Posted by William Charles on March 10, 2017

Published on March 10th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: 5 Night Marriott Packages?, Thank You To SPG Employees, Private Labeling 101 & More

  • You Can Give Points to Starwood Employees as a Thank You — and It Costs You Nothing by View From The Wing. I wish loyalty programs would make these sort of things clearer, what’s the point of having these programs if nobody uses them?
  • File this under rumors, but reader Cytraveler shared this comment: “I just got the Marriott hotel+air for Southwest 120k for the companion pass. The CSR, who was quite friendly, told me that 2 weeks ago the higher ups had a meeting about whether to allow regular members (i.e., not timeshare owners) to book the 5-day option, because they have had lots of people saying they can’t use the 7 day award.

    She said she hasn’t heard any decision yet on that. But maybe there’s hope for 5-day hotel options for hoi polloi?”


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If they do anything w/ the 5-day, it’s most probably be AFTER they no longer count towards the Southwest CP.

And I have to agree, 7 days is a waste, even for a destination vacation. Taking 5-biz days for vacation, which ~ 9 days, take 2 for travel, and you’re at 7. Doesn’t account for the seasoned travel that knows you need a day to unwind upon return…and perhaps a day in transit (at least) to some good locations.

That said, staying in 1 spot for 7 days gets REALLY boring. Even 5 is a bit long honestly…I’d love to see that you could split the 7 days into a 3 day and a 4 day (split among equal or lessor categories). Now THAT would be a great reward to aspire to (are you listening M?)

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