Posted by William Charles on January 3, 2017

Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Cuba, Exception To Once In Lifetime Rule & More

  • Cuba Is Actually A Terrible Place To Go by Travel Codex. My recommendation for places like this is to make sure you do your research before you leave, I think a lot of people will fall into this trap because of the short flight. Simple things like bringing EUR instead of USD. Cuba is not set up for luxury travel at all currently, so the best food/entertainment is likely to be the cheaper options as well. All that being said, places like Cuba aren’t for everybody and that’s OK too.
  • 2 Weeks Free Roaming Wifi in Japan When Flying JAL by Rapid Travel Chai. Obviously not worth booking with JAL just because of this promotion, but worth remembering if you already have a flight with them.


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Cuba story is an embarrassment – an american who did no planning and who wants to live in American all over the world… Been to Cuba and never had an issue… and you don’t need to exchange money – Story full of BS

That post is full of ignorance and stupidity.

That’s not an exception to the Once-in-a-lifetime rule. The person never activated an Everyday card which they never applied for and never received a bonus on. The computer rejected the bonus automatically because they already had one as a result of a product conversion which was never activated. A human overrode the computer. It’s nice to know Amex was willing to do that, but it certainly does not apply to anyone who got the bonus before.

You shouldn’t have linked to that Cuba story. The guy admits he did no planning and really didn’t know what he was doing. Someone decides to visit a country that was off limits and out of touch with the US for 50 years and doesn’t do any preparation? Who’s fault is that? Lost baggage can happen anywhere, though the AirBnB problem was a bit odd. Again, with research he would have known to book a room at a casa particular. My wife and I came back from Cuba a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. Yes, it was expensive at times, but we knew that going in. And it was no more expensive than any other major city in the world–except our room was only $45 a night. We made sure we had enough money to not run out–it’s called planning! WiFi is only $4.50 an hour at most places in Havana. It is widely known that paladars(privately owned restaurants) have better food than government owned shops. The locals were all very friendly, Havana has a lot of character and they are slowly building it back up. We went to a club one night and it was packed. Plus it was only 2 CUC cover. I could definitely recommend Cuba to anyone, as long as they plan their trip appropriately!

Considering the source of the Cuba article I’m not at all surprised he didn’t have a good time. Entitled douche that helped ruin MS.

Well he did mention bring Euros instead of Dollars, but “entitled” travelers seem to have problems wherever they go 😉

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