credit analyst at 866-618-4585

  13. Vic says:

    Trying to product change from CashRewards to BBR. Called twice just now and failed both.

    1. Rep said I wasn’t eligible for a product change, which is simply a way to say no.

    2. Rep checked and tried, but ended up saying that it’s not possible to change from CR to BBR. He said if I want to do it the other way around it’s possible.

    I’ll keep trying when I have time in the next few days.

    • A says:

      Have you tried since? Any update?

      Just got the alaska airlines card, and i was going to do this down the line if I could.

  14. Chris says:

    Just tried calling CS and told them I wanted to PC from Cash Rewards to BBR. Talked to 2 different reps and both told me it is not an option to PC to BBR, only to Travel Rewards. Doesn’t seem like they are allowing this anymore. This was my first time trying so I will give it a second chance next week.

    • Yup, keep trying. They often say this but then people report success so it’s just a matter of finding a rep that’ll do it. Maybe only supervisors can do it or certain CSRs, not entirely sure how it works.

  15. Elliot says:

    When I tried this, I was told by different CSRs on two different calls that they received a memo 2-3 months ago stating BofA will no longer PC to BBR.

  16. Matthew says:

    Sadly, I gave up on it like many others seem to be. Despite being successful before, I tried FOUR different agents on four different phone calls and even though some tried and checked with supervisors, they either said the product was no longer available or said I’d have to do a new application for it (no conversion possible). I assume this still COULD be YMMV. However, four phone calls was my limit and I gave up. It just wasn’t worth fighting any longer in my opinion. Best wishes to others who try but be forewarned, it might not be as easy to do any longer as it once was.

  17. Matthew says:

    I had a rep on the phone just tell me I need to make at least $20 of purchases each month to be eligible for the quarterly bonus. Is that a crap statement or something new (negative)?

  18. Dave says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for writing about this and let you know that on May 12, 2015 I was able to successfully convert to the Bankamericard Travel Rewards, which ironically is the only BofA card I’m even interested in. I will tell you that, as cautioned, the first person I spoke with was absolutely worthless and claimed that BofA discontinued the ability to “convert” cards without a full, new credit application – well, apparently not because a second call did the trick! For what it’s worth, they said the new card “(1) may or may not replace my existing card and (2) may or may not result in a new card number,” but they said that it did not require a credit pull. I strongly encourage everyone to get on this immediately because I converted a College Credit Card with zero rewards, a paltry limit (in comparison to the five figure limits on my other cards, this one was under a thousand, despite me having had it for EIGHT (8!) years; I never received a credit line increase or interest rate reduction), and an interest rate that was basically usury to one of the best travel cards in the business!

    • mike says:

      how old was your BofA card before requesting product conversion?

      • Dave says:

        It’s a Student Credit card that I applied for and have had (at the same interest rate and credit limit nonetheless) since 2007, when I began college. There is apparently a specific branch of the bank that you may need to speak to in order to actually get someone with the capability of converting. The number I was given in a follow-up email was 866-445-6496, so maybe that will help. Also worth noting, they gave me a choice between the Bankamericard Cash Rewards and Travel Rewards cards. Good luck!

  19. Dave says:

    Not sure why the detailed comment I left was deleted. I was able to successfully convert from a BofA Student Credit Card that I obtained in 2007 to a Bankamericard Travel Rewards card today, May 12, 2015, after two calls and speaking with four different representatives. It takes a little effort but VERY worth it considering they did not have to pull my credit.

    • Wasn’t deleted, if it’s your first comment then it needs to be approved before being visible.

      • Dave says:

        Gotcha, thanks for the article and hope my experience helps someone else. I was shocked they let me concert to a Bankamericard Travel Rewards, notoriously one of their best.

  20. Dave says:

    Does anyone know if, after converting, you are eligible to receive the promotions associated with a new Bankamericard? For example, as explained above, I just had them convert me to a Bankamericard Travel Rewards, which upon new sign-up gives you 10,000 bonus points, but I wonder if “converting” qualifies as newly obtaining the card, such that you would receive the signup offer. Thanks!

  21. mike says:

    I contacted BofA and they said something about a 2-4 week wait to see if the conversion from Cash rewards to bbr will happen. does this usually mean success? thanks!

  22. Elliot says:

    I just put in some serious HUCA effort trying to do this – I think I called 5-6 different times and chatted once. Got the same answer the whole time. My accounts are only 3 months old – I wonder if more options become available once the accounts are older?

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  24. scott says:

    You can no longer convert to the BofA Better Balance Rewards card, only new applications.

  25. Patrick says:

    Anybody have luck converting an Alaska card to BBR within the past few months? I haven’t be able to.

  26. Dan V says:

    Was just able to switch a BankAmericard Platinum Plus Visa to a BankAmericard Better Balance just by calling, got someone to help me on the first try.

