Posted by William Charles on June 30, 2016
Airline Rewards

Published on June 30th, 2016 | by William Charles


$15 Back For Online Purchases Made Through FlightHub (Useful For JetBlue Deal)

Update: Esthery reports a $10 fee being added after the final payment screen (e.g no chance to opt out. And there is also a $125 cancel/change fee so use at own risk).

The Offer

Direct link to offer [My topcashback referral link if you don’t already have an account, our review can be found here]

  • Topcashback is offering you $15 back when you make an online purchase with FlightHub.

flighthub jetblue deal

The Fine Print

  • Only purchases made on FlightHub’s US site are eligible for cash bach
  • Using a promotional/coupon code not posted and approved by TopCashback

JetBlue Promotion

Many of you will probably need to do a return flight with JetBlue for the Virgin America promotion. When you do a search and get to the results page, you can specify what airlines you’d like to see. Simply select JetBlue. I did a few searches and it seemed to price the same for most flights that I saw, but make sure you double check before booking. There was one case where it showed the same price for the flights it had available, but wouldn’t show a cheaper earlier flight for whatever reason.

Our Verdict

Not a huge discount, will likely make the most difference on already cheap fares. Share your experiences in the comments and please make sure you compare to booking directly first. I have no personal experience with FlightHub, so can’t recommend it one way or another.

Hat tip to Eric L

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I think for the Promo you need to book directly on JetBlue


This is not true. Jetblue has confirmed you can book via any travel agency or agent, including Citi Thank You portal etc.


As long as your Jetblue number is attached to the reservation


The final fare including the fees booked on this site is $10 more expensive than on priceline, although it appears to be the same as prineline before the fees added.


I don’t see a fee of $10 and the total price equals to prices on Priceline or

However during booking there’s a section saying CHOOSE YOUR SEATS FOR THIS TRIP (optional). It’s already labeled as “optional” and don’t do it, or you’ll hit a Seating Assignment Fee: $9.95.


Also it appears you’ll be able to manage your itinerary on yourself using your PNR, including assigning a seat, maybe even changing or canceling, under JetBlue rules instead of FlightHub rules.


A long unforgettable story and stress brought here in brief. Two weeks before the flight, I booked with FlightHub on line a flight; It looked all ok, got conformation number, reference number, Flight Hub phone number in a case is a problem and Flight Hub email address too.. I never had any transaction with Flight Hub before. Paid over $700.00CAN. When arrived at the airport and tried to get the boarding pass the Authority of the Airline refused to give me boarding pass telling me the ticket is wrong.. my name is ok on it but..ticket is wrong.. A what? Excuse me!. Stranded in Drama,, outside of Canada in another country truly it was all I felt totally shocked.
Thanks to flighthub..there was no way to contact the flighthub to do anything about it so I had to buy another ticket.
Now you, whoever you are and say good about the flighthub, how you would like this happen to you?

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