Posted by William Charles on July 2, 2017

Published on July 2nd, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Gamestop Deal, Alaska High Value Card & More


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  1. Tim W. says:

    Aaand I’m banned from trading games in with Gamestop.

    • Vincent says:

      Can’t tell if seriously not!

    • What volume we talking?

      • Tim W. says:

        Cost: $784.21 ($726.11 + $58.10 tax)
        Gamestop credit: $947.21 (it would be $15 more but I bought Pro with the transaction)
        9 games I already owned: $142.80
        Credit from games I purchased: $804.41
        Value of games I haven’t yet traded: $195.50 (or $184 without Pro)
        Total future credit – value of games I owned: $999.91.
        Gamestop credit profit: $215.70
        Percentage value: $999.91/$784.21 = 127.5%

        Not bad for a few hours, but nothing crazy. I’m not entirely sure what got me banned, but I have my guesses. I didn’t have any repeat titles, even on differing systems. It was either volume making them nervous — I tried trading in 35 items at once as I literally just went item by item in Best Buy and bought anything with at least 20% profit showing from a trade-in — or my failure to notice that three Xbox One games had a second piece of tape keeping them closed. The cashier refused to take them and wasn’t amused when I responded by saying, “how about I just pull the tape off.” He got pretty serious about how he can’t take them now knowing that they were presented to him in that fashion.

        Having been turned away from that location and not wanting to lose the locked in trade price for the day, I bought 3 more games at Best Buy to get to the six minimum and went over to the Gamestop down the street. They proceeded to get on the phone as soon as I came in and then near the end of the transaction informed me that I’m banned from trading at Gamestop. Any Gamestop, not just theirs.

        Fortunately, the prices haven’t changed this morning and I created my wife an account and locked the prices in, so she’ll be visiting another location sometime today. The credit I received works fine so I’m pretty happy. I very much doubt that I would have traded in anything at Gamestop in the future, anyway. My only regret is that I kind of wanted to manufacture Best Buy status with this, and getting 2x points on games (assuming it goes through) is pretty sweet. I might double check if I’m actually banned or if the guy just made it up. I’ll report back if I’m good.

        P.S. – I also got the $800 Best Buy credit for 64,000 TY points. Deals on deals!

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