  27. Kevin says:

    It gets to a point where it’s like “is it really worth it?” Is it worth fighting and calling 10 reps for roughly $8 a month in rewards? Let’s face it, $8 doesn’t buy jack these days. Cut out two days of a Starbucks habit and you’ve made the same amount.

    BBR is a nice enough card but certainly not worth fighting tooth and nail over.

  28. Prashanth says:

    tried today but it was strict NO. will keep trying. I too have platinum visa and its idle from over a year. any one able to do in this month.

  29. Eric says:

    Has anyone had any success changing over from the Cash Rewards to BBR lately? I just tried 3 different reps and was shot down each time.

  30. Joel says:

    General BofA-product-change question: I have a BofA card with a 6.24% rate – tough to find on any new BofA card, period – and am wondering if changing the product to another BofA card with better rewards will, on the one hand, get me better rewards, but on the other hand leave me stuck with the higher interest rate floor of the product I convert to. For context, as I nose around BofA’s current credit cards, I’m not seeing any interest rates bottoming out lower than 10.99%. Even if a 9.99% is lurking out there for uber-pristine credit-score-havers, that would still mean a +3% bump for any balances carried.

    • Roy Lu says:

      I was not able to product change my platinum plus visa to the bbr. I had a 7.9 apr and I was able to transfer the same rate to the cash reward card. So I would recommend converting your card to get the better rewards

  31. Jeremy says:

    Updated data point:

    I tried converting to BBR with several reps in October and was rejected outright about four times. I gave up and a couple weeks back called to convert the cards over to one of BoA’s meager no annual fee offerings. The rep asked which one I wanted, and I said, “Ideally, Better Balance Rewards.” She said, “Okay, let me process that for you… done.” I had her change another one of my four Alaska cards before deciding not to press my luck further.

    I checked online today to see if the accounts had switched over, and I was very pleased to see they had!

    It’s still possible with vigilance!

  32. Johnny says:

    Hi William,

    I just called the customer service line and they said I can only PC to upgraded reward cash or travel reward. Do you know why? Instead they asked me apply for a new one, which I am not interested in having two cards.

  33. PN says:

    I just called today and was able to successfully converted Cash Rewards card to BBR card on the first call. The first rep wasn’t able to convert it b/c the system didn’t allow her to do so. She transferred me to 2nd level Preferred Rewards Client rep and this guy did it with no problem. Not sure if being a Preferred Rewards Platinum client with them helped with the whole thing or not, but I was pretty happy to get this card on the first try, given the fact that so many people had to call multiple times.

  34. M says:

    BBR downgrade still works – first rep said it wasn’t possible from Alaska card – hung up, next VERY friendly agent didn’t mention that card as a conversion option upfront but when I asked about it in particular, it seemed anything was possible. She processed the change quickly/easily. We can confirm this STILL works. It just depends on the agent.

  35. chris says:

    I went on chat last week to see if I can get a card converted but was told I couldn’t. I tried again today to see if I have better luck with another agent but she said the same thing and even referred that there was a note on the account that was already advised that they couldn’t convert. I plan on trying again over the phone but since there’s a note in my account, would calling be useless? Thanks.

  36. Oleg says:

    Called them today twice, but both time got a decline.
    Has anyone tried it recently?

  37. Eric says:

    On my third call (two days ago) I got a rep who said he would do the change, and it would show up soon. I then got an email from BoA saying that a case had been opened for my account.

    The next day I got an email saying the case had been closed, and they couldn’t provide any more info. I called in and asked about the case resolution, and the phone rep said the change wouldn’t be possible. I called in again and the next rep said the request had been sent to the product change team and that I should expect it to go through in the next 2-4 weeks.

    We’ll see, I guess. I’ll update if anything happens.

    • Ian says:

      This is a good data point, as I can’t find online accounts of people attempting the PC these days. Keep us posted!

      • Eric says:

        Success! Logged in just now and my card had been changed over to a BBR platinum plus visa. Very pleasantly surprised.

        Same CL, and I can still see my old transactions.

  38. BBR says:

    Called today and the rep told me he needed confirmation that he could convert the card to BBR, got the confirmation and then told me he wasn’t able to convert it in the system. What a tease. I guess I’ll keep trying…

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  40. Eric says:

    Has anyone had success recently for this? If so, what phone # did you call and did the original rep do it?

    • Yeah, there are recent DP on reddit. Think they just called the regular line. It’s very hit and miss, but usually if you get a rep that’ll do it you can get multiple cards done at once.

  41. cappyncoconut says:

    Just called today, 8/2/2016..the rep named off the BBR as a card to product change to. When I said I wanted to go forward, she then backtracked and stated this was a card that needed a new application. Went with the Travel Rewards to keep the AAoA. Good luck.

