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Published on September 13th, 2018 | by Chuck


Temporary Workaround on the new Chase Sapphire 48-Month Rule with Email Referrals

Sadly it looks like this work around is no longer working. Seems to have happened on/around October 1st.

Update 9/14/18: While the link from email still states 24 months, the terms at the end of the application process state 48 months. Despite confirmations (below) from Chase reps that it’s working as per the 24 months terms, it’s hard to say with confidence what will happen. You can apply and confirm with Chase afterward, but again, you’re at the mercy of the rep knowing properly (I assume they can see it clearly on their end, but hard to know for sure that they aren’t mistaken until the bonus actually posts). 

Original Post:

A reader (Reddit u/llamalamaglama) reached out with a temporary workaround on the new 48-month Chase Sapphire bonus rule whereby you can only get one bonus every 48 months, up from 24 months. Initially, referrals were still showing the 24 month language, but on September 10th Chase pulled that workaround, and referral links now show the new 48-month language.

However, email referrals (not link referrals) which were generated before the September 10 change are already set in stone with the 24-month terms. llamalamaglama verified that the same email referral can be used multiple times, and that it’s been confirmed by Chase reps that the bonus is successfully working for signups who are below the 48 month threshold. In other words, the 24-month terms showing in the email is actually still working and anyone who has such an email can continue to refer people under the old terms.

This is what the ‘Offer Details’ link brings up, clearly showing the 24-month terms. 

Now, email referrals only work for around 30 days, as per the terms in the email, so this workaround will last until October 10th, at the latest – one month from when Chase changed the referral terms. The one I saw has a September 28th expiration, but until roughly October 10th should be possible if someone generated an email referral on the last date.

Of course all this only helps those who are under 5/24 and are between 24-48 months from their past Sapphire bonus.

If you have an emailed referral and would like to share it, please leave an email address below where people can contact you and you can then forward them the referral email. Please first check the ‘Offer Details’ link in the email to ensure it shows the 24 month language. As noted, only emailed referrals already generated from before the change will work. Also, please indicate whether you have a Sapphire Reserve referral available or a Sapphire Preferred referral available. And let us know the expiration date of your referral offer, as shown in the email.

[Please do not leave referral signup links in the comments below: while it is possible to just use the link from the email (at least I don’t see why not), there’s no way for readers to verify the bonus. However, if you forward them the actual email, they’ll be able to confirm the offer and 24-month terms for themselves.]


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Drat, my bonus anniversary os October 11. 🙁

Better try to apply a few days before or even now and recon in 30 days. May work?

24/48 month rule apps result in instant denial without a HP, no?

No, because they need to HP to get the information on if you’re 5/24 or Sapphire 48 in the first place. They’d have no way of knowing otherwise.

Lol why would they need to HP to know if you are Sapphire 48? This is the second time this week you have given incorrect information. Are you a troll?

MickeyMouse is right. You’re the troll, not Mickey.

The Sapphire 48 rule doesn’t make you ineligible for the card; it will still be approved but no sign-up bonus.
Because it doesn’t stop the application, it won’t stop the hard pull.

I have email referral for 24 month, expire 9/27

My email is, it is for CSP, expire 9/27

under 5/24 rule. I opened CSP in May 2016 and then CSR Aug 24, 2016. Got my CSR bonus in Oct 2018-. I really want to get CSR will I qualify for the CSR bonus if i apply now but earn the bonus in Nov 2018? Or should i get the CSP and ask to upgrade to CSR later.

I have exactly the same question. Does anyone know?

I wonder the same thing too. Do you have to APPLY after 24 months or can the BONUS POST after 24 months?

just a heads up you won’t be able to upgrade from the csp to csr in the first year (b/c the CARD act)

On the same boat. Opened CSR on Aug 16, Bonus posted on Oct 16. Wonder whether we could apply the CSP/CSR now. Or if we get denied because of within 24 months of bonus posting, can we call reconsider after bonus posting date?

Thanks for posting this!

I have a 24-month CSR email that expires 9/28 and CSP that expires 10/5. Email if you’d like them!

I am also looking for emails with an expiration date of 10/10 or later.

