View Your U.S Bank Recommended Card Offers

U.S Bank recently readded their pre-approval section to their website (they’ve rebranded it and called it recommended card offers). You can access this by clicking here to be taken there directly. If you’d rather navigate there yourself you can follow these instructions:

  • Click “Credit Cards & Prepaid Cards” which is the third link to the left in the header.
  • Click “Credit Cards” which is first link in the pop down menu
  • Click “Check for Recommended Offers” in the main body of the website



Once you’ve entered your information you’ll be taken to a results page which will list recommended offers. It should list something like this:

us bank recommended for you

As you can see this page just lists an APR range and has no mention of opt out pre screen (which is required for pre-approved offers). We don’t think this is a true pre-approval.


Is Using This Tool A Soft Or Hard Credit Pull?

No hard pull is done when you check for recommended offers from U.S bank. This is stated on the page itself:

I understand that this is not a credit card application and will not affect my credit score

If I See An offer How Likely Am I To Be Approved?

A lot of people are critical of U.S bank because of how freely they recommend cards. We’ve seen a lot of reports of people being denied for cards that were recommended for them. This happens with other card issuers as well (usually due to a significant change such as a late payment between when issuer accessed their credit report and when they applied) but it seems to happen more often with U.S bank.

As such we’d recommend taking these recommend offers with a grain of salt.

How Can I See Pre-Approved/Targeted Offers From Other Card Issuers?

You can view more pre-approved/targeted offers by clicking here. That has a list of all the major card issuers and their pre-approval links.

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Steve F
Steve F

I’m now seeing Prequalified offers instead of Recommended. I wonder if this means pre-approved or if they just think this sounds better than “recommended”


I have no offers showing, does this mean i am very unlikely to be approved for a card?


Agreed about US Bank denying after suggesting cards. My wife was denied for a Cash+ due to “too many inquiries” by US Bank, but only a few months later, she received a targeted $200 bonus offer on the Cash+.

Grain of salt indeed.


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