  42. Ian says:

    Alright, I finally got all my cash back off my Cash Rewards card and tried twice today to PC to BBR with no luck. I first called the number on the back of my card and was told that I would have to wait 30 minutes for a rep. No thanks. I then tried the “Senior Credit Analyst” line at 866-618-4585 and was given a straight out “No” when I asked for the PC and was told that I could only PC to the Travel Rewards card. I then called the “Preferred Rewards” line at 888-888-7937 and spoke with a really nice rep who did some deep research and even verified with her supervisor before telling me that a BBR PC was a no-go. According to this rep, the reason BBR PCs are not allowed from Cash Rewards is because BBR is in a fundamentally different “rewards class” than the Cash Rewards and Travel Rewards cards, both of which are of the “earn points on every purchase” type. BoA also, apparently, does not allow downgrades. She mentioned that if I were to ask for a BBR PC from a card with no rewards, for instance, that a BBR PC may be possible since it’s considered an upgrade. Cash Rewards does not have an upgrade option, so the only option is a lateral transfer to a card in the same rewards class, which happens to only be the Travel Rewards card.

    I’m not sure if this is just BoA giving me a BS answer, but either way, I’m not sure how much more effort is worth it on my end to call another number (or call in again) to attempt the BBR PC again. My other options are to decide whether to PC to Travel Rewards or sock-drawer my Cash Rewards card altogether. I would love to hear more success stories, if there are any of late.

  43. Milena says:

    Just tried my 11th time to call to do a PC but no luck 🙁

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  45. Rich says:

    9/25/16 – I successfully conducted a product change (PC) on the first try from the Alaska Airlines (AS) Visa Signature Credit Card to the BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards (BBR) Credit Card. My first annual fee (AF) was going to be due this week, so I tested my fate and was successful. The representative told me I should receive my new card in the next 2-4 weeks. Time to apply for another Alaska Airlines (AS) Visa Signature Credit Card and Barclaycard Arrival Plus Credit Card.

  46. Dave C says:

    Tried with my Alaska BOA and had a very helpful CSR. Checked my online account and she changed it to the Cash Rewards. Should I just try to change this one to the BBR? Will it be easier? So lame.

  47. SantoriniG says:

    Just got a BBR and want to open a BoA savings account for the extra $5/quarter. Has BoA ever offered a bank bonus on the $300 min savings account? Just wondering if I should wait for a targeted promotion or just open the savings account now.

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  49. Dayajosh says:

    I have checked with CSR and she is ready to do a Product change, however system shows only two options to do PC. one is Cash back and the another one is Travel Card. Not sure whether the system updated with not to do PC to BBR. I have check with five different CSR, three said ready to do, but system did not show the option and two of them told PC to BBR is not an available options.

  50. Taylor says:

    I HUCA-ed numerous times to try and get the product change to BBR, to no avail. The most recent agent I got was actually quite friendly, and confirmed the system doesn’t show the BBR as a valid product change from the AS card. She offered to consult a supervisor and try and manually request it, but that was also unsuccessful.

  51. Martin says:

    I called BofA Credit Card Customer Service (800.732.9194) today to request the product change from my BofA/Merrill VISA Signature card to the BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards card. My first call, the CSR said that there is no such thing as a product change to the Better Balance Rewards card – I would have to make a new application for that card. The second phone call, the CSR said that I need to call back when the Sales Department is open, after 8am EST (I was calling at 7am). The third call after 8am, the CSR knew what I was asking for and simply asked why I wanted to change my rewards program. I just said it was a better fit as I like to pay my balance off each month. She proceeded with the product change smoothly, no problem. I was informed that my card number might change; it would arrive in 2 to 4 weeks; the card history and balance would be transferred; and any auto-payment that had been set up would need to be redone. She did couch the change in the words “reward program change” rather than “new account” or “new card”, which says something about how they view this changeover.

    • Eric says:

      Did you call (800.732.9194) and simply ask for Sales? Have you had success changing over other BAC cards in the past?

      • Martin says:

        I called the number: said “product change” when the voice prompt asked what I was calling for, then said “representative” at the next prompt and hit the number 4 for “other” at the next prompt – something like that. I spoke with the CSR that answered. I didn’t ask for Sales. This is my first time changing over a BofA card.

        • Eric says:

          I just tried these steps and was told from 2 separate reps that this is no longer offered. Did you just get really lucky or do I just have really bad luck?

          Did you receive the BBR yet?

  52. Zburk says:

    I called today to switch from the BoA cash back card to the BBR card and had no issues. I called back again to speak with another rep just to make sure it was submitted and he said it was and I should see the change in my online account in a couple business days.

  53. Jian says:

    CSR very friendly and helped me submit the product change request from preferred rewards VISA. However credit card team called back and said that they don’t permit product change to BBR and that I have to apply for it if I want it 🙁

  54. Blue says:

    Ok, data point on this one. I have two old credit cards from BOA and I called to see if either could be converted to a BBR. American rep. Apparently each card has a product change offer screen that gets called up. A BBR change can occur only when this offer pops up on the screen. May be worthwhile calling from time to time to see how the offer mix changes. Also the screen is different for each card you have.

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