Posted by William Charles on May 28, 2014
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Published on May 28th, 2014 | by William Charles


Three Reasons You Should Have The Sallie Mae Rewards Card In Your Arsenal

I just finished up my full review of the Sallie Mae rewards credit card. Unfortunately this card doesn’t get a lot of publicity around the place, I think there are two main reasons for this: it doesn’t pay an affiliate commission and a lot of people wrongly believe you need a Sallie Mae loan to make use of the card. The first explanation is self explanatory and something that I try to avoid, the second is plan wrong. This card earns points which are worth 1¢ and can be redeemed against Sallie Mae loans, to a Upromise account OR as statement credit.

Here’s my three reasons why I love this card:

  • It earns 5% on gas purchases on the first $250 per month
  • It earns 5% on grocery purchases on the first $250 per month
  • It earns 5% on bookstore purchases on the first $750 per month

I love books, but I don’t spend a lot of money at traditional bookstores anymore. I do spend a lot of money on Amazon purchases and the majority of these are considered to be a bookstore (all purchases from Amazon directly are, orders that are fulfilled by Amazon are a 50/50 as to what they’ll code as).

I also don’t spend a lot of money on traditional grocery stores (I try to shop at discount grocy stores instead) but when I do it’s nice to get 5% cash back. This also frees up a bit of grocery store spending, meaning I can focus my blue cash preferred on manufactured spending. $250 per month also more that covers my gas purchases and means I don’t have to apply for a card that is for gas only.

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What’s your favorite underrated card? I’m going to try and write a full review and intro piece every week on under utilized cards so let me know in the comments section here or on twitter. And one final reason I love this card: it’s issued by Barclay’s who almost always pull your TransUnion credit report rather than your Experian or Equifax!

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I’m always surprised the IHG Rewards card doesn’t get more coverage. No foreign transaction fees, bonused gas and groceries, decent sign-up bonus, and one $49 night at any hotel in their portfolio per year. Combined with PointsBreaks and a 10% rebate on award stays, I think its such a solid product.


Can also reload $500 to AmEx Campus Edition at a local B&N for $4 and withdraw at an ATM for a monthly profit of ~$20 (and still have $250 at Amazon).


I think the US Bank flexperks credit card is underrated and perhaps the US Bank Club Carlson credit card.


I just applied this card. However, I found that the bank may change the cashback of ok purchase.
“5% cash back on the first $250 you spend per month on eligible gas and grocery purchases each and the first $750 you spend per month on eligible book purchases.”

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