Posted by William Charles on May 10, 2017
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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by William Charles


Venmo Increases Credit Card Limit To 8 From 6

Venmo allows you to add credit cards (and prepaid Visa/Mastercard/American Express) to make transfers to friends & family. You’re allowed to have six active cards at any one time. Previously you were allowed 6 cards over a 6 month rolling period as well, but this has been increased to 8 cards.


Venmo isn’t terribly exciting for manufactured spending or meeting minimum spend requirements due to the 3% fee for credit card payments but some people like to use it as a last stop resort (paying 3% fee isn’t something I encourage) and this is something that might be helpful for those people to know. If you’re paying a bill or rent/mortgage you’ll be better off using Plastiq instead.

Thanks to reader Logan C for pointing this out.

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Sometimes I like doing the “shotgun” approach with signing up for as many good credit card offers as possible without worrying about how to meet the spend. This is where venmo can be really useful. Say you have a $500 bonus once you meet $3k spend, you are guaranteed $410 profit using this approach and can move to the next card. So far its been very profitable for me since I dont have many large payments currently. Down the road i think plastiq will be better than venmo as its 2.5% compared to 3% with the ability for referral bonuses. Thx for the shoutout DOC, glad to make a contribution.

I should probably clarify that i wouldn’t ever encourage someone to pay 3% fee when they dont have to, but this is nice as a last resort just like doc said in the article. Much prefer bank bonus funding especially ones with a checking bonus associated w/ it over any other method!


Any chance you’d be willing to share other MS techniques? I just moved back to the States.

I don’t get all the love for Plastiq before Venmo. 3% vs 2.5% percent isn’t much for hitting minimum spends and worth it (in my opinion) to eliminate the paper check and snail mail aspect. I’ve used Plastiq a lot before and they often would give me a hard time with due diligence on my payments, which were all legitimate payments for rent! With Venmo I can throw money back and forth between people I trust instantly and have never had a problem. Is there something else I’m missing, or is this love/hate thing just for people MSing $10k+ a month?

@Drew R
Venmo will shut you down for too much volume. Tread lightly.

Amex GCs are fee-free on Venmo, so this two card increase gives an extra $6000 of MS for the 3.95 activation fee per card (assuming you use a free shipping code).

Step 1: Buy $3K Amex GC for $3003.95 (use free shipping code to get free rush shipping)
Step 2: Add card to Venmo
Step 3: Liquidate to trusted friend (make the transactions look legitimate)
Step 4: Have your friend send the money back to you OUTSIDE of Venmo (check, bank transfer, cash, etc.)

$3K MS for $3.95

There have been several reports of people getting shut down for this. Maybe you can get away with it once or twice, but not for long. Remember, they are run by PayPal which will shut you down quickly.

There aren’t really any viable MS options that are worth the time in my opinion. Plastiq is the easiest thing out there. Maybe I’m in the minority, but saving $20 of fees isn’t worth the 30-60 minutes it might take every day. There are better things to do with your life.

As with all methods of MS, YMMV. If you have been using Venmo a while, you can do it without shutdown. I’ve liquidated $14K in the past 3 months this way with no issues; I was using Vemno for about a year prior to using it for MS.

I understand your comment about valuing your time. Opportunity costs are a big factor in this hobby.


More likely “Danger” has been permanently shut down on Venmo, is bitter about it and trying to get others shut down too. As his name suggests – danger

Or you could just be honest and admit that you only wrote this comment because Danger was helping others understand how this Venmo process worked, and that you’re so selfish, paranoid, and fearful of the Venmo route being shut down that you decided to do the opposite — posting a comment intent on misleading, not helping, others — all for your own personal gain and your utterly pathetic selfishness.

Perhaps try to start helping other people in life, not hurt them. You might even find that giving back to others makes you a happier person than does deliberately trying to harm and mislead them.

Frito Pendejo

I somewhat agree… I have tried GC->MO MS and I really don’t enjoy it. I consider Plastiq’s 2.5% the price to avoid having to ever go to another Walmart, and I like the USPS too much to MS there.

However… I forgot that you can empty AGCs on Venmo. That alone seems worth trying to me.

its a nice way to get rid of the occasional AGC that one might acquire from good deals etc.

How do you load AGC on Venmo? I do not see any option on venmo app.

Frito Pendejo

I’ve never actually used Venmo, but I’ve read that you can use Amex GCs. Not sure exactly how probably configure it as a debit or credit card.

For Android:

Go to the side menu, choose ‘Banks and Cards’, then choose ‘Add Debit or Credit Card’. Enter the card information, and it should work like a debit card (no fee).

Should be similar for iOS.

I pay my rent using Venmo, so going the AGC route is great for me. $3.95 fee for $3k covers 2 and half months of rent for me and since I have a history of paying this amount on the first of the month for over a year, I doubt I’m at any risk of being shut down for it. Has helped me hit min spend on a few cards already this year.

Hey, I have a Everyday Preferred, and a Green card that I need to run 3k through…. Does buying Amex gift cards with those cards count towards the spend requirement with Amex?

