When & How Often Does My Free FICO Score Update?

Chances are that you’ve now got a credit card that offers a free FICO score (and if you don’t, you will soon with Citi announcing they’ll offer them and American Express doing a piloted test to see if they’ll offer them). One common question we’ve had from readers is as follows:

When does my free FICO score update? How often will it update?

The answer to this question depends on which credit card issuer we’re talking about. Below is a list of all the credit card issuers that offer free FICO scores, along with the answers to the two above questions.

  • Barclaycard will update your FICO score at least once every 60 days. They’ll also update it whenever your credit has changed significantly (e.g delinquent payments or new accounts being opened)
  • Chase will update your FICO score once monthly. There is no requirement to have any activity on your account for this score to be updated.
  • Discover updates your FICO score once monthly. What day of the month varies from cardholder to cardholder, but will stay the same month to month. If your Discover card has not been used at least once the proceeding month then your score will not update.
  • First National Bank of Omaha will give new account holders their first FICO score within two to three months of account opening (although it’s usually provided much sooner). After that your score will update monthly, although if you don’t use your credit card at all in a six month period then your score will be updated on a quarterly basis.
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) will update your FICO score whenever it is updated during “the normal course of business”, you’ll receive a notification on the main menu of your account when you login when your score is updated.
  • Merrick Bank will update your FICO score on a monthly basis.
  • PSECU will update your FICO score on a monthly basis.
  • Walmart will update your FICO score on a monthly basis
  • DCU will update on your FICO score on a monthly basis
  • Partners 1st, waiting on response. Was unable to find any information online.
  • Save and Invest, waiting on response, was unable to find any information online.
  • Unitus Community Credit Union will update your FICO score on a monthly basis

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Christy (@guest_258020)
May 11, 2016 11:28

Agreed, Chase DOES NOT update monthly despite advertising as such. As the other poster mentioned, Capital One does update weekly, but my credit tracker on Chase is two months behind and growing.

Corabelle . Anderson
Corabelle . Anderson (@guest_259064)
May 15, 2016 09:15

I don’t know if you check your accounts daily, so I wanted to make sure you know : CHASE HAS UPDATED THE FICO SCORES, YAY!!!!!

So 03/05/2016, then updated as of 05/07/2016…Next update should be first Saturday in July, but it won’t be visible to customers till mid July.

Corabelle . Anderson
Corabelle . Anderson (@guest_253079)
April 28, 2016 08:19

Is this about the free FICO score we see when we log into our credit card accounts? If it is, then this is inaccurate . Maybe it WAS accurate when first posted, but it is NOT true that Chase “updates FICO scores once a month”.

My score has NOT been updated since 03/05/2016, and I could not get a plain answer from customer service when I asked them how often they update. Instead, they just told me they report to the 3 credit bureaus once a month, generally around the 17th. So I don’t know if they update their FICO scores bi monthly or quarterly or just what.

If my score changes on 05/05/2016, like I THOUGHT it would on 04/05/2016 , I’ll update this remark.

BTW, CapitalOne,( bless them!) updates every 7 days.

Full disclosure : I’ve only got serious about monitoring my credit in mid March of 2016. And I will add that when I e mailed Chase’s customer service and implored them to update my payment history with the three credit bureaus as my FICO score info on CapitalOne’s site STILL showed my Chase balance of Jan/Feb, they replied promptly and promised to update with all three, and my CapitalOne score IMMEDIATELY rose 45 points!