Square Cash App Offering $5 Sign Up Bonus & $5 Referral Bonus For Free

The Offer

  • Receive a $5 bonus when a friend sends you a referral link to Square cash and you link a debit card.
  • If you refer a friend and they link a debit card, then you’ll also a $5 bonus

The Fine Print

  • They offered $1 as a sign up bonus in the past (which is still being promoted on their website)
  • If you’re already using the app or have used it in the past, you don’t qualify for this offer
  • Must live in the United States
  • You must refer your friend by using their phone number

Our Verdict

This seems to be an easy $5, better yet it should be extremely easy to rack up a lot of referrals in a short amount of time as it won’t be too difficult to convince friends & family members to sign up for a free $5. Square cash allows you to send or receive money to any phone number or e-mail address with your linked bank account (linked via a debit card), once that person adds their own debit card the money will be automatically deposited into their account.

This is the same company that runs Square Register, which is a mobile phone credit card processing company. Given that this company has raised over $590.5 million in 7 rounds of funding, it’s safe to say that this is a legitimate promotion. I linked my debit card when the sign up bonus was only $1 and I haven’t had any issues with the service, I’ve used it a few times but usually I don’t bother as my friends & family don’t have linked accounts – so hopefully this can encourage them to sign up.

This might also be an interesting way to rack up more debit card transactions for bank account bonuses, but I’m unsure if this would work or not (anybody with any experience let us know in the comments).

I’m going to allow you to refer each other in the comments. If you want to be referred, then say so and if you want to do the referring say so. I’ll use the e-mail addresses you use to match referrers with referees and try to spread the love out a little bit. You might want to consider joining a conga line or something similar elsewhere though. I’ll give preference to those who comment on this site regularly first in terms of getting referrals.

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Jarrett (@guest_566541)
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richie rich
richie rich (@guest_367797)
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July 26, 2016 14:08

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Just make sure to enter the referral code after scrolling down to your profile.

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