Posted by William Charles on September 7, 2017

Published on September 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Iberia Strands 3 Children Due To Involuntary Bump That Could Have Been Avoided & More


  • Nightmare In Spain: Iberia Airlines Strands 3 Children by Dan’s Deals. Seems a perplexing situation, from my reading it seems that Iberia are claiming that the 17 & 15 year olds are considered an adult and can accompany the 11 year old as a minor. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me and even if that is the case as Dan correctly points out they would have been one of the first to check in rather than the last due to the connecting flights. I hate when airlines have no empathy for individual’s unique circumstances. I also think this just goes to show that involuntary bumping compensation is way too low currently as airlines are making no real efforts to find voluntary customers. Would this situation have occurred if airlines were required to pay $10,000 per passenger if they are involuntary bumped? I think not. As Dan mentions please share the story on social media if it resonates with you.

17 Responses to Recap: Iberia Strands 3 Children Due To Involuntary Bump That Could Have Been Avoided & More

  1. fathiss says:

    Oh no! I hope you are not going to be like the many bloggers on Boarding Area now that turn their blogs into tabloid news. I stopped going there because of the lack of relevant information. You have been different from them because you only give relevant info void of these sensationalized stories. I hope this is not the start of a new trend.

    • oleg says:

      fathiss, it is all irrelevant until something like this happens to us or our family.

    • It’s a link to another sites story in a recap, calm down.

      • Robert says:

        You have a amazing site.
        You have a great recap post on your site!
        No need to answer such a loser…
        I just hope that such a story happens to him!
        I wish!
        Keep it up!

        • fathiss says:

          I don’t wish what hapened on them to anybody, not even you, Robert. I am not critical of the story, but its place in the blog of the only blogger I still respect.

      • fathiss says:

        William, There is nothing for me to “calm down” from. I’m giving you my feedback which I thought you would want from your readers. It’s not a personal critic and I do not resort to name calling as some of your readers do. Do you want all feedback or just “Robert type” feedback that agrees with everything you write?

        • sami says:

          It’s hardly tabloid news. It’s a travel story and this is a site that spends a lot of time discussing travel so it’s totally appropriate. DoC also is a champion of consumers and a watchdog for us so highlighting stories like the Iberia incident is incredibly important. Corporations, airlines especially, too often treat consumers with indifference or contempt, sites like DoC and Dansdeals help shine a light on that and help us band together.

          • fathiss says:

            Sami, We will likely disagree on this one. But look at all the headings under Doctor of Credit above: Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Credit Scores, Knowledge Base, Daily Deals. I don’t see a fit for this article. William does not write these type articles and it is rare to see him link to such things.
            There are plenty of other bloggers who get into this stuff. I am simply giving feedback that I enjoy his site because he does not, but sticks to topics relevant to his headings,
            I give my feedback only. Everyone has their opinions on these things. William is free to do whatever he wants with the feedback he gets. But I know that people are far more likely to write comments that agree with a blogger than disagree. I mean no disrespect to him nor anyone else by giving my feedback.

          • Kimberly says:

            I agree with sami. I actually clicked on this post because I keep reading these reports about Iberia requiring people to get boarding passes at their transfer locations rather than issuing them at check-in, and then bumping people at the transfer location, with all kinds of terrible results. As someone who travels to Europe frequently, and who is therefore a consumer of European airlines, I absolutely want to know about these practices. It isn’t tabloid fodder, it actually is “relevant info” that is directly related to the concerns of people visiting this site.

        • Hi Fathiss. First of all, sorry! I was pretty tired when I responded to your comment but that’s no excuse. We do want all feedback from readers.

          With the recaps what I try to do is to try and cover things that I find interesting that I don’t think deserve a dedicated post on the site. I thought that story was interesting due to the children angle and the fact they are making no meaningful attempts at finding people to voluntary bump.

          I understand where you’re coming from re: Tabloid news but I think it has enough to do with the site that it’s worth including. Even if it didn’t have a lot to do with the site the recap is where I like to put those sorts of things anyway.

          I hope that alleviates some of your concerns!

          • AL says:

            Superb site. I like the recaps for light reading. If you start posting articles about the size of flight attendant hair buns or something like that (I’m looking at you TPG)…then you know you’ve gone too far. 😁

          • That seems like something readers want to know though, thanks for the idea

    • roo-fee-oh says:

      Meh, maybe it’s because I don’t read other travel/financial gaming blogs but I like his occasional recaps that sometimes even include things that aren’t explicitly travel/financial related. Adds some personality to the blog and some insight into the people behind the scenes. And if I’m not interested, I don’t click, it’s maybe one post a week?

      I’m not sure why you think this is new, recaps of news have been around since I started reading over a year ago. But the easy remedy is to not read them. It’s not like the site is flooded with daily commentary on random travel news.

      Also, Doc, is it possible to remove the notifications bell thing from mobile? The little bell always on the screen is kinda annoying and gets in the way, particularly when commenting.

  2. parkdanil says:

    Could have been worse. Might’ve gotten stuck in Latveria :p

  3. fatpiss says:

    I don’t agree with fathiss’s tone but I do agree with the point he is trying to make. Those headlines are a bunch of clickbait and for those who like that stuff, there are many other places that cover those discussions. I like this site for it’s focus. Hope that continues

  4. John K says:

    Thanks, as always, for sharing interesting stories about travel that I might have otherwise missed. Here’s to a future where an airline would rather make another customer’s day by giving them a considerable voucher to voluntarily bump rather than strand three kids. Do the right thing, save face, and even increase some customer’s preference for them. Much like Dan, I’m also left shocked by this response from Iberia that the right thing wasn’t the best and frankly least expensive move in the long run.

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