Posted by William Charles on March 29, 2018

Published on March 29th, 2018 | by William Charles


Groupon: $10 Starbucks For $5 & How To Get Around ‘Invite Only’

The Offer

The Fine Print

  • This deal is invitation-only. Only those who’ve received a designated email are eligible to purchase it.

Our Verdict

Make sure you go through a shopping portal, top rate is currently 9% cash back. I’m interested to know if the trick to get around the invite only bit works for people or not, it worked perfectly for me. If it doesn’t work for you try clicking the shop now button a couple of times.


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I got the email. I deleted it. Don’t like Starbucks or CVS.

Cool story thanks for sharing

…good for you?

Yes. Shitty, sugary, crappy drinks. But damn if there is a line out the door.

LOL, go back to McDonald’s then.

Why do I have to like McDonald’s if I don’t like Starbucks?

He got insulted you hated on SuxBux and had to project that you are lesser. Self-made cold brew is far superior. Wish I was eligible to send this to the parents :/

Idk bro, that Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream is pretty effen good.

You know you don’t have to buy the sugary drinks if you don’t want to. They sell regular coffee too, and at 50% off it’s not bad. But people want sugar so they’ll be happy to make sugary drinks because not making offering them is bad business. Mr. Schultz has better things to do than trolling the comments section of DoC, VFTW and OMaaT. I don’t understand why you’re not just banned from all the comments sections of every website you comment on. I guess some people believe in unconditionally free speech even if it means letting the irredeemably stupid have a voice.

They sell a bunch of drinks that come unsweetened by default, basic ones like flat white, cappucino, latte macchiato, Americano, caffe misto, nitro cold brew. And almost everything else can be customized to be lower sugar or no sugar, like the iced coffee, iced tea, chai, double shot on ice, and even frappucinos can be made with less sugar if you ask.

God piss off why don’t you

1/4 At least I got 1 this time!

0/4 here 🙁

I didn’t receive the email and was still able to purchase the Starbucks card using the link above. Thanks for the tip, Doc!

Did not receive email and was unable to purchase.

As consolation, I note they are listing 40% on up to $40 of Redbox DVD rental gift credit (URL specifically says “National”, so I imagine would work for everyone):

CVS is sold out.

Worked for Starbucks. Offer was not accessible through portal, which is not a big deal on a $5 purchase.

I encourage everyone to recognize the everyday value of DoC by clicking on the referral link instead of choosing 35 cents from a portal unless you’re forced to due to expiring miles/points. The DoC site has generated $100’s of dollars and 1000’s of miles for many of us, rarely asking anything in return.

Amen buddy

Agree to give Doc the referral. I just got this deal for my daughter and just finished the Google Express deal for the wife. Doc is my hero because he gives me the info to be the hero to wife and daughter!!!! VBG

Information Booth
Information Booth

Agreed… my New Years resolution is to use this referral link when possible… no joke!! Jesus Walks with Me.

Clicked the link and got “Sorry, this offer is by invitation only.” Will get it next time

“There was a problem when trying to enter checkout page, please try again in a few minutes”. Does that mean I’m not targeted?

yep..thats what Im getting and im targeted. Must be something with their system.

I received the e-mail for this and still wasn’t able to get the deal.

Worked for me even without the email.

1/4, no emails sent. Starbucks is always good as a backup coffee when in airports, I’m grateful for the 50% off. Thanks DoC

Got 1/4. Dont remember receiving any email. Thanks Doc.

Not in my offers this time. I encourage everyone eligible to use the DoC affiliate link unless the maybe 40 cents you would earn through a portal is worth more than all the useful info you get here every day.

I got the email, tried to purchase, looked like it went through but it didn’t show up in my account. Got an email immediately after stating “Unfortunately, we were unable to process your order for $10 Starbucks Card eGift” tried again and same thing. Two pending ~$1 charges on my cc…

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