Posted by Chuck on December 5, 2018
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Published on December 5th, 2018 | by Chuck

21 $50 Google Play E-Gift for $40

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (affiliate link)

  • is offering a $50 Google Play e-gift for $40.

The Fine Print

  • Limit 2

Our Verdict

Nice deal, probably won’t last.

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I had two attempts both cancelled with supposedly bad CC information (both were fine).

Same +1

Same +2 (I called and was told that Walmart was using “special security procedures” — and that “they just wanted to be sure it was me.” (Riiiight, when I asked why they couldn’t have just put a hold on the order? No answer. When I noted I’ve been doing on-line business with WMT for decade+, didn’t help….. Rep. said she “appealed” my transaction…. but then was told I’m to try again later…. if that gets cancelled, will then go for another compensation gift card, as per that black friday morning debacle — for waste of my time)

What is it with Wally World that they can’t figure out on-line business?

Try using PayPal as the payment method. Worked for me last time after some wait.

Immediate cancel on an order of a single card with a credit card, granted one I haven’t used before.

Just did two lets see if it cancels.

+1 doesnt work on website ONLY app takes Chasepay which is a Q4 Chase Freedom 5x category.

Thanks! I just received 2 codes after a second try.

First attempt: Purchased through mobile app and applied GC to order. Immediate cancellation email within seconds, followed by a refund confirmation.

Second attempt: Purchased through mobile app, but added a new credit card (strangely enough phone number was pre-populated with 4 random numbers). Received the gift card codes 6 minutes after ordering.

Just did 2 with Amex BBP, went through and got the codes within 5 minutes.

Worked just fine using Chase Pay checkout, instant delivery. Gladly used DoC’s affiliate link.

Love Walmart gift card deals with how impossible they are to get. Instant cancel twice.

Tried twice to buy with WM GC’s. Canceled both times.

Last time they had a similar promotion ($100 for $77.77), the orders kept getting cancelled. However, if you paid with PayPal they would go through just fine. I can confirm I was able to buy 2 cards in one order this way after getting my credit card orders cancelled automatically.

Information Booth
Information Booth

Why do these offers then have to do mental gymnastics to get them to keep them from getting canceled? I’ve got better things to do like wax potholes in Detroit… I’ve got to get them all finished before that nasty infrastructure bill goes through. I’m sure I’ve got plenty of time before that ever happens!!! John 3:16

What is something good to buy with Google Play GCs? I have $80 and have no idea what to do with it.

I use for monthly YouTube premium sub which includes google music.

I use them for Youtube TV, ESPN+, Google Music, and Play Store apps.

Ordered 3 hours ago and still waiting for them to arrive. Used desktop w/ DOC link and paid with Amex.

Thanks for the reminder on Chase Pay. It took 6 hours for them to send the codes. Thanks for the post (been needing to buy) wish the google deals were as common as iTunes.

Also, saw this on my paypal offers.
“Get an extra $5 on a $50 Google Play gift card when you pay with PayPal.”

Expires on December 13, 2018

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