Posted by William Charles on September 21, 2017

Published on September 21st, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Marriott Hiring, CFPB Action & Credit Karma Available In Canada


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Hiring* in title 🙂

Spell check is way overrated these days.

Credit Karma has been operating in Canada for several months now. Not sure what that article is going on about.

That Marriott job… I might apply.

“Significant P&L responsibility, preferably overseeing a credit card portfolio, with track record of growth.”

Let me show you my CC and MS spreadsheets 😀

Reading between the lines:

Marriott is hiring someone to figure out whether to continue with Amex credit cards (from the Starwood side) and/or Chase credit cards (from the Marriott / Ritz side) in the USA once the two (or three if you count Ritz) programs merge.

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