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Published on August 2nd, 2017 | by William Charles


Reserve Your Spot At The Chase Lounge For The U.S. Open (Free Snacks & Drinks)

Reposting as this is now available for 2017.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • You can now make a reservation for access to the Chase Lounge at the U.S. Open. Access is free, but you need to have a ticket to the U.S. open to gain entry and a Chase card to make a reservation (although you only need to input the phone number on the back of your card).


The Fine Print

  • You can make a total of four reservations and each reservation is for one event/session time for one person


Our Verdict

The lounge itself will have snacks and light refreshments, last year alcohol was only served for the evening sessions. There is no viewing area from the Chase Lounge, it’s located in the Chase Center immediately inside the east gate entrance to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. There will be TV’s providing coverage of the open inside the lounge.

If you’re going to the U.S. open then you should sign up for this, you get a few freebies (and drinks/snacks aren’t exactly cheap at the U.S. Open) and they have air conditioning as well if it gets hot.

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I’m not going but my Daughter is for three days. Do you think I could make a reservation and she could use?


If she has an AU card, I’m pretty sure it’ll be OK.

Rich T
Rich T

Thanks! Been here in a previous year – a great Oasis for a break, especially on long hot day


Any clue for session 24 ? how to book? i see only upto session 1-19


Ditto on the nice option. Here’s a few take-aways from hitting it hard last year:

– food options were either a soft pretzel (with sauces), french-fry chips, fruit, or granola. basically one at a time. you won’t get “full” (or any balanced meal) but great for snacking as it’s unlimited.

– beer and mixed drinks were not discounted as far as i remember. but lemonade and tea (and coffee) were awesome to get a quick refresh

– per above, very easy to enter and exit several times with no real crowd issues.

– i think they close between sessions for a bit, so you need 2 reservations if you plan to be there all day

– last year, every session you could get a free hat. good quality. had Chase on the front, but an official US Open logo fairly large on the side. they mark you band off when you get one, but you can get one for each session you have access.

– not a large bathroom, but clean and, um, if you had an emergency, probably one of the best to use at the Open.

– no live view of courts, but a lot of TVs that made it GREAT to actually see how some courts were filling up! we wanted to see a particular upcoming Grandstand match, but were able to hang in the lounge for a bit longer until we saw it was finally starting to fill up.

– if you didn’t have evening Ashe tickets, with the TV and snacks, a good place to kill time if you needed to if there wasn’t anything else really going on around the grounds.

– the Amex Lounge is quieter, but doesn’t have any TVs(!). The Amex lounge also has a couple things to see and no free food, but they actually have decent (and relatively fast) food court food you can order and eat inside while sitting if you wanted. You can get in the Amex lounge while there easily with an Amex card (which you also want for the free ear radios!), but the Chase registration will fill up fast before the tournament starts.

Rich T
Rich T

Details/link for Amex lounge?


Easy. You just bring your card and show it at the door.

It’s huge, and they have a few exhibits but nothing to exciting and no food or drink for free. Doesn’t really feel like a lounge– more like an expo hall.

Chase is better but you can do both!

Shaun Steigman
Shaun Steigman

Thanks so much for the tip. Enjoyed stopping in to the lounge last year.

Fwiw…. login from last year only provided access to last year’s sessions (as the site’s instructions indicate). Then when used the option to create new login, wouldn’t let me use my same email address as last year’s account. Fortunately have a second address that I used successfully.


@DoC – used the customer service number on the back of my Freedom to register, which threw an error on the website

tweeted Chase and they responded with the following:

“Thank you for the clarification. This offer is for Chase Private Clients, and you’ll need to use the service line on your ATM card for this.”

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