Posted by William Charles on January 13, 2018

Published on January 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Lyft Beer, Possible New U.S. Bank Offers & More


  • Not sure how reliable this is, but looks like U.S. Bank might be offering the following: Cash+ and Cash 365 get a $150 bonus after $500 spend in 90 days. from 1/15/18 until 2/15/18. Via AlienBrainJuice on /r/churning.
  • Flight problems? Now American Airlines will fork over extra miles on the spot by CNN. I’m always a fan of companies that empower their employees to be able to make decisions like this. If an issue can be resolved with a few miles in flight that’s surely a much better outcome for American Airlines.

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There are two scenarios in IT security with regards to having hackers inside your network. 1.) Believing you’re not hacked when you are. 2.) Knowing you’re hacked and actively shutting down bad actors inside your systems every day before they compromise sensitive data.

Notice there’s never a situation where you aren’t hacked. Perfect front line defense is a nearly impossible thing to achieve which is why everyone is getting breached. The worst hit are just those that buried their heads in the sand and didn’t react.

As a data point I just received in the mail an offer for the US Bank Cash + card. Spend $500 get a $150 bonus. And already have this card. Will see if I can get it again.

i got the mailer for the usbank cash+ card…$150 after spending $500, the usual 5%/2%/1% reward structure. The 5% categories aren’t great for me, so its not personally an exciting offer, but might be for others

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