Posted by William Charles on March 13, 2018

Published on March 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


SYWR: $5 In Free Points

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sears is offering a free $5 in SYWR points. You need to do the following:
    • Play ‘Your Bracket of Prizes’
    • Play game, doesn’t matter if you win or lose
    • Receive $5 in Shop Your Way Rewards Surprise points
    • If it doesn’t show up immediately try logging in and out or waiting a bit

The Fine Print

  • Points will show up as free cash in your Sears login, can only be used at Sears
  • Offer valid for first 100,000 entrants
  • Excludes clearance, Lands End Merchandise, Grocery, Drug, or Pharmacy

Our Verdict

A lot of people are getting stuck on 50% completed for this one for whatever reason. It seems like a major hassle so I’d probably just give this one a miss. It is easy to rack up SYWR points with Uber rides and 100% back in points deals and these free point opportunities can be useful for getting enough points for what you want to buy for free.

Hat tip to DDG

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This is targeted. Says I’m not eligible.

Stuck at 50%

There is another step involved to receive the $5 in Freecash. After clicking on the “bracket” game you need to “want” an item, which I did by both clicking on the heart and wrapped present icon which are underneath. The $5 will appear in your account in about 10 minutes. Mine was good at both KMart and Sears but, be warned, there are LOTS of excluded items. As always, act as if you are buying online and see if the $5 Freecash is applied before you purchase. If it does, buy. If not, keep shopping until the offer works.

Thanks Mikey — took awhile and several tries over the hours to get this to work. Key being to go the product categories that come up, then click on a single item, THEN (as you note) actually click on the “want” option. You know you’re in bdnss when the “saved to your wish list” comes up. In my case, I was shown first the ncaa product category — which annoyed me a tad as I couldn’t get Virginia Cavaliers to come up (which is rather odd with them being by far #1 team. 🙂 ) Eventually found it. Might even buy something — esp. with the $5 added to family accounts.

I got 150,000 points, which is apparently the grand prize and worth $150. They are asking for W-9 info, including SSN. I’m a little suspicious. I got an email, but the points haven’t shown up yet. Anybody else get anything like this?

Call up SYW to confirm. They’ve always been wonderful to me with customer service. I have not won more than $10 myself so congratulations! But double check with them before providing SSN.

CryptoC — echo your quip about SYW customer service. Despite all the problems with the parent company, the hollowing out of local stores, I too have had repeat very positive experiences when calling in to SYW (and Sears) customer care. (rather amazon-like) Part of the reason I do hope Sears/Kmart survive.

Thanks for the advice! I called them, they gave me a specific email address. They responded to the email within 2 hours and credited the points right away, even without the W-9 info.

doc, footnote, there’s another $5 instant win promo now showing up via syw under the “extra” tab… (It may come up automatically after logging in) This one is easier — just watch a silly short video meant to highlight you can buy groceries at Kmart, then click the wheel…. $5.00 posted instantly to the account. (alas, it’s only for grocery &/or drugs — at Kmart — in store, if you can find one, or on-line)

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