Thanks in advance

YMMV, but it should. It worked with my Amex SPG. (Noted that this is co-branded vs regular Amex)

Do you have the $10 off an Amex GC Amex Offer on that card?

If Amex is offering you an incentive to use their card to purchase an AGC, it seems like they should be ok with you using their card to purchase an AGC.


When you order the AGC online, you will likely having a pending order at first. You will get a call from a restricted number 1-2 business days after your order; that will be an Indian Call Center for AMEX prepaid services. They will ask you to confirm some combination of the following information (all of which you provided in your order of the AGC): last four of your SSN, card purchase amount, billing/shipping address. Since you are just verifying the information that you input during your order, you should feel a bit less worried about this being a scam.

If you miss the call, you have 24 hours to call them back. They are open during somewhat strange hours: (I think it is 8 AM – 3 PM Mountain Standard Time.)

Looks like your constant posting about this ruined it for everyone. Didn’t even last 2 months after your spam storm.

AMEX has been known to pullback rewards when meeting minimum spends in the past when using MS to meet it.

What do you mean “(make the transactions look legitimate)”


-Put things like rent/Uber/AirBnB.
-Use emojis.
-Send payment amounts that a non-MS person would send
-Make it look like you are reimbursing your trusted friend for things that regular people use Venmo for.
-Spread out your liquidations over a few weeks
-If you just opened a Venmo account, season your transactions with smaller transactions first – $30 for dinner; $70 for utilities, etc.

-Don’t put ‘Manufactured Spend’
-Don’t send all $3K in one payment
-Don’t have your friend send you the money back through Venmo
-Don’t login to your friend’s Venmo on the same device that you sent the payment from your Venmo from (probably more applicable when your trusted friend is your spouse/SO)

You realize the more you post about this, the faster it will get killed, right? Then we will have a bunch of banned Venmos and less options.

Of course. That is the nature of this game. I learned much of what I know about churning and MS from people willing to share their knowledge online, so I don’t mind sharing to help others out as well.

Hi Danger,

Where does is say that Amex GCs are fee free on Venmo? Those were also considered credit not debit.

It is not advertised on Venmo, but when you add it to your account and make it your primary method of payment, it doesn’t charge a fee to send money when using it. The assumption is that Venmo’s programming recognizes the AGC as a debit card.

I added it on laptop and AGC shows as credit card, is that a problem? Should it show as debit?

Should i remove card and add it on via Iphone instead?

Since BBVA NBA 5% is upcoming, has anyone got 5% CB on Venmo transactions made during the 5% BBVA promotional period?

IIRC that’s worked in the past

Excellent news!

Any idea on how many bank accounts you link with Venmo? I know the verbiage here states 6 cards, but I haven’t been able to find any DPs on linked accounts. Specifically would be beneficial for the M&T stacks on ability for Venmo to code as direct deposit when doing cashouts.

So i got a $3000 Amex GC, used my SPG Buisness card. Couple of Questions.

1) Will it count towards my spending requirement for the Welcome Bonus for this Amex card offer SPG points?

2) I can add this Amex GC to Venmo and do fee free transactions to send Money?

Transaction fees are charged to the card, so the effective fee is only 2.91%. Organic spent has a minimum 2% opportunity cost (2% cashback card). So the real cost is 0.91% to get minimum spent out of the way; that’s $27.30 for 3k minimum spent without time-consuming and elaborate liquidation methods.

i am already burned at venmo

for new people, start slowly with real looking transactions before you go the AGC way

^ This is the best piece of advice.
Let your account(s) “mature” before attempting MS.

If you were to get eyes on your Amex account and they saw you bought a $3k AGC to meet min spend, would they be perfectly fine with this?

I met minimum spend on the SPG Business and Blue for Business this way, cashed out one from my Venmo to my wife and the other from her to me. We both got account notifications that our accounts were frozen, but with a bit sweet talk and photo IDs, we have both been reinstated.. and I did another 2700 of MS 5 minutes later 🙂 but YMMV as always and tread carefully lol.. Also, let’s try not to talk about it much, deals like these get killed way fast, though this has been around for ages

I am assuming Both you and your wife are residing at same address. So it is okay to do payment from one spouse to other despite same address?

Yup, we are at the same address. Apparently, it’s ok. Why wouldn’t it? One of the intended uses is “send money to family”, it makes sense that one would be sending money to their spouse

Oh, and Mike, that’s an excellent analysis which I’ve never heard before. You’re technically mistaken, however, as these are charges which wouldn’t have been made (I’d never pay for something with a 3% fee using a regular credit card), so it’s really almost the full percentage. Good thinking, though.

Can one only pay to other Venmo Account holders via their account or payment can also be made by other modes (mail checks/Bill Pay/Pay to Non venmo account people) just like Serve/BB/RB)?

The 6 card limit is still in effect, unfortunately. Their system isn’t letting me go past that.

Anyone managed to add a 7th card ?

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