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View Your Capital One Pre-Qualified Cards

To see what Capital One cards you are approved for you need to navigate to the credit card pre-approval section of their site. You can use the following direct link:

You can get there from the homepage by following these simple instructions (image below):

  • Click “Credit Cards”
  • Click “See If You’re Pre-Qualified”

capital one pre-approval

This is only for credit cards.

This page cannot be used for auto or mortgage pre-approvals.


When you get to the results page you are looking for the following language to ensure that what you’re seeing is a true pre-approval offer and not an advertisement: “Congratulations! We think you’ll like this pre-qualified card offer”. They will then show one main offer and at the bottom they might also show other pre-qualified offers. We’ve included a screenshot below:

capital one pre approval


Capital One will usually not offer increased sign up bonuses if you use this tool. Before applying for any credit card you should check to make sure you’re being offered the best deal. We try to keep this page updated with all of the best credit offers for each card where possible.


Is Using This Tool A Soft Or Hard Credit Pull?

There is no hard pull done to use this application, using it will not affect your credit score. This is also clearly stated on the webpage itself:

I understand that this is not a credit card application and will not affect my credit score

A soft pull also won’t necessarily be done, if they’ve pulled your credit report recently (e.g to see if your eligible for a mail out pre-approval offer or similar) then they’ll use that information rather than doing a soft pull again.

If you do end up applying for one of the cards you receive a pre-qualified offer for then a hard pull will be done on your credit report.

Capital one pulls all three credit bureaus for new credit card applications.

Most lenders will only do a hard pull at one of the credit bureaus, Capital One pulls all three bureaus. If you’re spacing out your card applications over all three bureaus this can be the equivalent of applying for three cards.

If I See An offer How Likely Am I To Be Approved?

Capital One is pretty good at only giving pre-qualified offers to applicants they plan on approving, that said if you’re pre-qualified that doesn’t mean guaranteed approval. If your credit has changed significantly between when they checked your credit report (which might not be when you used their pre-qualified checker. Sometimes it can be months ago) then there is a chance you could be denied.

In particular Capital One doesn’t like to see a lot of new inquiries.

Will This Work If I Have Opted Out Of Pre-Approval Letters?

No, you must not be opted out otherwise you will not receive any pre-qualified offers from Capital One.

If I Don’t See Any Offers, Can I Still Be Approved For A Capital One Card?

Yes, just because you don’t see any pre-qualified offers doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically denied for any Capital One credit cards. You can find out how to opt in or out by clicking here.

How Can I See Pre-Approved/Targeted Offers From Other Card Issuers?

You can view all the pre-approved/targeted/pre-qualified links for other issuers by clicking here.

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I got a mail offer for the buy power card master card from Capital One. Now when I first got the offer did nothing, than the offer came again so I thought what the heck. I called Capital One and applied over gave the preapproval code and after all info I was approved this card is awesome because I never thought I could be approved. 0 percent interest for 12 months and yes interest rate 23.8 percent APR which can go up or down. My credit is low at first but I will get higher credit line with payments and this will be the way I get my car in three years can not wait for this card. My fico 520 I am so happy that this is my card

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