Posted by William Charles on June 16, 2017

Published on June 16th, 2017 | by William Charles


Square Cash App Offering $10 Sign Up Bonus & $10 Referral Bonus For Free (Just Need To Send $5 To Receive)

Offer is now significantly better as you only need to send $5 to receive the $10 bonus rather than $50.

The Offer

  • Both parties will receive $10 when one party is invited to use the Square Cash App and they send their first $5  $50 (note only some people have the $10 referral offer, others only have the standard $5 offer).
  • To refer people:
    • Open the Cash app > tap the icon at the top-left corner.
    • Select anyone from your contact list to invite them. To invite someone who isn’t one of your contacts, add their SMS number, or email address in the To: field.
    • Tap Invite
  • To enter referral code:
    • Open the Cash app > tap the icon at the top-left corner.
    • At the bottom of the screen, tap Enter Reward Code.
    • Enter your friend’s Square Cash Reward Code.


The Fine Print

  • Once you’ve entered the Reward Code, you have 30 days to send $50, either as a lump sum or multiple payments. Once you’ve sent your first $50 with Square Cash, you’ll get a bonus
  • Not everybody will have $10 offer, some people with only have $5 offer.

Share Your Referrals

We are going to let people share their referrals in the comments, but there are strict rules. If you do not follow these rules, we will remove your comment. If you consistently break the rules on this post and others, we will mark your comment as spam and you’ll be banned from commenting on the site.

  • Retweet this tweet first (make sure you retweet the linked tweet, you actually have to retweet the tweet not just write retweet or rt as a reply)
  • Add your twitter handle to the end of your comment
  • Post a comment with your referral link or your code
  • Make sure your link is $10 offer, if it is for the $5 offer we will remove it
  • Only post once, if you post twice we will remove both and possibly ban you

Our Verdict

Pretty easy $10 if you know somebody you can transfer the money to and get it back. Even better if that person has the $10 referral bonus as that way you both earn $10. Even if you transferred it to somebody who wouldn’t give you the money back you’d still make $5 profit.

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Here’s my referral code. Thank you to anyone who uses it!

Twitter @JedidiahLukka

Here’s a new referral code, this provides $1000 free processing for limited time.. about $28 value. Can use with prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards..

This is only good for the swipe function right?

Reward code:


CashApp Rewards code
get $10

Would you consider selling your cash app account?

This isn’t a $10 code Cody. Its a $5 code…

Try the Cash app using my code and we’ll each get $5! CSWVVSW

My code is KRCWQWJ

I love Cash! Too bad it can’t be used for MS (as far as I know anymore). Still, great service that is fast and free with next day payout. Thanks all who signup with my link! Doctor of credit is amazing, right?!
FYI, I would make sure the code appears in Rewards when you signup. It’s under the profile setting in the app. Just to make sure you get your $10 🙂

Twitter MatthewDW

What do you mean that it can’t be used for MS anymore? Do you mean you used to be able to send using your credit card for free? Does it let you send with a regular debit card? Is there a fee?

Early on I think it was possible to use the PayPal debit card for cashback and possibly Visa or MasterCard gift cards. I can’t remember exactly since it’s been a long time ago now. There’s always been a fee with credit card, although the Square reader does usually offer $1k free for referrals.

You can send money with most debit cards and it is free! 🙂

BTW, for anyone that has signed up for Cash already – if you never got a bonus or think you haven’t, go to your profile in the app and scroll all the way down to see if you have the Rewards button. If you do, you can still get the $10 promo! Just enter code JXJQLWQ and send someone $50. If you have two debit cards, you should be able to signup with two different email/phone numbers to send the $50 between them and both can earn $10. Great promo!!

DOC for president. Thanks for anyone that uses my link.

Try the Cash app using my code and we’ll each get $10! NGVQRNB


Used yours, thanks!

Referral Code: CSWVVSW

Used your code. Thanks.

Here’s my referral code, thanks a lot if you use it!

Try the Cash app using my code and we’ll each get $10! BFFLKSD

Twitter @ryan22345

Here’s my referral link:

Thank you for using my link!

Oh — Forgot my username. It’s @sikachu.

Sikachu, you forgot to mention that your referral link is for $10 and not just $5! 😉 I tried to use your code, but alas I was ineligible for another bonus.

Just used your code on a new account. 🙂

Still no dice, sadly. 🙁
“$10.00 for trying Cash – Failed”
“This payment was canceled for your protection.”

$10 referral! NGXGJDQ

Twitter @diverski

Used your referral today. Thanks!

Thanks Doc. I got the $10 referral. Here is my link and thanks in advance to whoever uses it:
Try the Cash app using my code and we’ll each get $10! JTPMFFL


Thanks Doc! $10 BUCKS FOR FREE when you use the link below:

Twitter @blumenthalb1

you must add the code “BDVGWXG” clicking the top left corner icon and then adding the code previously mentioned in it.

Thanks DoC! Just checked and I had $10! (Signed up from you)

Also, if you need someone to send and receive the $50, I can help you out if you don’t have anyone around you to send $50 to for the bonus. (Based on trust, of course)


Thanks DoC. Big fan of the app, I use it monthly to collect from members of my cell phone group. Below is my referral, many thanks in advance to anyone that uses it!


Always awesome, DoC. I use Square Cash pretty regularly to even up things with roommates. My $10 referral is below:


Love the square cash app. Now you can use it with Apple pay with their virtual visa card too!

Try the Cash app using my code and we’ll each get $10! RKMCCKV


Thanks DoC!

Here’s my $10 referral link, thank you if someone uses it!


Here’s my referral code. Thank you to anyone who uses it!

Twitter @raahul013

Here’s my referral code. Thank you to anyone who uses it!

Twitter @ektaag

Appreciate it advance!


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