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Published on November 14th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Dead] Swych: Pay $185 for $215 Lowe’s or $200 Target, Best Buy, Home Depot E-Gift with Gifting Bonus + 5x with INK [Update]

Update 11/14/18: A third code has surfaced: duty (ht MtM). The other two codes are service (that’s our code, thanks if you use it first) and honor.

Update 11/13/18: Deal is working again, reposting. Update 11/13/18: Looks like this has hit the redemption limit. Marking it as dead. Update 11/13/18: If you’ve already done this deal using the promo code service then you can do it again by using the promo code honor.

The Offer

  • The Swych gift card app is offering a $200 ‘Appliance Gift Card’ for $185 when sending as a gift. Use promo code: service (we get a commission if you use this promo code).
  • The Appliance Gift Card can be redeemed (‘swyched’) by the recipient for one of the following brands: Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s.
  • If the recipient chooses the Lowe’s option, they’ll get a $15 bonus.

You can send someone a $200 Appliance Gift Card and pay just $185. Then, they’ll be able to redeem the card for a $215 Lowe’s gift card or for a $200 Target, Best Buy, or Home Depot gift card.

Find the Appliance gift card option when selecting the ‘Send’ gifting option in the Swych app.

The Fine Print

  • Ends November 15, 2018, 11:59 pm pacific (or while supplies last)
  • Valid for both new users and existing users
  • Only valid for gifting, not valid for self-gift
  • Limit 1 per person

Our Verdict

Both options are solid deals: Target, Best Buy, and Home Depot rarely go on sale, and a ~15% discount on Lowe’s is terrific. An added plus with Swych is the credit card bonus angle: the Chase INK Plus/Cash card has been earning 5x when paying with Paypal on Swych. The downside is that it’s only available for gifting and not self use.

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The promo code errors out. Is ‘service’ correct?

Is there a way to gift these to yourself? I can’t find a way.

Targeted? I dont see ‘appliance’ as an option under SEND or BUY

it isn’t under buy, but it should be under send

Thanks again for another code, DoC!

Been buying Lowe’s GC (for use) since I found this site. Usually 15% is the best deal I’ve seen. Here we have 16%. Even better! Nothing beats these GCs and stacking for all the household crap that is needed.

Where is my math off? I am showing 13.95% discount in case of Lowes.
you get $30 discount on $215 worth of Lowes gift card. so $35/$215×100%= about 14%. How did you guys get 15% or 16% off?

You are spot on with your math. I’m not sure what other math system people are using. . . 185/215 = .86.

Guess I was saying it to myself a lil backwards. How about this, spend 185 and get a 16% bonus. Either way, whatever.

You’re right and if using Ink 5x, then add $9.25. If you include that, then it’s a 18.26% discount.

Can you choose Lowes and then exchange the Lowes for another GC? Or am I thinking of another app? Bitmo maybe?

i understand that I can’t send more than one using this promo–but can I receive more than one gift from others?

Yes you can

success! Thanks DoC

Says I’ve already used the promo code.


App FORCES location to be on to make a purchase. There are plenty of safe reliable methods to ensure a non-fraudelent transaction, and Switch has no business with everyone’s location information (nor contacts.)

Agreed. Unnecessary and I uninstalled after the promo code did not work. Probably will never use again.

‘duty’ is another one

Also, you can’t spend more than 300$ back to back with these promos so you will have to wait 24 hours in between each promo code

+2 🙂

Had noticed that 24 hour throttle too, waited it out til last night, and we did round #2 in my family with second code. You mention “duty” as a possible third code for next round (if this deal stays alive). Curious the provenance of “duty”?


And it appears this deal is over… I see the APP card and the Best Buy card when trying to send… but no appliance card. Pretty sure I’m doing it right…

Yup, looks dead to me too. Don’t see the appliance card

Lowes $215 just worked for me!

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