Posted by William Charles on March 14, 2018

Published on March 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Hawaii Key For Southwest Credit Cards, Reselling Fire Tablets & More


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It’s “Skift” not “Skrift.” 🙂

I had no idea anyone would buy fire tablet off ebay… i would have gotten in on that deal as well, they pop up on SD all the time.

Hopefully this means I can stop relying on the Vudu app to watch my MA movies on my Xbox One, and use FandangoNow instead. It’s a terrible app on that platform for some reason.

I got the apple tv. Tried to sell it and the marketplace it’s full of Apple tv. Why anyone would buy it from us when they get it off direct tv directly is beyond me. In case there is a lot of competition to sell. $80 for lot of aggravation is not worth it. Danny made more money gun the post writing about the deal than grim the deal itself.

That’s the truth. Then again, some people do things just for the challenge. Lots of folks reading this blog spending an hour doing something to save $5.

I resold the Apple TV on eBay within hours of posting and made $150. Made $90 with these kindles and had them sold before Amazon even shipped them.

How did you make $150? Please break out all the fees etc.

I sold mine for $120. I made a profit of $15 from what I paid to directv. I am not counting the portal payouts etc.

Everything is in here. I included the portal bonuses since I would have never got them without the offer. Also had the BOA cash back deal. Was also able to get an extra $30 for signing up for the portal etc.

Without the portal stuff would have made $40 per unit ($80 total) for 30 minutes of work.

Here is my breakdown of selling the kindles too

I got the email for the BofA offer but it is not registering. So I may have to call since it has been about a week. Has yours come through on the BofA site yet?

Yeah I have been paid on one already, the other took a week or so longer to start processing. It took a while to get the confirmation email on that one too – a couple of weeks. Does it show as processing on the BOA site at all?

The offer for DTV Now showed the circle of two arrows like it was processing but now completely disappeared. I will give it another week then call. Thanks!

My pleasure – seems like the normal process. You should be good.

Both me and my husband applied and got approved for Business and personal card last month, met spending and got CP status for us (Our daughters fly free now).

ANY IDEA when Hawaii is coming on board for SW?

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