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Credit Card Offers

Published on October 9th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Citi Sears 10x TYP Or 10% Cashback Offer (Gas, Grocery, Restaurant)

The Offer

Targeted offer, no direct link. E-mail subject line should be ‘activate now to earn 10x bonus ThankYou points’

  • Earn 10x bonus ThankYou points (or extra 10% cash back) on eligible purchases at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants. For total eligible purchases of $1,500 or more made each month from 10/01/17-12/31/17 up to a total of 450,000 points each month. Others are seeing different maximum totals and cash back.

Our Verdict

The math in the above image makes no sense, spending $2,000 for 200,000 points is 100x not 10x. I also think the 450,000 point cap seems wrong as well. I suspect it’s mean to be a cap of 45,000 points and you get 10x not 100x. This is the type of targeted deal dreams are made of and why a lot of people apply for this card in the first place. It’s also why it’s ranked as our #1 store credit card. If you have this card fingers crossed you have this offer! Question is how long will Sears survive for? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are offering these crazy promotions on a consistent basis to make their card portfolio look more attractive to potential suitors.

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DoC, as far as I understood, it’s not straight fwd to get this Sears card right? As in, cannot apply for this card in hopes of getting it for TYP and not SYW points

In other words, only certain existing account holders actually have the card for TYP, and new account holders will not be able to get the TYP version of card


Can I do a product switch into this card?

This is the third straight quarter I’ve had an offer like this on my card, but this is the highest limit (even considering 45000 instead of the likely incorrect 450000). I’ll spend/MS/buy gift cards to resell at my grocery store and gas stations for $4500 each month. By the end of the year, I will have earned over 200k TYP from these offers over the last three quarters of the year. This is seriously one of the best cards I have thanks to these bonus offers.

Finally targeted after a long dry spell… $300 per month max 10x for 3000 TY points. I am hoping I’ll start getting targeted for these more often again…Easy win

I got 9000 max per month.

SO got max. $1800 per month, first time after converting the card from earning SYW to TYP.

Did you ask Citi for the conversion? When? After 1 yr of owning the card?

I am also interested as I have had the SYW version of this card for several months

Yes, I had SO call up Citi and ask them to switch points earned by card from SYWP to TYP. They had the card for over 2 years before we switched. We got a letter in the mail confirming the conversion and that we are now earning TYP.

The previous offer we’d received was for 5% back in SYWP which is obviously not as good.

Also, note that if you have another TYP earning card, you can have the Citi Sears card use that TYP account so that your points are automatically combined.

Call the # on the back of the card +1-800-669-8488 to get this done. Good luck!

I called today and was able to switch from SYW to TYP. I was told that I would be sent a “gift card” for the balance of my SYW points. I have an existing TYP account so I provided the rep with my account number. Thank you (points)!

See my comment below. I do not think it should matter how long you have had the card. It is a no-AF card, so I don’t think 1-year anniversary matters.

Had Sears card ~2 months.
Called CSR and asked to be moved to TYP.
He “unenrolled me from the Sears SYW program” and enrolled me in the “Sears TYP program”
He stated from the call forward I will earn TYP. They are not shipping me a new card. If there’s a letter I haven’t had time to receive it.

I got targeted but for a min spend $2K per month. I have no easy way to MS so my card goes in the sock drawer.

Third quarter in a row, this time 10 percent back up to $450/month but min spend of $1,500. Looks like learning to MS is in my future.

How do you get these emails from Sears? I haven’t received a single offer on my wife’s card. She has had it since 2011.


So disappointed. I have received and used these offers for the past 4 quarters, but did not receive this one. And it looks like it has the highest maximum in most cases. Anyone else get left out after having received them consistently?

I got 4500 per month cap. I have received these offers for last few quarters. Mostly organic spend. Not sure how can i spend or ms 4500 .

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