Posted by Chuck on August 7, 2018
Gift Card Deals

Published on August 7th, 2018 | by Chuck


Raise: Save 5% on Select Brands, Also Get 5-10% Coupon with Many Top Brands

The Offer

Apparel 5% Offer | Back to School 5-10% Offer

  • Get 5% off apparel and accessory brands, includes things like Gap, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, shoe brands, and many more
  • Spend on Back to School brands this week and get a coupon for 5-7% off next week, includes brands like Best Buy, Google Play, Gamestop, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, UberEats, Kroger, and many more; also includes apparel brands like Kohl’s, Nordstrom and many more
    • Spend $100 and get 5% off sitewide (max $10 discount)
    • Spend $200 and get 7% off sitewide (max $14 discount)
    • Spend $300 and get 10% off sitewide (max $20 discount)

Our Verdict

Sounds like the two offers can stack to get 5% off apparel and then still get 5-10% off sitewide next week since the apparel brands are found on the Back to School list as well.

Use a shopping portal on the purchase (instead of our affiliate link); keep in mind the lifetime limits, though. The better deals usually sell out quickly so keep that in mind.

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Raise is becoming worse. They used to offer a simple 5 to 7% off almost every Friday. Now they have started coming up with these complicated bundled deals. Also raised their seller prices.

Do you have any experience with selling gift card on Card Kangaroo?

I agree. I buy every time they offer a straight 5% off. I have yet to buy with one of their “buy now, save next week” deals.

I found that the one card I want the most is somehow included in the Buy Now portion of their deals so I’m able to get value out of this. I told them I would still prefer a frequent buyer discount. Maybe if enough people email them….

Am i missing something? Spend $300 get 10% off… so that would be $30… but max $20 discount?

Its spend $300 now and get 10% next week on up to $200

Raise got big investor (PayPal being one) money about a year ago and has been chipping away at the seller margins ever since. I agree that these sales are kinda whack, but better than nothing, and if I recall they used to not have many sales at all when they started out.

Still the most profitable website in the gc resale market, unless you have a blue chip card or are part of a group. Just isn’t what it was in the good ole days.

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