Posted by William Charles on November 27, 2018

Published on November 27th, 2018 | by William Charles


Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT To Get Centurion Lounge [Confirmed]

Update 12/5/18: This has now been formally confirmed by American Express. In addition a new lounge will becoming to Heathrow as well.

Update: This was discussed in the City Of Charlotte council meeting. I’ve removed the rumor tag, we also have some additional information:

Hat tip to TPG for the Charlotte City Council Business Meeting information.

Original post: According to uptownliving on urbanplanet Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT will be getting an American Express Centurion lounge. Rumored details:

  • Will open by this time next year
  • Will be on the third level in the expansion between D & E
  • Will be 13,000 square feet

If you take a look at their post history, it looks like they are a reliable source.

Hat tip to PFDigest

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This airport annoys me, but I would be more inclined to stop here if there is a Centurion Lounge

I live in Charlotte and I know the airport i going through huge expansion. They’re building a whole new terminal so won’t be surprised if this news is accurate.

Better By Design

Makes sense… along with the expansion construction providing an opportunity, CLT and PHX, are the only major AA airports without a Centurion lounge at this point.

Um .. what about ORD??

PHX could def use a decent lounge, the options are pretty lackluster. Not enough international destinations for Amex though I think.

That would be great–but come on Atlanta Hartsfield? Why doesn’t ATL have a damn Centurion lounge??

The Rational Consumer
The Rational Consumer

Amex relationship with Delta would impact whether ATL should have Centurion lounge

They dont have an AA presence and obviously Centurion Lounges are targeted towards AA people. There is a Delta lounge on ATL that you can access with the Amex plat.

Because there are already 85 Skyclubs there and there is a good chance you’ll be flying Delta if going through there.

What cards have centurion lounge access?

Amex platinum and Amex centurion.

American Express Platinum and Centurion.

Alexander Nelson

ORD continues to be the airport with the worst lounges. Not ONE SINGLE priority pass lounge or restaurant. Only thing it has is Polaris lounge. Pathetic.

There are PP lounges in Terminal 5.

But only for international flights from T 5

Right, but CLT only has the minute suites. Would be nice to have another PP lounge there.

+1 (or restaurant)

So how about Chicago ORD? you know america’s third largest city and third busiest airport

Darn. MCO needs a Centurion Lounge or Lounges based on travel volume more than CLT.

Curious why you think that?

CLT looks to have more passengers & boardings. And CLT terminals are connected behind security, which makes it less annoying if I fly from a different terminal.

And there are priority pass lounges at MCO. At CLT, you get minute suites…

This is great news!! I travel alot and have connected through several large airports just to have access to AMEX lounges. With CLT being my home town, I honestly was surprised with how many flights in a day and CLT being one of AA’s biggest HUBs that there are zero lounges here. If anyone has traveled through CLT in the last 6 months, they wil know this airport is deff undergoing an expansion plan.

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