[Expired] WeBull (Fee Free Brokerage): Sign Up & Get 1 Free Stocks, Make 3 Referrals & Get 9 More

Update 5/12/20: Make 3 referrals and get 9 free stocks. Valid until June 22nd, 2020. Hat tip to @drHernandez_dc

Update 4/21/20: If you sign up using a referral link you can get 2 free stocks worth $12 to $1,400, if you make two referrals you get another six free stocks (each additional referral is 2 free stocks). New users must deposit at least $100 within 30 days. Valid until 5/11/20. Hat tip to DDG

Update 1/16/20:  Another offer has been sent out where you get 4 stocks for funding $1,000. DDG reported getting both this deal and yesterdays, I assume they don’t stack but who knows for sure. Hat tip to DDG

Update 1/15/20: New targeted bonus offer showing in the app to get 3 free stocks for funding your account with $500 between 1/15 – 1/31. (ht Mdam0re). This is for existing users only

Update 1/11/20: The below bonus is available on both IRA and non-IRA accounts. You have until January 31st, 2020. Hat tip to reader Brian C

Update 10/24/19: Webull is also offering a deposit bonus for both new and existing customers. New customers have 45 days from registration to hit the deposit requirement and existing users have from October 23rd until December 5th. In order to receive the full reward, you cannot initiate a transfer or pull for 6 months Tiers are as follows:

Hat tip to readers Kyle J & HCL

9/5/19: WeBull is now offering the person who refers a $30 Amazon gift card (normally $10). Referral bonus for the person signing up remains the same. Hat tip to James G

6/20/19: WeBull is now offering the person who refers a $10 Amazon gift card for their first referral that funds $100+ and a $50 Amazon gift card if you refer 3 in a month that fund $100+.

1/18/19: They’ve now updated the program so that you each get a free stock with a referral, and you each get a second free stock with $100 funding (this one valued at $4-$1,000).  Total of stocks total given away between the referrer and the new member.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • WeBull is offering a bonus for signing up with a referral link where both parties get a free stock when the referred user signs up and is approved for a new account. You’ll each get a share of free stock worth anywhere from $3 and $1,000.

WeBull is a fee-free brokerage app, very similar to Robinhood which a lot of people have used and who also has the same free stock offer. They offer no-fee trading, no fee to open, no monthly fees, and no minimums.

The Fine Print

  • Free stock will credit in about 5 trading days.
  • Offer open to U.S. residents currently living in the U.S. who are at least 18 years of age with a valid SSN.
  • Around 95% of people will get a stock worth under $10. Odds of getting a stock worth $10-20 is about 4%, $50-100 is about .5%, $150-250 is about .3%, $1k is about .1%.
  • Customers may hold or sell the stock once the bonus is credited to their account.
  • Where required, 1099-Misc may be issued (probably only in the event of a stock higher than $600)

Our Verdict

If you signup with a referral, both you and the referrer get a free stock. You can find referral links in this dedicated thread. The referral tracks through the email address or phone number input on the initial signup page. (You’ll download the app separately – I assume they track the email input at signup and match it to the email input at download.) DO NOT LEAVE YOUR REFERRALS IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. 

Check out this Reddit thread for some discussion on WeBull and how it compares with Robinhood. You can download the app for iOS here and for Android here.

Keep in mind it does take a few minutes to open the account (including inputting your SSN, etc), and the odds are you’ll only get a small stock.

Hat tip to reader Matt

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https://act.webull.com/actv2/classic/summer-invitation/global/index.html New promo, share Webull and refer 3+ friends to get a share of PZZA (Papa John’s Pizza), currently worth $115.80



Get a FREE stock valued between $3 – $300, when you open a Webull brokerage account. Apply to open a Webull brokerage account between 07/01/2021 – 07/20/2021 and receive a free stock, valued between $3 – $300. (The Account Opening Bonus is valid for the first time Webull brokerage account opening only.)

Get a FREE stock valued between $8 – $2000, when you make an initial deposit of $5 or more. This promotion is only valid for the first time Webull brokerage account deposits. During the promotion duration, a new brokerage account holder, who makes an initial deposit of $5 or more between 07/01/2021 – 07/20/2021 will receive a free stock, valued between $8 – $2000.

Eli Green
Eli Green

William Charles Chuck I don’t know if its worth it to update the post, but the most recent offer I’m getting is 4 stocks per referral (valued $3-300), and importantly with no deposit requirement in the terms for the referred so it should be a lot easier to complete referrals. Running 7/1-7/20

William Charles

What does the person signing up get?


Open an account and make an initial deposit of at least $100,



Start your investment journey With 2 free stocks. Open an account and get a free stock! Deposit and get another free stock! https://act.webull.com/ni/zN1SvWitt2sa/m8c/inviteUs/main


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