I have a 24-month Chase Sapphire Preferred email that expires 09/29/18.

Email me if you would like me to forward you the email. Thanks.

For some reason I never received the emails. 🙁
Now just need a workaround for double dip on Sapphire cards 🙂

I have an email referral for CSR with expiration of September 28. Does show 24 month rule. If interested, please email at and I will forward.

I received my last bonus on my 9/1/2016-9/27/2016 statement. Is it safe to apply on 9/28/18 or wait until 10/1/2018?

I am wondering the the same thing! Hopefully someone can help with this.

Wait until 10/1/18.

Please send one to me

I have 24 month email referral for CSR with expiration 9/29. Email me at

CSP email with 9/26 expiration
CSR email with 9/28 expiration

Great! Now if I was only under 5/24. This new rule puts a wrench in the plans for the time being.

I am torn. Just applied for and finished my ink cash MSR. If I apply for this they may shutdown all my cards.

Have the same exact issue. Just got CIP last month and have total 7 chase cards. Despite technically being 2/24 right now, I’m worried about velocity/ total CL with Chase since who knows what will get them to shutdown

I have a 24-month Sapphire Reserve email that expires 9/28/18

DP: I generated a referral email for CSP to my wife on September 3. The “offer details” link clearly states the 48 month rule. So I don’t know if that’s due to the late date of the referral or if they’ve made a change since you posted this.

Drat. I got excited that I might get a few referral bonuses…

I’m seeing the same thing in a referral link I received from a reader here.

You shouldn’t be getting a referral link, you should be getting a referral email. Confusing difference. If it’s a normal-looking referral link it won’t work, because Chase updated the terms. But if it’s an email from Chase that says 24 months and has an expiration date, it will work. Should look like this:

It was a forwarded e-mail, just like in your screenshot. It asks for my name, address, SSN, income, MMN, etc. On the page with the interest rate info and T&C it states 48 months, not 24. I’ve requested e-mails from three readers and all result in the same :-/ Too bad, because I became both 4/24 and bonus eligible (under 24 mo timing) this month.

I just checked the referral link on an email that shows the 24-month language in “Offer Details”, and can confirm that I am seeing the same thing (48 months) as you did.

You need to fill out the entire application and go to the very end to see it.

Here is a screenshot:

While it is definitely concerning that the emailed “Offer Details” terms clearly contradict the application’s “Certification” terms, I don’t think that there is much risk involved in trying anyway, because Chase does not pull an HP for applications if the applicant is not eligible for the bonus (unless that changed again recently?).
I wouldn’t be surprised if the emailed offer terms prevail over the app terms (it might just be a side effect of all applications going through the same interface?).

@JackRyan perhaps it would have been easier to explain had you included this screenshot in the first place 😉

Chuck William Charles

@Jay – I recognize that it would have helped. I went out to imgur to try to generate one, but when I realized there wasn’t a quick way to make one I gave up. I may still be game to be a DP, but I don’t know what value it would be as I wouldn’t be able to meet the spend before the end of the month. I have nothing big to spend on (and am not huge into MS) until property taxes in November.

JackRyan I’ll back Chuck up on this one. You don’t need to meet the MSR and get the bonus to be the DP. The 48-month language says that you will *not be approved* for the card in the first place if you have received a Sapphire bonus within the last 48 months. So if you apply and receive the card, that is proof enough that the 24-month language applies, not the 48-month language.

See DoC’s previous post for background:

Jay – Thanks for that. It looks like both you and JT are stating there would be no HP when SB48 (Sapphire Bonus 48) is in play. If you could point me to a DP or two confirming that, then I’d be happy to go for it with one of the links I received.

“SB48”, I like it:)

Oh, got it, thanks. That’s unfortunate. I agree it should still work or just be a denial with no HP. So far I haven’t heard of any denials but most people haven’t reported back. Will update if I do!

Was it an email generated by Chase, or an email with a link? It should look like this:

I got emails from Chase through 9/12 so either you have a link referral (not an email referral) or Chase was giving out 24-month and 48-month language at the same time. Weird.

I have a 24-month Sapphire Reserve email that expires on 9/28/18

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