Posted by William Charles on November 14, 2017

Published on November 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Citi Growth Plans, Southwest Eyes Hawaii Island Hopping & More


  • Citigroup’s Credit-Card Growth Plans Hit a Snag by WSJ. This move to interest free periods away from rewards was already known, but it’s crazy that they have sent out 1.9 billion mailers over the last three years through September. Citi are also trying to push their 22 month interest free period on the Citi Simplicity but one of the key factors is that balance transfer fees aren’t waived like other competitors.
  • Danny Deal Guru shared this worrying letter from Citi. As I posted on Twitter that response isn’t good enough and I think it’s worrying that Citi employees have access to unrestricted payment data in the first place.

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I worked for Citi until 2008. All of that information cited was available on the very first screen of their mainframe system accessible by practically the entire company. However, as with most computer systems, bread crumbs are left leaving a trail of everything thing you accessed. Just like stealing from Walmart, you have to be an idiot to try and do something like this. I have seen local police roll up several times to be escorted in to the building and arrest an employee. Happens more often than you would think.

Can confirm. Exact same set up by Chase, Capital One, and HSBC. CSRs can see all of your accounts tied to SSN (including REALLY old ones that’s been closed).

My call to credit card goes to manila. There they ask me my SSN and mothers maiden name. That together with the hack from equifax means any dumb duck in Manila can call on as me to citibank.

I fought with some asshole on citibank and he kept saying they have strong security but can’t discuss it with. Again this makes me so mad at one of the parties in the Congress. The business friendly party.


I briefly worked for Citi in the 1990’s. A guy on my team was arrested for stealing SSN’s and selling them to a friend.

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