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Published on October 9th, 2018 | by William Charles


Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards: 5-40% At Select Merchants (Kohl’s, AMC, CVS, K-Mart & More)

Reposting as maximum is 40%, not 15%.

The Offer

  • Check your Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards login for a cashback offer at select merchants.Readers are reporting seeing deals at the following merchants for 5-40% back (anybody see higher than 40%?):
    • Kohl’s
    • AMC
    • CVS,
    • K-Mart
    • Avis
    • Panera
    • Bloomingdales

The Fine Print

  • Must activate offer to qualify.
  • Offers can be used once
  • In-store only.
  • Offer changes will require re-activation of the new offer.
  • Bonus Cash Rewards will be earned when using your Wells Fargo rewards-based credit card for qualifying purchases made at participating dining locations.
  • Bonus Cash Rewards will be earned based on the net purchase (purchases minus returns/credits) of eligible goods and services purchased, excluding tax, shipping and handling, or any special services.
  • Bonus Cash Rewards will be added to your Rewards Account within 30 days of purchase.
  • Bonus Cash Rewards will not be earned at dining locations who are not Participating Merchants in the Earn More Mall Feature.”

Our Verdict

Previously they have offered up to 50% back, looks like the maximum is 40%. Gift card purchases have previously worked when doing this.

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15 on my propel. 40 on my husband’s signature.

Kohls, Kmart, amc, CVS all 40% offers

Same offer, but cap at 2,000 to 3,000 per offer

All 40% for my signature card as well

I’m seeing 40% back on CVS, Kmart and Kohl’s. but up to $25/$30…

15 pts at Kohl’s and CVS for me.

I actually got 15% off at Advance Auto Parts. Two separate offers, one in store and one online.

No limit either

Does this work on gift cards in cvs?
Is there a cap?

yes, check details of the offer. For me it’s up to 2500 pts.

There’s no specific gift card exclusion in the CVS deal T&C. There is just a general statement that ‘bonus points will be earned based on the net purchase of eligible goods and services purchased’ (without defining what goods and services are considered eligible). My CVS deal had a 2,500 point cap (at an earning rate of 15%). Note that the deal can only be done on your first purchase.

According to the general T&C, “Certain Participating Merchants may … Prevent Qualifying Purchases on certain types of transactions (e.g., purchasing gift cards).” So I guess the answer is “maybe.”

It has worked before with the previous offers.

15% off for me. Was targeted for both previous 40/50 rounds previously.

Not worth going out of my way for…but will gladly use tonight while at AMC anyway.


No offers for me. Got the 25% offers a few weeks back.

my CVS is max of 2500 for 40pts/100, so max of $62.50 to maximize the offer?

Natalia from New Orleans
Natalia from New Orleans

40% at cvs $25.00 max bonus
40% at kmart $30.00 max
40% at amc $40.00 max
40% joann $20.00 max

1% ??? At chevron/texaco not sure if its a typo $5.00 max

LOL, I don’t know if any gas stations would even allow you to pump that much gas in one transaction. $5 at 1% would need $500 worth of gas to max out, which would be around 180 gallons here.

Update: After a little research, I found that the limits are usually only for paying at the pump and can be avoided by having the clerk swipe your card inside the store; and 18-wheelers have large enough tanks to use that much fuel in one vehicle. So probably not a typo, just a lame offer that only a small portion of their customers will be able to get more than a few cents from.

Super-lame. 18-wheelers will fill up at truck stops like Pilot, not Chevron / Texaco! pilot much cheaper without the discount!

15 Bonus Pts/$1

15% for me as well.

Does Kohl’s sell any third party gift cards in store?

Yes, at least my local store does.

Thank you.

All 40% on my Propel World card.

Is WF Business Platinum eligible for the rewards?

I want to know as well. Doesn’t seem to be working.

Rewards account will show to which personal cc it is linked. It can’t be linked to a business cc.

Where on the activation do you see the maximum points you can earn? I can’t find a maximum???? 15%

It should be in the title as you click on offer terms.

In the details, at the top.

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