Posted by Chuck on November 27, 2018
Gift Card Deals

Published on November 27th, 2018 | by Chuck


Samsung Pay: Dozens of Discounted Gift Cards Available at 4-20% Off [10% off Lowe’s, Gamestop, Hotels, 15% off Gap, 4% off eBay etc.]

The Offer

Find the Gift Cards tab in the Samsung Pay app to get these deals:

  • AMC theatres 10% off
  • Athleta 15% off
  • Atom tickets 15% off
  • Baby Gap 15% off
  • Banana Republic 15% off
  • BJ’s restaurant/brewhouse 8% off
  • Bow Tie Cinemas 20% off
  • Brinker Restaurants 20% off
  • Columbia Sportswear 15% off
  • Crazy 8 20% off
  • Darden Restaurants 5% off
  • Dominos 20% off
  • Dunkin Donuts 20% off
  • Ebay 4% off
  • Express 6% off
  • Famous Footwear 20% off
  • Gamestop 10% off
  • Gap 15% off
  • Gymboree 20% off
  • 10% off
  • JCPenney 15% off
  • Lowe’s 10% off
  • Old Navy 15% off
  • Olive Garden 5% off
  • Overstock 15% off
  • P.F. Chang’s China Bistro 8% off
  • Regal Cinemas 20% off
  • Sony Playstation 6% off
  • Spotify 20% off
  • The Children’s Place 10% off

The Fine Print

  • Valid until ??
  • Limit of two cards per 24 hours
  • $500 maximum over promo period

Our Verdict

Nice to see so many options, I bolded a few that some might find more interesting, but in the end, it depends where you shop. Don’t forget you can earn an additional 5% cashback if you have the Chase Freedom card and have linked Chase Pay & Samsung Pay.

Hat tip to SD

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Did promo reset? Doesn’t list in my terms


How to stack chase pay?


I think I’m being dense, but I don’t see how to buy gift cards with both Chase & Samsung Pay. When I open Chase Pay & choose “Pay with Samsung” I get the Samsung Pay app in the state I use to pay at a credit card terminal, but not the screen where I can choose to buy gift cards. Help!


Open chase pay. Go to freedom card. Tap on “add to sam pay”. Close chase pay. Open sam pay. Go to the deal. Tap buy. Select freedom as the card to pay with. See if the freedom card you added before shows a chase pay logo. Complete the purchase. The chase statement will show that you used chase pay.


I have tried multiple times to link chase pay with Samsung pay; it does not work ( at least for me )
The chase logo is present, I tried paying with Samsung pay within the chase pay app; no dice


You have to pay with the Samsung Pay app, once you have it link through the Chase pay app, you will notice that your Chase card will have a “Chase Pay” logo on it. It will look different from any other card you have in your Samsung pay. Once you have this link, this will get you the extra points this quarter. Learned the hard way as I changed my phone, and forgot to link it. Spend 1k, and didn’t get the points :(.


OK thanks for the replies! I figured out how to do it and believe my first (Ebay) GC was credited correctly. I have another question which is not specifically about this promo but since it seems like there are some knowledgeable folks looking at these comments…

Can I get Chase Pay & Samsung Pay credit for paying for an Ebay purchase on my phone? I just tried it – I opened Samsung Pay, clicked on the cashback promo link, chose Ebay … it opened the Ebay app and I did my shopping … but on checkout there was never a “Pay with Samsung Pay” option … I went ahead and made the purchase using my Chase Freedom CC which I just added to my Ebay account. When I logged out of EBay & got back to Samsung Pay, I got a message saying “if you made a purchase we’ll credit you”, so I think I’ll get the Samsung 1% cashback, but I’m guessing I won’t get the Chase Pay credit (and the resulting quarterly 5% points on my Chase VISA).

Should I be more hopeful? Is there a way to make this work so I can get the bonus Chase points on EBay & other purchases?


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