Recap: Business Credit Reports, Best Credit Card Perks & More

  • Nav Review: How to Check Your Business Credit Score (and More) for Free by Money Metagame. This is good timing as a few readers have recently been asking me about business credit reporting and scores. Not sure how useful these reports actually are due to a lack of information, but might be worth considering if you’re having issues getting approved.
  • Why you should now create multiple logins for AMEX Offers by Miles Per Day. Don’t think this has anything to do with slow rolling. They roll out the offer and see what the add rate is after a few hours and then roll it out to additional cardholders, the aim is to to get the offer filled quickly but avoid having too much disappointment from cardholders that wanted the offer (and were targeted) but didn’t save it. I believe they consider a cardholder “dead” after they had the opportunity to add the offer but didn’t and will extend that offer to another cardholder.


citi prestige 2,500 points

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John K
John K

I received an email from Best Western offering me a bonus 750 AAdvantage miles per stay, in addition to the 250 miles typically earned, for a total of 1,000 AAdvantage miles per stay. With hotel swapping I could earn a couple thousand AAdvantage miles per week. I might do this, although I’m currently working towards diamond status via nights at Hilton. I’m struggling to evaluate whether this BW deal is worth my time vs. Hilton bonuses and delaying my diamond status.

Mark O
Mark O

With the way AA miles are plummeting I would say stick with Hilton unless you have a redemption in mind. Especially since most BW’s suck 🙂


“Citi offering 2,500 points for adding an authorized user account to Citi Prestige.”

this is incomplete. one has to spend $2.5k on the card at the same time as well.