Using Chase Private Client Status to Get Approved for Credit Cards

Update 1/4/17: Chase Private Client no longer works to bypass 5/24.

Chase Private Client

We all want to get approved for Chase’s credit cards, yet most cards fall under the notorious 5/24 rule, and we can’t get them through conventional means.

The primary method people are using to bypass 5/24 is getting pre-approvals in a Chase branch or possibly getting an invite-only offer from Chase.

But for a lucky few, there’s another way: Chase Private Client status.

Chase Private Client (CPC) is typically reserved for those with $250,000 or more in accounts with Chase, although some may get that status with less or by piggybacking on family member’s status.

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There are three separate points at which Private Client can potentially help you for credit card approvals.

Instant Approval

Limited data points suggest that CPC status might help with instant approvals, even using the standard online application system.

Greg from Frequentmiler mentioned to me that he’s aware of some limited data points to this effect, and I know of at least one other similar report from a friend. It seems that CPC is tied to your name/SSN, and the system can sometimes auto-approve you even past 5/24.

Application Review

According to a CPC banker, applications submitted by Private Clients show up differently on the back-end in the Chase system. All the CPC’s balances and other relationship information is there.

Pending applications which are manually reviewed will automatically get special treatment by the reviewers. They’ll work harder to get it approved.

You can even try calling reconsideration without involving your CPC banker, and you’ll get special consideration due to CPC status.

Your CPC Banker

While I list this last in the chronological order of an application, this is perhaps the most important tool in getting CPC approvals.

If your application isn’t instantly approved, ask your banker to push for approval. It’s the same reconsideration line for Private Clients, but the banker lets them know about the CPC status and they use different measures for approval. By having your banker go to bat for you using this special line, chances are good that you can get approvals other people wouldn’t.

Things like 5/24 and similar hurdles which so often come up for ordinary applicants are often overlooked for Private Clients.

It’s always worth putting your banker’s employee code on the application (ask your banker what it is) so that they’ll be especially invested in trying to get the application approved.

CPC is not a foolproof way to get approved as evidenced by some recent comments from those who couldn’t get approved for the Sapphire Reserve card despite being CPC. Being that we’re dealing here with humans, results will always vary.  However, the overall feel of Private Client reconsideration is that they’ll try whatever they can to get you approved.

The 5/24 rule, in particular, seems to be mostly waived for Private Clients. I’d wager that a CPC wouldn’t ever get denied for 5/24 alone when utilizing this special reconsideration.

There’s also a second level of reconsideration which can be used when the initial result is denial. This level might not be exclusive for CPC’s, but they’re more likely to send it up there if you are CPC.

Better Bonuses

Aside from helping with approvals, CPC’s are known to get higher signup offers than ordinary folks. For example, Private Clients might be offered a 65k bonus on the Sapphire Preferred instead of 55k.

J.P. Morgan Reserve

Above CPC, there’s another status level with Chase called Private Banking client, typically for those who have $5M+ with Chase.

There is one credit card exclusive for Private Banking customers, the J.P. Morgan Reserve. Reports indicate that this card is run entirely separate from the standard credit card department, and typical ‘rules’ (5/24, etc.) probably won’t apply at all for this card.


In conclusion, let’s emphasize that not all CPC applications will get approved, and it’s not necessarily a good idea to move all your money to Chase just to get better odds at credit card approvals. Only you can decide that.

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Does anyone know if CPC helps with business cards like Ink + and Cash?


As a DP, I joined CPC 3 days ago and applied for the CSR for the second time today. I apparently am at 31/24 and was initially denied, but during recon, I told the agent I was CPC. She reopened the app, asked me why I had applied for 31 cards 🙂 and then shifted credit to approve me. A relatively painless process and definitely worth the loss of interest for the month or two I plan to keep the money in my account before transferring (while still hoping to keep my CPC).


How much did you open an account with at Chase?


I am a new immigrant in us. I went to a chase branch and talked about opening a private client account with their account managers. They evaluated my financial conditions, gave the advice to invest 200k to open a private client account.
I am wondering if 200k is a common entry level for private client. Honestly I would prefer to investing half at the beginning.
(I just want to know if I can bargain the private client opening investment amount. Feel free to delete this if it is not proper to get financial advice here.)


I thought I heard Private Banker had been moved to 10 million.

William Charles

CPC is different to the 10 mill requirement


I’m a CPC and can confirm all of this. Had originally applied online for the Chase freedom unlimited (yes a no fee minimal bonus card), and they waitlisted me. 2 weeks went by and still no response. Went into the branch, talked to my banker who then called a number and got me approved within 5 minutes. Even next day air delivered my card.

Went in branch to apply for the CSR and was approved immediately, and got it next day air. I’m a good amount over 5/24.


How long have you been CPC?


I’m at 8-9/24 and applied through a CPC banker. Didn’t know to ask for pre-approval and he didn’t mention any. He told me it’s 7-10 days pending. He basically just submitted the application and didn’t try to do anything or call anyone to recon.

The next day I tried calling recon, offering to shift some Chase card credit lines around if it would help. The rep asked me a couple questions to update my account, and said she will get the review process started. Put me on hold for a little bit, and told me everything is going really well, and I’ll know my decision in the mail (??). What does that even mean? If it’s going well then shouldn’t I be approved?


J.P. Morgan Reserve


if there is one person with 5 mil reading this site they should be slapped on their head with 2×4

Ninja master
Ninja master

Right ?!?! LOL at people moving their RETIREMENT $ to get a CC ha ha !!!!! Fools, all ….


I applied yesterday in branch and was denied for 12/24. I have $100K+ in Chase accounts and 5 total Chase cards, and a history of about 8 years. I didn’t get the preapproval, obviously. Out of desperation, today I went to a different bank and signed up for CPC (again, I don’t have $250K). The banker said he would call the next time he works (Thur) to try to get me approved. I was worried I would have to apply again. He said my chances were about 50/50 (“coin flip”). I’ll be really happy if he can do it.


Do they even offer anything useful for private clients, or is it just a concierge? I’m not opening any savings account that’s less than 1%, and I’m not getting status for that ~$1000 I keep in checking..

I mean, at Bank of America / ML you don’t need to store your $100k in 0.00% APY CDs to get Preferred Honors status, but you can buy cheap Vanguard / Schwab /etc. funds (for free with status, even).


I am CPC and am also well over 5/24 and was instantly approved for a $35k credit limit online. Credit score is excellent but I have a feeling being CPC possibly helped.