Posted by William Charles on August 22, 2018

Published on August 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


[YMMV] Ibotta Offering $0.75 Cashback Per Uber Ride Is Back

Update 08/22/18: Back again, but down to $0.75 per ride.

Update 04/22/18: Back again…

Update 03/26/18: This offer has been missing for a week or so, it’s now back again.

The Offer

  • Ibotta is offering $1 cash back per Uber ride and a $5 Uber Ride Code if you complete three rides within the month


The Fine Print

  • Cancelled rides will not be credit
  • Use must take a ride within 3 hours of tapping the offer to be eligible
  • UberRUSH & UberEats are not eligible
  • On split rides, only the irder who initiated ride is eligible for cash back
  • Scheduled rides not eligible

Update: Ibotta has now added a rule where this can only be used once every 12 hours. Hat tip to reader Ryan H


Our Verdict

Unfortunately this offer doesn’t seem to be showing up for everybody. This isn’t enough to get me to use Uber any more or less, but it’s an easy $1 if I remember to click the button. I wonder if this works for people with Uber Plus passes. If you don’t already have an Ibotta account you can use my referral link and you’ll get $10 for joining (I’ll also receive $5 and a bonus $15 if I refer three people). Really appreciate you using my link if you do decide to sign up.

Read our review of iBotta here.

Hat tip to /r/churning

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FYI… There’s a way around Uber’s new “upfront pricing”. Just put in a minimum trip (like a gas station on a corner near you) and then update the location to where you’re actually going once you’re in the car. This will only work with UberX, since you cannot change the location on UberPOOL. You’ll be charged for the ACTUAL time and mileage versus what Uber calculates (the worst possible route, often NOT the route the driver takes).

Yep – glad more people are aware of this scam now – I’m a driver and can see how much the rider pays now since they changed their earnings page.

Most recent trip (to LAX):

Rider paid: $24

I received: $11

Uber received: $13

Actual cost to rider would have been only $14. They used a route that went around the airport (nearly 2x the distance), while I just took the shortest route based on time and distance.

Yup, I drive part-time as well. As soon as I saw that first trip where Uber took over 50% of what the rider paid, I have been telling nearly every rider I’ve had the way to get around it. Only negative I can see is if a driver happens to have the destination filter (only available in some markets) on.

id love to learn more about this, as id just give a larger tip and we’d both come out ahead!

Thanks for the info. I started researching more online after reading your post. Few questions:

1. If there any additional fees if the destination is changed after you have entered the car?

2. Can driver refuse service after the destination is changed, as new location may not be their preferred route?

3. In my experience, if I enter a nearby location, not many drivers are willing to accept the ride (not profitable enough). Wouldn’t that be the case here if I enter a gas station at the corner as final destination?

1. There are no additional fees to change or update your location, the only restriction is you cannot change it on Pool.
2. Drivers can refuse service at any point, but most won’t. If you’re going to do a long trip, it’s best to call or text the driver before they arrive to make sure they can do it.
3. Driver’s cannot see where you’re going until you get in and they start the trip, so there are no routes.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I will give this strategy a try to see what the cost difference comes out for my usual route.

Hi was there a big cost difference for you? Have you tried this strategy for airports? Thanks!

Does this happen with Lyft too?

I’ve never encountered this issue in NC. In fact it’s been cheaper to use the pre-calculated price.

Does this only happen in larger cities?

I’m curious about fare efficiency as well. If there’s heavy traffic or the driver takes a bad route it seems like changing your route would be worse. Honestly, if you don’t know your driver or your destination it’s probably better just to stick to Uber’s fare, right?

Just put a location nearby your actual destination, and update the destination right before the end of the ride, if there isn’t traffic or wrong turns.

Acutally, no. If time and distances ends up being more, Uber will still charge you based on the time and distance even if you didn’t change the destination. The upfront fare can only cost you more than the non-upfront fare, because if it was going to cost you less, they would just charge you the non-upfront fare.

Wow that’s pretty shady on uber’s part. So it doesnt affect the driver if you do this as a rider, right? I’m going to start doing what you said, can you update this if something changes and you no longer recommend doing this?

Does this stack with AMEX Plat Uber credit?

It does stack w/ the Amex Plat credits, as well as the uber credits you earn for using a Visa at certain merchants). I also have it stack with:

– $2/ ride in Shop Your Way Points (good if you shop at Sears or KMart)

– SPG (1 SPG point per $2 spent with Uber).

Pretty nice return, especially on short trips.

I can confirm that this works along with the Uber flat rate ride pass…I’ve got $4.99 rides now here in Denver and am still able to receive the $1 rebate through Ibotta.

Sadly on 2 of my accounts Uber rebate is no longer available

Damn that is sad. Hang in there!

yay! I haven’t used ibotta in a while, this was available.

yay! Thank you for sharing

Something I found about this deal is that if you forget to schedule the ride by clicking on the ibotta app first, you will be able to get Ibotta credit if you click on the Ibotta link during the ride. Ibotta will take you to the uber ride in progress and the account will credit your account after the ride.

Great tip, I will start doing that. Thank you

Well, now that’s less incentive for me to use Uber over Lyft. I find that lyft is already usually $1 cheaper than Uber anyway.

I no longer have this offer in Ibotta, saved almost 20 bucks in the last two months. Let me know if anyone seeing it?

It’s back as of today for me.

Do these rides have to be in the U.S? Because I’m traveling in SE Asia right now and I can take a short Uber ride for about $1.

Reappeared on my account today. Had been missing for about a month.

It hasn’t reappeared in my account, so YMMV.

Anyone know if this works for Uber trips taken outside of the U.S? I’m from the U.S and have a U.S Uber account, but I’m traveling overseas for the next few months. Thanks

Not on mine as of now.

Not on my Ibotta account (as of now or earlier this month).

Nor mine.

Same here.

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