Posted by William Charles on December 29, 2017

Published on December 29th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: $4 Trillion In Credit Card Limits, Carnival Cruise MSing & More


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Pretty sure the $4 Trillion is total credit line. Presumably actual debt is a lot lower.

Correct. The report says $4 trillion ,used or unused, thus meaning total credit line, not actual debt. It also makes clear that many cards are secured cards. Uncharacteristic for DoC to make such a mistake

Just literally used my chase account to make my first bitcoin purchase yesterday.

I’ve been regularly buying BTC and LTC with my INK Cash about a year now with no problems.

On what site?

Wow, that cruise MS has some potential if charged to the CSR with 3x UR points for travel. Assuming you were able to MS $1k/day on a 7 day cruise, that could be 21k UR points with very little effort. Some are suggesting that the limit is $2k/day, which would make it 42k UR points, which could make it $630 worth of UR travel per person, enough to pay for a cruise if both people in your cabin have S&S cards registered to their separate cards.

So you pretty much just go load cash to your key card, then you go and cash it out instead of gambling right? Then at the end of your cruise, you pay the tab with your CC. Then pay it back with the cash you cashed out. Is there anything I am missing? The link didn’t really explain what you have to do…. Thanks in advance.

Yeah it looks that way. Essentially they’re treating it similar to a room charge, but you can cash out at any point.

I’m the OP over on Reddit from the initial MS post! Yes, you basically charge the cash to the card and then cash it all out at the end if the cruise. I did this to the tune of $9,500 recently. I used CSR and it codes as 3x, so I paid $630 for a 6 day vacation and made back nearly 30k UR. If you fly and use UR, you can actually replenish what you used up and then some.

I also figured out you can use a cruise to get a CP with pure MS to meet the min spend.

Please note if you want to use Amex Biz Plat, the entire bill on your room account will post as one charge to your statement and qualify for the 1.5x rate. This is most advantageous for trying to hit min spend on this card.

I feel famous for my Carnival cruise MS post now! Confirming it still works as of this week, as I just got back from another one. Met min spend for BRG.

Jamie Dimon no like the bitcoin

Haven’t done so recently but I’ve bought from Coinbase with my Chase checking account without issues in the past.

Each transaction was always less than $1000 and I haven’t had any problems with freezes or shutdowns.

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

I have had the same experience. I only bought a few weeks back.

I don’t really see what we’re supposed to draw from this Chase/bitcoin thing because it’s literally one third hand (friend of a friend through a blogger) data point.

They most likely thought he was laundering money. It all runs on machine learning algorithms and he triggered something.

love the n00b ignorance that comes with BTC FOMO. it looks just like the CSR n00b massive influx but crypto is on a totally different scale. if you dont understand that shit, dont do it. its REAL money. not points/miles. but nobody cares, since most people have the attention span of a cat, they dont realize the risks that comes with crypto transactions since “everybody is making money”. SMH. yea, you keep doing that.

ANYONE how uses Chase accounts for any type of crypto trading is a 200% complete n00b who just started the game and doesnt understand the fawking CEO has deemed BTC as a fraudulent scam. if you got shut down, its your own damn fault. love the statement “well ive been doing it for X amount time so its fine for me…” Yea, its OK until your accounts are shut down. hilarious.

with the CSR and BTC, its very interesting to watch such brazen attitude via FOMO. you guys ever see that ignorant doc comment a few months ago blaming how nobody ever answers n00b questions on doc posts in the comments section and its “SELFISH” of the community to keep all secrets to themselves? that post also blames doc for never answering key questions fast enough and they go on to say that unlike the “losers” of this game, they have a life and family and things to do and dont want to spend hours reading FT threads. HAHA. fukn idiot. GTFO.

go study. good luck.

Hey, I never done BTC, want to try. Can you give few tips? What bank to use to buy it? What platform? Thanks

I use coinbase here is my referal you get $10 worth of bitcoin when you register

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